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March 2009
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March 2009 Formula 1 News Headlines
31 March: 2008 title fight put 'big two' behind - Ferrari
31 March: White tyre markings better than green - Haug
31 March: Twilight racing too dangerous for F1 - Rosberg
31 March: Nakajima fit to race despite sore hand
31 March: Malaysia to show if Renault car is 'good' - Alonso
31 March: New full-time driver for F1 medical car
31 March: New rules make overtaking harder - Glock
31 March: FOTA rift plays into Ecclestone's hands
31 March: Ferrari to use KERS in Malaysia despite concerns
31 March: Brawn did not display full pace in Aus
31 March: Brawn's financial future still unclear - Button
31 March: Abu Dhabi denies 2009 F1 debut facing delay
31 March: Mallya admits interest in Bruno Senna
31 March: Current Virgin-Brawn $0.5m deal ends after Malaysia
31 March: Appeal in doubt, but Toyota's Trulli claim valid
31 March: Italy surprised by Ferrari's Aus shocker
30 March: Schumacher questions Vettel penalty
30 March: KERS 'no help at all' in Melbourne - Alonso
30 March: Brawns could win every race in 2009 - Alonso
30 March: Five teams already focused on new diffusers
30 March: F1 needs clearer rules - Haug
30 March: Melbourne happy with F1 'twilight' racing
29 March: Montreal mayor reveals Ecclestone talks
29 March: Fry confirms 270 Brawn staff to lose jobs
29 March: Report - Abu Dhabi in trouble, Canada to sub
29 March: Branson hints team ownership next step
29 March: Toyota appeals Trulli podium demotion
29 March: CORRECTION: Vettel and Red Bull penalised
29 March: Williams trusts FIA to handle car concerns
29 March: Vettel gets Malaysia penalty and fine, Trulli demoted
29 March: Trulli's podium finish in doubt
29 March: Brawn on fast track to 2009 title - Massa
29 March: McLaren acclaims test driver de la Rosa
29 March: Brawn one-two in thrilling 2009 opener
29 March: Lauda sits out Melbourne after operation
29 March: Team unity tested as F1 rows rage
29 March: Jury out on F1 overtaking boost
28 March: KERS clan find no advantage so far
28 March: Virgin money gives Brawn future - Barrichello
28 March: 'Flexi wing' saga returns, Toyota demoted
28 March: Hamilton could start Aus GP dead last
28 March: Virgin may rename Brawn, buy team equity
28 March: Brawn locks out Melbourne front row
28 March: Mansell backs 'diffuser 3' trio
28 March: Hamilton learning F1 'not easy' - Mansell
28 March: Head cautious after Williams clean-sweep
28 March: Branson confirms Brawn deal in Aus
28 March: FIA sets diffuser appeal date
28 March: Wurz surprised to miss Brawn reserve role
27 March: Aus GP once again rules out night racing
27 March: Aus GP heads for worst spectator numbers
27 March: 'Militant' action over cash row still possible
27 March: Twilight visibility 'worse' than usual - Alonso
27 March: GPDA hopes gloves don't hinder crash response
27 March: Rosberg says fuel tanks 'not empty' on Friday
27 March: Fisi admits he needs good season in 2009
27 March: Champion struggles, Williams quick on Friday
27 March: FOTA open to budget cap concept
27 March: Diffuser plaintiffs send case to FIA court
27 March: Bernie still hoping for Aus night race
27 March: Branson due in Aus to confirm Brawn deal
27 March: F1 'boycott' row fires up on season eve
26 March: Nurburgring unable to replace Hockenheim in 2010
26 March: Virgin set to sponsor Brawn - report
26 March: Brawn set to shed 275 jobs - report
26 March: Button has new model girlfriend
26 March: New role for Wurz, Davidson to be Brawn reserve
26 March: Comments show Surtees out of touch - Button
26 March: Hamilton becomes GPDA member
26 March: Stewards say controversial diffusers legal
26 March: Brawn announces first on-car sponsor
26 March: Hamilton clarifies McLaren quit talk
26 March: Four teams launch rear diffuser protests
26 March: Button unveils bright yellow helmet
26 March: Ross Brawn at war with old team Ferrari
26 March: Spaniard was first choice for Red Bull role
26 March: KERS for Heidfeld, but not Kubica, in Aus
26 March: Toyota ready to fight diffuser protest
26 March: More teams ready to join diffuser protest
26 March: Three new teams 'confirmed' for 2010 - Ecclestone
26 March: Singapore race keeps naming sponsor
26 March: Race numbers 18 and 19 dropped for 2009
26 March: Hockenheim future verdict shifts to May
26 March: Hamilton would 'listen' to rival team offers
26 March: BMW still yet to make KERS decision - Klien
26 March: Aus GP's champions snub 'pathetic' - Jones
26 March: All Renault staff had pay cuts - Briatore
26 March: Toro Rosso happy with Ferrari power - owner
25 March: Coulthard appointed Red Bull reserve
25 March: FIA raises Albert Park pitlane speed limit
25 March: Fisichella expects no points from early races
25 March: Warm and dry, but Buemi expects GP rain
25 March: Brawn GP under dark financial cloud - report
25 March: Hockenheim future still unclear after meeting
25 March: Red Bull ready to protest over diffusers
25 March: FIA to consult teams over 2010 scoring change
25 March: Raikkonen 'chubby, lazy' in 2008 - Coulthard
25 March: Renault slices a third off Alonso's pay
25 March: Trulli no fan of F1 'twilight' races
24 March: Renault drivers agree to reduce salaries
24 March: Teams to blame for America's F1 demise - Ecclestone
24 March: Bernie says French GP revival not guaranteed
24 March: F1 racists threatened Glock's family
24 March: Williams vows to try and keep Rosberg
24 March: Klien thrills locals in bushfire tribute
24 March: McLaren is third team to confirm KERS debut
24 March: Teams threatened to boycott season opener
24 March: Abu Dhabi becomes another McLaren home race
24 March: Schumacher to attend first two races of 2009
24 March: German carmakers rule out Hockenheim rescue
24 March: Kimi would have liked scoring change - manager
24 March: Bernie blames McLaren for Hamilton image
24 March: FIA confirms lowest team status for Brawn
24 March: Mosley agrees to drop F1 license fees in 2010
24 March: Hartley may not become Red Bull reserve
23 March: Red Bull declares controversial diffusers 'illegal'
23 March: 'Enough time' for scoring system debate - Haug
23 March: Force India, new teams, back budget caps
23 March: Domenicali backs Todt for FIA top job
23 March: Raikkonen knows 2009 'important' - boss
23 March: Domanicali 'embarrassed' by scoring saga
23 March: Symonds backs divisive diffuser designs
23 March: Diffuser saga shows F1 sour grapes - Michael
23 March: Chance of race wins 'not madness' - Barrichello
23 March: McLaren 'not bluffing' insists F1 pundit
23 March: Ferrari, not Force India, ready to race KERS
23 March: Mosley rules show F1 politics at play - Lauda
23 March: Mallya only objects to scoring rule timing
23 March: Teams not asked about scoring change - Briatore
23 March: Scoring change to occur in 2010 - Ecclestone
22 March: Albert Park modified after Glock crash
22 March: Hamilton vows to correct arrogance label
22 March: Ecclestone hints McLaren sandbagging
22 March: Max and Bernie hint cap figure to rise
21 March: Button unmoved by Brawn's low pit berth
21 March: Webber also broke shoulder in bike crash
21 March: 'Stronger' Mosley leaves scandal behind
21 March: FOTA objection to budget caps 'weak' - Mosley
21 March: Mosley thought teams wanted scoring change
21 March: Chance of 'one-off' Rome GP revs up
21 March: Rossi names F1 as 'only regret'
21 March: Ecclestone unlikely to save Hockenheim
21 March: Melbourne to stage diffuser showdown - Mosley
21 March: FIA agrees to call off new scoring system
20 March: McLaren to be near back of grid - Haug
20 March: Also Hamilton opposes FIA rule changes
20 March: Mosley to again skip Bahrain GP
20 March: Repsol keen on F1 return with teenager - report
20 March: Ecclestone tells opposed teams to 'wake up'
20 March: Bulgaria moves closer to F1 race deal
20 March: Winter over, F1 intrigue moves to Melbourne
19 March: Webber doubts budget caps will arrive
19 March: Schumacher, Webber, muse 'gold medals' system
19 March: Ecclestone again backs Massa for title
19 March: Abu Dhabi night race still possible - Cregan
19 March: Diffuser designs use rule 'loophole' - Whiting
19 March: New system to work in Button's favour - Ecclestone
19 March: McLaren still needs test drivers - Dennis
19 March: Lewis Hamilton wax figure unveiled
19 March: Alonso, Trulli, slam latest FIA rules
19 March: A ray of hope for McLaren at Jerez
18 March: Renault first to confirm KERS for Aus GP
18 March: Bernie dismisses budget cap criticism
18 March: Too many rule changes in F1 - Sutil
18 March: Briatore backs new 'gold medals' system
18 March: FIA budget cap rule a 'shock' - Briatore
18 March: Drivers not keen on new points system
18 March: Bernie to 'look at' lower race fees
18 March: Brawn car 'not illegal' - Barrichello
18 March: Todt severs last ties to Ferrari
18 March: New points system sparks more questions than praise
18 March: 'Rift' opens between F1 teams, authorities
18 March: Two more teams conclude 2009 winter
17 March: Gauteng still musing grand prix bid
17 March: Sato's manager critical of Red Bull
17 March: FIA introduces voluntary budget cap for 2010
17 March: Wins to decide 2009 champion - FIA
17 March: Gauteng backing moves from Renault to BMW
17 March: De la Rosa could leave F1 after 2009
17 March: McLaren calm amid rear diffuser saga
17 March: Drivers unmoved as F1 goes economy-class
17 March: Hockenheim to decide F1 future next week
17 March: Rivals clear of Red Bull pace - Webber
17 March: Crisis puts F1 Paddock Club 'at risk'
17 March: Attention shifts to final winter test
16 March: Toyota F1 budget has been slashed - boss
16 March: Brawn insists no cheap pace for sponsors
16 March: BMW wants higher F1 car weight
16 March: Teams pushing on amid crisis - Ecclestone
16 March: Coulthard museum shutting down
16 March: Brawn's diffuser design also disputed
16 March: Last winter testing this week
16 March: Toyota nearly axed F1 team - boss
14 March: New rules 'disadvantaged' Ferrari - boss
14 March: Bernie rules out Silverstone return
14 March: Kovalainen gained weight for 2009
13 March: BMW 'not title favourites' - Kubica
13 March: Schu in 'no hurry' for Ferrari talks
13 March: France on track for F1 return
13 March: Haug admits new McLaren 'far too slow'
13 March: Brawn on pole for title bombshell
12 March: Toyota eyes longer future in F1 - Howett
12 March: Alonso says Melbourne podium unlikely
12 March: Brawn stuns F1 by smashing pole record
11 March: Dennis plays down McLaren test slump
11 March: Bernie and Slavica Ecclestone divorced
11 March: Three 2009 cars illegal - Briatore
11 March: Whiting inspects three cars at Barcelona
11 March: Rubens looks forward to life after Honda
11 March: Bernie not sorry to see me stay - Rubens
11 March: Wurz in Brawn 'advisory' role in 2009
11 March: McLaren 'not where we want to be' - Haug
11 March: Piquet denies Renault driver disparity
11 March: Toyota set for best-ever F1 campaign
11 March: No calorie-counting for F1's 'iceman'
11 March: No Mark Webber Challenge in 2009
11 March: Hartley waiting for FIA superlicense
11 March: McLaren gets press to report Vodafone ad
10 March: Nick Fry remains team CEO - Brawn
10 March: New McLaren not quick, rivals agree
10 March: Monday test pace genuine - Ross Brawn
10 March: 'Mixed emotions' as Brawn becomes team owner
10 March: Hamilton to receive MBE on Tuesday
10 March: Brawn GP can be 2009 surprise - Haug
10 March: Points change not yet on FIA agenda
10 March: Innovations flow as test period nears end
10 March: Heidfeld drops below 60kg for 2009
10 March: Mosley to face parliament over UK press
10 March: Senna still has future in F1 - Barrichello
10 March: Hartley named 2009 Red Bull reserve
10 March: Bourdais admits US return was possible
10 March: No 'plan B' for Button in 2009
09 March: Fast start for Button and Brawn
09 March: Toro Rosso built own car for 2009
09 March: Hamilton names Vettel as 2009 rival
09 March: Haug plays down McLaren pace fears
09 March: Webber not worried about lagging pace
09 March: All ten teams set for final group test
09 March: Rumours hint at major Brawn GP sponsor
09 March: Button had 'options' to leave Honda - spokesman
09 March: Rubens suffered critics amid winter silence
09 March: FIA must rubber-stamp Brawn engine deal
09 March: Seven teams in race for Melbourne win - Webber
07 March: Stewart to work for free in 2009
06 March: Hamilton denies 'super yacht' reports
06 March: White 'Brawn' makes track debut
06 March: Bernie backs FOTA's points proposal
06 March: Hamilton sent Massa flowers after showdown
06 March: Prost meets French president to discuss F1
06 March: Gascoyne too 'imposing' for F-India - Mallya
06 March: BMW keen to be F1's KERS supplier - report
06 March: Hamilton waits for 5.6m euro luxury yacht
06 March: Hamilton ends Jerez test with crash
06 March: Fry 'marginalised' in Brawn's post-Honda era
06 March: Confirmed - Brawn new F1 team owner
05 March: Fry hints team survival announcement imminent
05 March: FOTA reveals F1 blueprint in Geneva
05 March: Senna could stay in GP2 - 2008 boss
05 March: Massa proposes title for F1 'test champion'
05 March: Senna hints at Mercedes-DTM link
05 March: Webber still limping around F1 paddock
05 March: '08 Spa GP posts 3.8m euro loss
05 March: Kovalainen hopes for McLaren KERS advantage
05 March: No panic despite bad test day for Hamilton
05 March: Force India missing from FOTA meeting
05 March: 'Honda' saga rambles on as Melbourne looms
04 March: Sato says Red Bull reserve talks over
04 March: Mercedes confirms DTM talks with Senna
04 March: New Renault quit threat surprises Ecclestone
04 March: STR4 set for Monday launch
04 March: BMW-Sauber announce new sponsor
04 March: FIA asks Bridgestone to change 2010 tyres
04 March: Ferrari gossip for Vettel, Alonso, goes on
04 March: Mansell says Hamilton crown "less credible"
04 March: Massa confirms Ferrari 'role' has changed
04 March: Rivals predict 2009 dark horses
04 March: Schumacher makes surprise visit to Jerez
04 March: Barrichello hopeful, Senna 'upset'
04 March: USF1 changes name, F-India changes logo
03 March: Sato set for Red Bull reserve role
03 March: Massa wants shorter F1 races
03 March: Massa 'happy' with '08 title support
03 March: Ill Buemi sits out Adria debut
03 March: Sutil backs Kolles, Gascoyne sackings
03 March: F2 has not affected Williams' F1 effort
03 March: Toro Rosso to debut new car on Tuesday - report
03 March: Team silent as Honda F1 saga reaches apex
03 March: Briatore expects Piquet to perform in 2009
03 March: Emirates denies Honda sponsorship rumours
03 March: Recession cost Force India sponsors - Mallya
03 March: Force India consent to Honda-Merc engine deal
03 March: USF1 not interested in hiring Button
03 March: Abu Dhabi homologation set for July
03 March: Force India not raising false hopes - Mallya
03 March: Bahrain wants benefit from credit crunch
03 March: Ferrari sits out rain-drenched Jerez test
03 March: Test cuts dangerous for drivers - de la Rosa
03 March: Abu Dhabi F1 on track despite crisis
02 March: Tester Wurz calm amid Honda rumours
02 March: Williams 'skate fins' legal - Michael
02 March: New Honda to be called 'Brawn Racing'?
02 March: Focus on F1 but Liuzzi eyes Le Mans
02 March: Rain could affect entire Jerez test
01 March: Mosley admits budget caps possible
01 March: Whitmarsh reveals offers to lead F1 teams

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