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September 2008
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September 2008 Formula 1 News Headlines

30 September: Williams' two-year loss hits $88m
30 September: Honda admits interest in Heidfeld
30 September: Ferrari must 'act' on pitstop blunders
30 September: Ferrari retains entire F1 driver team
30 September: Ferrari title not over yet - Gene
30 September: Spanish F1 team takes next step
30 September: BMW next to face FIA engine checks
30 September: No more updates for 2008 Renault
30 September: Hamilton hoped for title patriotism
30 September: Teams propose $1m Friday 'show race'
30 September: Rivals disagree over Singapore success
30 September: McLaren hopes for more wet races
29 September: Ferrari pitstop manager to keep job
29 September: Schumacher manager sentenced
29 September: Singapore reignites SC rule issue
29 September: Honda winning KERS race so far
29 September: Suzuka to return as next night race?
28 September: Kimi admits title hopes now dashed
28 September: Marc Gene renews Ferrari test deal
28 September: Team-by-team summary: Sunday, Singapore
28 September: Win leaves Alonso's plans unclear
28 September: Ron Dennis wants more F1 night races
28 September: Massa admits lollipop return possible
28 September: Rossi wants F1 test as title reward
28 September: No serious injuries in pitstop blunders
28 September: Wurz drove F1 medical car in Singapore
28 September: Lost bet sees Williams in tartan
28 September: McLaren to take 'strategic' title approach
28 September: No Malaysia GP night race
27 September: Only Renault backs single engine plan
27 September: Massa strategy not 'silly' - engineer
27 September: Heidfeld, Barrichello penalised
27 September: Team-by-team summary: Saturday, Singapore
27 September: Sad Bourdais will miss Paul Newman
27 September: Furious Alonso rues 'lost chance'
27 September: Mallya surprised by India GP delay
27 September: Dry quali expected in Singapore
27 September: Singapore pit entry altered
27 September: McLaren use Kovalainen engine joker
26 September: Teams say economy crisis to affect F1
26 September: Berger denies making Red Bull demands
26 September: Bumps, lights, pits: Friday buzzwords
26 September: Team-by-team summary: Friday, Singapore
26 September: Trulli insists rules breaches 'safe'
26 September: Drivers happy with night track lights
26 September: Glock's Toyota future secure - team
26 September: Trulli fined for practice breach
26 September: Bourdais says pit entry 'dangerous'
26 September: Bernie hints at summer break rescue
26 September: Japan next on Bernie's night race radar
26 September: India faces GP delay until 2011
26 September: New future rumours irk Alonso
26 September: Winner Vettel aims for points in Singapore
26 September: Kubica confirms clear-the-air BMW talks
26 September: Kovalainen free to decide team role
26 September: Title would not be tainted - Massa
26 September: Buemi says F1 deal 'not done'
26 September: Whiting orders kerb solution
26 September: Bomb scare in BMW-Sauber pits
26 September: Overnight rain lashes Singapore circuit
26 September: Theissen rejects calls for engine thaw
26 September: Coulthard to attend GPs in 2009
25 September: Villeneuve to race in Argentina
25 September: Massa adds voice to kerb concerns
25 September: Kubica still in title hunt - BMW
25 September: Vettel insists RBR right move for 2009
25 September: Hamilton agrees qualifying crucial
25 September: Rosberg-Heidfeld to swap seats for 2009?
25 September: Kimi vows to 'help' Ferrari win titles
25 September: Drivers prepare for night race issues
25 September: Vettel could call off RBR switch - Lauda
24 September: Jordan discounts anti-Hamilton conspiracy
24 September: More chicane talks to take place - Webber
24 September: Ferrari title approach wrong - Fittipaldi
24 September: F1 news briefs: Wednesday
24 September: Webber on list of richest Australians
24 September: Lauda revives Vienna GP idea
24 September: Haug denies Singapore GP delay rumours
24 September: Passing to also be rare in Singapore - Massa
24 September: Lost appeal cost McLaren up to $1m
24 September: Hamilton 'not depressed' after verdict
24 September: McLaren appeal thrown out - update
24 September: FIA rules McLaren appeal not admissible
23 September: Ferrari drivers to work together - president
23 September: Vettel test useful for RBR - Coulthard
23 September: Vettel to win German award
23 September: FIA likely to dismiss Hamilton appeal
23 September: Hamilton fights corner at FIA appeal
23 September: Rain threat to come true in Singapore
23 September: Alonso's Ferrari move still on - report
22 September: A1-Ring rebuild finally begins
22 September: Hamilton buckling under pressure - Sauber
22 September: Alonso won't rule out McLaren return
22 September: Hamilton appeal verdict due Tuesday
21 September: Alonso hints at Renault future
21 September: President happy with Ferrari stability
21 September: Alonso hopes Massa beats Hamilton
20 September: Vettel 'not for sale' - Mateschitz
20 September: India not ready to host GP - Karthikeyan
20 September: McLaren eyes engine 'joker' advantage
20 September: Teams test tyre markings at Jerez
19 September: Team boss Alonso would hire Kubica
19 September: Toro Rosso faster than Red Bull - Vettel
19 September: Kimi still not ready to play second fiddle
19 September: First Singapore GP on verge of sellout
19 September: Alonso to stick with Renault in '09 - report
19 September: Buemi to race with Toro Rosso in 2009 - Tost
18 September: School honours pupil Vettel
18 September: Stuck - BMW should have kept Vettel
18 September: Clos likely to test for Williams again
18 September: Bridgestone confirms special paint for night race
18 September: Mosley defends plan for standard F1 engine
18 September: STR chiefs fly in to assess Vettel successor
18 September: Monza win death knell for customer cars - Stoddart
18 September: Kimi admits title defence nearly over
17 September: Monza trophies broke FIA rules
17 September: Mosley wants standard engine for F1
17 September: Vettel to double retainer in 2009
17 September: More to come from Heikki - Whitmarsh
17 September: Young drivers test at Jerez on Tuesday
17 September: Renault budget to increase says Briatore
17 September: Vettel not ready for top F1 drive - Surer
17 September: McLaren to lose team member to NASCAR
16 September: Win changes nothing for STR - Mateschitz
16 September: Bourdais a 'good' STR driver too - Tost
16 September: CVC likely to buy Lehman's F1 share
16 September: Jerez gets FIA all-clear for test
16 September: Santander still set on Ferrari switch
16 September: F1 giants cast eyes over Vettel
16 September: Renault 'first option' for 2009 - Alonso
16 September: Tost hopes win is Toro Rosso boost
16 September: Buemi could make 2008 F1 debut - uncle
15 September: Palmer wins F2 series tender
15 September: Pantano waiting for F1 team interest
15 September: Massa does not expect Raikkonen help
15 September: Schu manager offers to handle Vettel
15 September: F1 shareholder goes broke
15 September: BMW admits Alonso F1 talks
15 September: Rivals unhappy with Hamilton's driving
15 September: Kimi to help Massa, Ferrari boss hints
15 September: F1 shareholder goes broke
15 September: BMW admits Alonso F1 talks
15 September: Rivals unhappy with Hamilton's driving
15 September: Kimi to help Massa, Ferrari boss hints
14 September: Toro Rosso now F1's third force - rivals
14 September: Team-by-team summary: Sunday, Italy
14 September: Customer car row set to rage again?
14 September: Kimi still not ready to back Massa title
14 September: Vettel begins F1 race to greatness
14 September: Merc's Haug rules out Hockenheim rescue
14 September: Hamilton to attend Paris appeal - Dennis
14 September: No top talent in GP2 field - Ron Dennis
14 September: BMW's Theissen plays down Kubica rift
14 September: Safety car to lead Monza GP start?
14 September: Ferrari play Massa engine 'joker'
14 September: Kyalami revs up bid to host F1 again
13 September: Pantano seals GP2 title at Monza
13 September: BMW's 2009 driver plans still unclear
13 September: Team-by-team summary: Saturday, Italy
13 September: Dennis suggests some cars running too much downforce
13 September: Alonso plots F1 future without Ferrari
13 September: Engine freeze disparity fix looms - Briatore
13 September: FIA issues overtaking clarification
13 September: Another incident went unpunished at Spa - Coulthard
13 September: Mosley thinks sex scandal was F1 sting
13 September: Mosley slams British press amid penalty furore
12 September: Mosley admits pressure to stay FIA boss
12 September: Hockenheim's F1 future not bright - mayor
12 September: Team-by-team summary: Friday, Italy
12 September: Toyota, Renault to delay KERS tests until January
12 September: Kubica surprised by Hamilton 'balls' comment
12 September: Renault disowns Symonds penalty comments
12 September: BMW denies Monday driver announcement
12 September: Raikkonen back on song at Monza
12 September: Coulthard says Monza not his last race
12 September: Four teams to test KERS next week
12 September: Bourdais pleads for Toro Rosso patience
12 September: Ferrari confirms same drivers for 2009, 2010
12 September: Engine change but no penalty for Webber
12 September: Boss denies no BMW focus on Kubica
12 September: Practice deluge floods Monza track
12 September: Spa steward says 'Italians love me'
12 September: Hamilton tempts rivals into mind games
11 September: Drivers to seek rules clarity - Coulthard
11 September: Massa hopes rain reports wrong
11 September: F1 teams courted Jeff Gordon
11 September: Hamilton defiant as rivals speak out
11 September: Massa's engine passes freeze check
11 September: Alonso hints Kubica to be teammate
11 September: Heidfeld cool on Alonso rumours
11 September: Raikkonen not ready for support role
11 September: Bourdais weighs up future with STR
11 September: Ferrari 'struggling' with KERS
11 September: Niki Lauda gets married
11 September: Still no clarity about Ferrari no.1
11 September: Penalty shows new FIA system works - Alonso
11 September: No Ferrari 'surprise' at Monza - Alonso
11 September: Hakkinen tests Mercedes road car
11 September: Boss Mallya confirms Force India disquiet
10 September: Hamilton appeal to be heard this month
10 September: Renault in no rush to announce drivers
10 September: More night practice for Singapore GP confirmed
10 September: Spanish teenager to test for Williams
10 September: Spa repeat at Monza 'impossible' - Alonso
10 September: BMW-Sauber quiet on rising Alonso rumours
09 September: Toro Rosso renews Ferrari engine deal
09 September: McLaren go ahead with Hamilton penalty appeal
09 September: F1 figures discuss new US grand prix
09 September: Chandhok not keen on Force India test role
09 September: Mallya eyes engine partner switch
09 September: Berger impressed with Bourdais at Spa
09 September: Kubica wants BMW focus back on him
09 September: Italy, Lauda, say Massa now no.1
09 September: Sarcelles ready for F1 in 2011
09 September: Berger rubbishes Vettel rumours
09 September: Some drivers thinks Hamilton penalty fair
09 September: FIA to check Massa's Spa engine
09 September: McLaren may not proceed with penalty appeal
09 September: Mugello back-up as Jerez test in doubt
08 September: Rumours abound amid Spa-Monza dash
08 September: Heidfeld stakes claim on 2009 seat
08 September: Ralf also denounces Hamilton penalty
08 September: Kovalainen not ready to be McLaren no.2
08 September: McLaren appeal perhaps 'not admissible'
08 September: Boss says Ferrari decision looming
08 September: Niki Lauda slams Hamilton penalty
07 September: Team-by-team summary: Sunday, Belgium
07 September: Alonso signs three-year BMW deal - report
07 September: Spa penalty 'wrong' says Hamilton
07 September: McLaren to appeal Hamilton penalty
07 September: Hamilton loses win for chicane incident
07 September: Nervous Ferrari keep engines cool at Spa
07 September: Chandhok ready for test seat - Mallya
07 September: Whiting reckons no penalty for Hamilton - Dennis
07 September: FOTA alliance to meet at Monza
07 September: Hamilton's Spa victory in doubt
07 September: Hamilton title position 'lucky' - Alonso
07 September: Hamilton fit after Valencia problems
07 September: Prost backs French GP bid
07 September: Anti-doping tests at Spa
07 September: Spa crucial for Kimi - Anderson
06 September: Williams 'embarrassed' at Spa
06 September: Alonso best driver for Honda - Brawn
06 September: Webber now happier with Renault engine
06 September: Team-by-team summary: Saturday, Belgium
06 September: F1 'can be dull' says Hamilton
06 September: Heidfeld fears for his F1 future
06 September: Vettel to get two-day RBR test
06 September: Massa a true contender - Damon Hill
06 September: Donington GP still on track - spokesman
05 September: Bernie hopes Donington honours GP contract
05 September: Team-by-team summary: Friday, Belgium
05 September: Spa to rename Stavelot corner
05 September: Bourdais admits fight to keep STR seat
05 September: Kimi fined nearly 5000 euros at Spa
05 September: Kubica unhappy in Belgian practice
05 September: Donington GP chief steps down
05 September: Rivals question Hamilton 'long game' approach
05 September: F1 won't forget Mosley saga - Webber
05 September: Senna thinks 2009 F1 debut likely
05 September: Alonso admits no Ferrari drive in 2009
05 September: 2006 Super Aguri car sold for $150,000
05 September: Glock recovered after Valencia cold
05 September: Driver hierarchy likely says Ferrari boss
05 September: Vettel to test Red Bull at Jerez
05 September: No engine 'joker' for Massa at Spa
05 September: Kimi says he may support Massa title
05 September: Nakajima hopes to keep Williams seat
05 September: Hamilton finds focus for 2008 title
05 September: Future decision due 'soon' - Alonso
05 September: Struggling Heidfeld not feeling pressure
05 September: Rosberg absent at Spa on Thursday
05 September: Kubica quiet on BMW 2009 reports
05 September: Honda figures hope for wet Belgium
04 September: F1 teams to test new wet tyre
04 September: Struggling Kimi buys new 10m euro boat
04 September: F1 braces for more wet weather in Belgium
04 September: Massa expects 'strong support' by Ferrari
04 September: Reluctant Berger to ponder Heidfeld option
04 September: Renault aware of engine deficit - Coulthard
04 September: Sato to bring Honda engines to Toro Rosso?
03 September: F1 pens new Asian broadcast deal
03 September: Charity branding for Nakajima's car
03 September: Davidson turns to Indy to restart career
03 September: Bourdais fighting to stay in F1
03 September: Saturday GP unlikely for Bahrain - boss
03 September: Rosberg wants better Williams in 2009
03 September: Massa's run to end at Spa - Hamilton
02 September: Williams gives best sponsor value - report
02 September: Senna - no deal signed for 2009 yet
02 September: Private teams the 'heart' of F1 - Haug
02 September: Raikkonen fuels reports of career end
02 September: Coulthard to vacate RBR seat before season end?
02 September: F1 news briefs: Tuesday
01 September: Spa official denies layout to change
01 September: Alonso doesn't deserve bad image - father
01 September: Stoner tries Webber's Red Bull for size
01 September: Klien tips Massa to win first world title
01 September: Schumacher caught speeding in Germany
01 September: Ecclestone rules out London Olympics role
01 September: Rumours of discord at Force India
01 September: Famous Spa F1 layout to be shortened - report
01 September: Nurburgring future in doubt at FIA meeting

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