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April 2008
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April 2008 Formula 1 News Headlines

30 April: A1 boss no longer on market for F1 team
30 April: Boss rejects Kimi retirement rumours
30 April: No plans to drop Sauber from BMW team name
30 April: Honest not indifferent, Alonso insists
30 April: Alonso engine failure not too serious - boss
30 April: BMW to try Ferrari 'nose hole' concept
30 April: Weigl plays down Super Aguri rescue reports
30 April: French judge recalls Mosley sex photos
30 April: FIA analysing Kovalainen crash
29 April: Quick fix unlikely for 'unfair' rule
29 April: Davidson tells whining rivals to 'shut up'
29 April: Honda rules out more Super Aguri relief
29 April: Mosley on hunt for sex spy source
29 April: Ralf never an option for 2008 - Mallya
29 April: Crash should spark Campsa tweak - Webber
29 April: Kovalainen set to leave hospital
29 April: Hamilton doesn't need a coach - Dennis
28 April: Ecclestone not hopeful of Super Aguri survival
28 April: Italy says Ferrari dominance is obvious
28 April: Williams buys into company for KERS technology
28 April: Kovalainen to spend second night in hospital
28 April: Sydney track begins study to 'hijack' GP
28 April: F1 teams fail to agree to KERS delay
28 April: Brawn - Montezemolo not saying no to Alonso
28 April: Todt on pole for Mosley's job
28 April: Boss 'hopeful' Heikki will be fit for Turkey
28 April: Hamilton not top British hero - survey
27 April: Stewards take no action over Coulthard-Glock clash
27 April: Team-by-team summary: Sunday, Spain
27 April: Kovalainen to spend night in hospital
27 April: Kovalainen in hospital after Spanish GP crash
27 April: Ecclestone denies pushing for Mosley exit
27 April: New Schu racing makes 'no sense' - Bernie
27 April: Danica Patrick 'dead set' on F1 switch
27 April: Ecclestone withdraws support for Mosley
26 April: Schu defends Mosley's right to privacy
26 April: Renault not ready for podium, Alonso warns
26 April: Team-by-team summary: Saturday, Spain
26 April: Schu vows legal action against 'Schumi III' reports
26 April: Super Aguri absent from teams' meeting
26 April: STR new car decision due next week
26 April: Piquet not convinced of Patrick ability
26 April: Briatore wants KERS delayed until 2010
26 April: Hamilton missing Alonso input - Adrian Campos
26 April: Boss tells Hamilton to focus on himself
26 April: Scott Speed wins stock car race
26 April: Official 'delighted' Mosley skipped Spain GP
26 April: Piquet Snr backs Mosley amid sex scandal
26 April: Let Red Bull race four cars - Mateschitz
25 April: Israel retracts Mosley invitation
25 April: Team-by-team summary: Friday, Spain
25 April: Hamilton incident 'not racism' - official
25 April: Button vows to calm Coulthard rift
25 April: Mosley to attend Monaco GP next month
25 April: Super Aguri to contest Spanish GP weekend
25 April: Ecclestone inspects Valencia street circuit
25 April: Glock not worried about tyre blanket ban
25 April: I'm a good teammate, Alonso insists
25 April: Bruce Willis tipped for role in Schu film
25 April: Hill wants 'reasonable' Brit GP contract
25 April: STR still hoping for new car debut in Turkey
25 April: F1's Spaniards 'not aware' of anti-racism campaign
25 April: Piquet attends Barcelona tribute for father
25 April: Mosley fights on with Jordan Rally visit
24 April: Fry 'not optimistic' about Aguri survival
24 April: Aguri close to new Magma deal (UPDATE)
24 April: FIA launches 'EveryRace' campaign
24 April: Local forecaster - Spanish GP to be sunny
24 April: Schu agent patents invention
24 April: No Williams shares sold yet says Head
24 April: Briatore to marry on June 14
24 April: Driver slams Fisi's GP2 team for 2008 snub
24 April: New FI motor home among biggest in paddock
24 April: Ferrari right to not want Alonso - Briatore
24 April: Strength a barrier to F1 for women - de la Rosa
24 April: Aguri close to new Magma deal
24 April: Rivals say Alonso unlikely to shine in Spain
24 April: FIA pressing ahead with anti-racism campaign
24 April: Criticism and critique amid Hamilton slump
24 April: Alonso factor not reason for McLaren slump - tester
24 April: Beating Hamilton not my priority - Kovalainen
24 April: Indy team rejects Barrichello reports
23 April: Schu, not Ferrari, backs KERS for F1
23 April: Suzuki, race drivers, join Aguri in Spain
23 April: Producer wants Schu to star in own movie
23 April: Rain on cards for Spanish GP
23 April: Barrichello to IRL; Andretti to F1?
23 April: Ramirez 'worried' about Hamilton slump
23 April: Danica Patrick good enough for F1 - Stuck
22 April: Head admits Toyota link in Nakajima drive
22 April: McLaren again at tail of pits
22 April: Montezemolo gives Mosley cautious backing
22 April: Alonso would 'damage' Ferrari - Montezemolo
22 April: Button 16th in English triathlon
22 April: EU to investigate Valencia GP claims
22 April: Vettel quiet on likely Red Bull promotion
22 April: Entire Super Aguri team dispatched to Barcelona
22 April: Alonso names possible new teams for 2009
22 April: Todt to re-emerge for Monaco grand prix
21 April: 'Schumi III' makes racing debut
21 April: Honda say Barrichello to set record in Turkey
21 April: Coulthard scolds Button over crash blame
21 April: German banker says not Aguri saviour
21 April: Barcelona podium very unlikely - Alonso
21 April: Rookie Vettel buys 250,000 euro motor home
21 April: Buemi vows to 'fight' for F1 race seat
21 April: Sutil also has talent for F1 - Gascoyne
21 April: 'Amazed' Todt fully backs embattled Mosley
21 April: Designer plays down 'nose hole' innovation
21 April: Next slick tyre test in July - Bridgestone
20 April: Mosley vows to quit in 2009
19 April: French judge to rule on Mosley video this month
19 April: Positive signs amid Super Aguri turmoil
19 April: Webber accuses Mosley of damaging F1
18 April: Sex affair keeps Porsche turned off to F1
18 April: Manager denies Hartley F1 race seat possible
18 April: Aguri deadline is early next week - co-owner
18 April: Fisichella 'deserves seat' in F1 - Gascoyne
18 April: Ferrari not concerned about 'nose hole' leak
18 April: KERS to phase-in until 2013 - Mosley
18 April: Barrichello seeks 2009 Honda contract
18 April: Mosley wants sex video banned in France
18 April: Honda backs 2009 tyre blanket ban
17 April: Honda rule out rescuing Super Aguri
17 April: Ferrari in front, Schumacher says
17 April: Bourdais crash caused by driver error - Tost
17 April: Rain disrupts final test day at Barcelona
17 April: 2009 Red Bull switch likely for Vettel
17 April: Super Aguri's three-day survival deadline
17 April: Renault unable to escape midfield - Alonso
17 April: F1 should 'keep tyre warmers' - Schumacher
16 April: Mosley invited to Jordan rally
16 April: Magma sale off, Super Aguri confirms
16 April: Super Aguri-Magma deal in trouble
16 April: South Africa body asks Mosley to quit
16 April: DTM 'should strive' to get Villeneuve - boss
16 April: 'Cold slicks' a safety issue, says Massa
16 April: Ferrari, Renault, to battle for Alonso
16 April: Renault has improved, says Massa
16 April: No more Marlboro logos for Ferrari
15 April: Berger denies 'miracle engine' reports
15 April: Fins, ears, wings sprout at Spanish test
15 April: Berger in Kuwait for Toro Rosso sale talks
15 April: Schumacher suffers motorcycle falls
15 April: Ferrari spying may still be an issue
15 April: Schumacher to test slicks on Wednesday
15 April: Sex scandal won't hurt F1 finances - experts
14 April: Ferrari debut 'hole nose' at Barcelona
14 April: McLaren to blame for Hamilton mistakes - Raikkonen
14 April: Piquet vows to get stronger
14 April: Mallya forges EADS aero link for F1 team
14 April: Schumacher in midfield in DTM debut
14 April: BRDC boss Hill joins Mosley censure
12 April: Kubica to win annual Bandini trophy
12 April: Honda signs teenage kart driver
12 April: Tickets for Valencia GP sold out
12 April: British body 'no comment' on sex scandal
11 April: Fisichella not upset by Renault's poor form
11 April: Gale winds damage Shanghai F1 circuit
11 April: Schu not MotoGP test rider - Stoner
11 April: Red Bull lineup better than rivals - Webber
11 April: Abu Dhabi GP to be held in October 2009
11 April: UAE club voices support for embattled Mosley
11 April: Dino Toso stepped down from Renault role
11 April: Force India to use Ferrari KERS system
11 April: Villeneuve, Frentzen, not Hamilton fans
10 April: Hamilton GPDA snub a 'pity' - Rosberg
10 April: Renault set to install new supercomputer
10 April: Schu to appear in reality-TV show
10 April: McLaren 'not a winning team' - Alonso
10 April: China F1 boss loses jail appeal
10 April: Hamilton-mania stalls in British bookstore
10 April: Raikkonen had ear infection in Bahrain
10 April: Schu to test Ferrari at Barcelona next week
09 April: Mosley to donate legal damages to FIA charity
09 April: Mosley summit set for 3 June
09 April: Cape Town GP bid 'on brink' of collapse
09 April: Spanish GP sellout unlikely in 2008
09 April: Spy scandals delayed Renault innovation
09 April: Kubica 'got away' from Renault - Symonds
09 April: Alonso was only free for 2008 - Mateschitz
09 April: Gascoyne unimpressed with Hamilton gesture
09 April: Indy official - 'door open' for US GP return
09 April: Canada, New Zealand bodies denounce Mosley
09 April: Mosley' just having fun' - Montoya
08 April: Super Aguri will not test at Barcelona
08 April: Austrian body renounces Mosley
07 April: Desert sand scratches Hamilton shine
07 April: BMW can't sustain challenge - Dennis
07 April: Barcelona podium 'impossible' - Alonso
07 April: Teams defend struggling Sutil, Piquet
07 April: Symonds disproves 'brake test' theories
07 April: McLaren's Bahrain 'failure' - experts
07 April: Last hopes fade for besieged Mosley
07 April: Stewart - I don't want Mosley's job
06 April: Team-by-team summary: Sunday, Bahrain
06 April: Stoddart wants Mosley exit and F1 return
06 April: Alonso denies blame for Hamilton crash
06 April: McLaren to bring motor home to all races
06 April: Mosley orgy had Nazi theme - newspaper
06 April: Villeneuve laments late traction control ban
06 April: Theissen dismisses Alonso rumours
06 April: BMW rise not good for me - Alonso
06 April: Williams wants more money for more races
06 April: Spain objects to FIA's anti-racism campaign
05 April: Winter diet made me quicker - Kubica
05 April: Team-by-team summary: Saturday, Bahrain
05 April: Mosley insists sex romp 'harmless'
05 April: Briatore expects Piquet 'recovery' in Bahrain
05 April: Briatore expects 'giant leap' for Spanish GP
05 April: Whiting confirms Q3 rule tweak
05 April: Mosley begins legal action against paper
05 April: No green light for Kimi's MotoGP test
05 April: Record crowd at Sakhir on Friday
04 April: Raikkonen voices support for Mosley
04 April: Team-by-team summary: Friday, Bahrain
04 April: Kovalainen rejects Dennis' 'broken' claim
04 April: Dennis says Hamilton shunt driver error
04 April: Another motoring club to side against Mosley
04 April: Mosley meeting to occur in about one month
04 April: Hamilton unhurt in huge practice crash
04 April: Germany motoring body joins Mosley censure
04 April: Germany motoring body joins Mosley censure
04 April: Mosley sex scandal was 'trap' - Theissen
04 April: Bridgestone may colour F1 tyres in 2009
04 April: McLaren to support Hamilton for title - Alonso
04 April: Alonso breaks silence on McLaren breakdown
04 April: Toro Rosso to test new car in Barcelona
04 April: Trulli denies Sepang exhaustion
04 April: Schu tests Ducati MotoGP at Mugello
03 April: Now Hamilton sides against Mosley
03 April: Embattled Mosley calls FIA meeting
03 April: Alonso lets Ferrari rumours simmer
03 April: Red Bull blocked McLaren move - Vettel
03 April: Mosley replies, as more carmakers join condemnation
03 April: German F1 carmakers denounce Mosley sex scandal
03 April: Young Belgian to test Force India in 2008
03 April: Schumacher rejects latest MotoGP rumours
03 April: Ralf keeps mind open to F1 return
03 April: Young driver confirms 2008 Toro Rosso debut
03 April: Dennis quiet in face of Mosley sex scandal
03 April: F1 heading for 20-race calendar - bosses
03 April: Confirmed - Mosley calls off Bahrain visit
02 April: Barrichello not ready to retire
02 April: Ferrari shelve radical nose for Bahrain
02 April: Bahrain pits is McLaren penalty - report
02 April: BMW not ready for title yet - Heidfeld
02 April: Locals queue for Valencia GP tickets
02 April: Mosley apologises, denies 'Nazi' sex orgy
02 April: New Toro Rosso makes test debut
01 April: Mosley plans to fight on amid sex scandal
01 April: No Alonso turmoil at Renault says Piquet
01 April: Mosley to cancel planned Bahrain visit
01 April: Pressure mounts for Mosley to resign
01 April: Silverstone erects more seats for GP
01 April: Massa may not use new engine in Bahrain
01 April: Montezemolo rubbishes Massa rumours

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