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April 2011
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April 2011 Formula 1 News Headlines
29 April: Turkey ticket prices too high - Webber
29 April: Ferrari budget biggest in F1 - report
29 April: British film writer working on Lauda script
29 April: Another senior Williams man's future in doubt - report
29 April: Bahrain's May deadline still in place - FIA
28 April: Ecclestone hints at deadline extension for Bahrain
28 April: Schumacher committed to full three-year contract
28 April: Officials play down second India GP project
28 April: Lotus boss Fernandes renaming GP2 team Caterham
28 April: F1 must not race behind pay-wall - Virgin's Lowdon
28 April: Lauda ponders F1 future for Webber, Massa
28 April: Race for Red Bull's F1 seats hots up
28 April: Rosberg to test Mercedes DTM car at Hockenheim
28 April: Mitsubishi keen on F1-style electric car series
28 April: McLaren explored Libya backing in 2010 - report
27 April: No name change for Team Lotus yet
27 April: Teams using 'kickdown' approach to trigger KERS - report
27 April: Report says Ferrari out of ideas
27 April: Ecclestone still targets Turkey 'deal' for 2012
27 April: Haug happy with power over efficiency
27 April: Rosberg eats cheeseburger and plots Mercedes victory
27 April: Pole no longer crucial in 2011 - Horner
27 April: Team Lotus to announce title sponsor, change name - sources
27 April: Team Lotus to announce title sponsor, change name - sources
27 April: Abu Dhabi not confirming layout tweak details
26 April: Another Indian state starts F1 track project
26 April: Booth downbeat despite 'B' Virgin for Turkey
26 April: Stragglers also important to F1 - Karthikeyan
26 April: No rush for new Hamilton contract - Whitmarsh
26 April: Japan crisis to also affect F1 - Ecclestone
26 April: Ecclestone issues quit threat amid F1 takeover reports
26 April: Kubica future to remain unclear for months
26 April: Bahrain still in turmoil as F1 deadline looms
26 April: Report links Canadian with Virgin reserve role
26 April: Ecclestone alleges extortion in bribery saga - report
26 April: FIA considering Monaco ban for DRS - report
23 April: Pirelli to ramp up tyre markings for Turkey
23 April: Williams share price plummets after disastrous start
22 April: Turkey GP axe 'not certain' - chief
22 April: No Turkey GP in 2012 - reports
22 April: Ferrari drivers highest earners in Brazil, Spain - report
22 April: HRT to establish British office - reports
22 April: Vettel's victory-finger 'annoying' - Verstappen
22 April: Mercedes has fastest pit crew in F1 - report
22 April: Red Bull KERS components 'scattered' on RB7 - report
22 April: Ralf admits son, 9, could follow wheel-tracks
22 April: Lotus not confirming Caterham tie-up reports
22 April: Team Lotus owner Fernandes to buy carmaker Caterham - report
21 April: Another fatality at Brazil GP venue Interlagos
21 April: 'Worst' McLaren winter in 20 years - Lowe
21 April: Mixed feelings for Gascoyne as Lotus targets Williams
21 April: Montezemolo admits opposition to 2013 engine plan
21 April: Vettel in Senna's league, Schumacher not - Ascanelli
21 April: Rosberg to ease disappointment with Easter triathlon
20 April: Ecclestone steps up denial of F1 sale reports
20 April: Stewardess Branson to finally honour losing bet
20 April: Williams' Wolff not ruling out managerial role
20 April: Nearly 150 passing moves so far in 2011 - report
20 April: Recovering Kubica to leave hospital soon
20 April: Sauber targets Spain for Red Bull-like exhaust debut
20 April: Mercedes boss Haug says di Resta 'exceptional'
20 April: Ecclestone says Murdoch/Slim takeover reports 'rubbish'
19 April: Politics threaten F1 race at Nurburgring
19 April: Ferrari working to fix wind tunnel problem
19 April: Alonso still happy with Ferrari - Briatore
19 April: State funding for 2012 US GP in doubt - report
19 April: F1 no longer a sprint in 2011
19 April: Michael admits Williams role in doubt
18 April: Red Bull mechanic scolds 'cheat' Button
18 April: Red Bull still best after McLaren victory - Alonso
18 April: Pirelli finally praised after Shanghai spectacle
18 April: Rosberg angry after missed chance in China - reports
18 April: Sauber close to new sponsor deal
18 April: Red Bull hopes for KERS fix by Turkey
18 April: End of Vettel streak 'good' admits Webber
18 April: Sutil eyes 'next step' in stalling F1 career
18 April: CVC chief to be questioned in bribery probe - report
18 April: Alonso not cheating with 'DRS' system - Coulthard
17 April: Williams not denying Sam Michael axe rumours
17 April: Hamilton reduces Vettel's title lead with China win
17 April: F1 must work to win over new markets - Whitmarsh
17 April: Report - Bribe to keep Ecclestone in top F1 job
17 April: Hamilton says 'who knows' on future beyond 2012
17 April: McLaren to tweak overall colours throughout 2011
17 April: Di Resta not yet making Sutil 'nervous'
17 April: Alguersuari not yet ready for F1 'war'
17 April: Kovalainen suggests Virgin needs wind tunnel
16 April: Vettel team leader and Webber number two - Berger
16 April: Strategy blunder leaves Webber 18th
16 April: No KERS for Webber in qualifying
16 April: Ecclestone confirms corruption talks in Munich
16 April: Webber wants to end career with Red Bull - Horner
16 April: Renault much more open than BMW-Sauber - Heidfeld
16 April: Mercedes board still committed to F1 - Haug
16 April: China not interested in F1 - Coulthard
16 April: 'Loyal' Hamilton must learn F1's new tyre game
16 April: Toro Rosso not for sale - Tost
16 April: KERS 'a headache' for Red Bull admits Newey
16 April: Rivals expect Red Bull to keep racing ahead
15 April: Newey annoyed as Red Bull 'flexi' saga rolls on
15 April: Shipping new car for Perez cost Sauber EUR 30,000
15 April: Shanghai 'is Red Bull-country' - Glock
15 April: F1 much less physical than past - Heidfeld
15 April: Newey not copying innovative Renault exhaust
15 April: Alonso cautious amid Chinese doping threat
15 April: Alguersuari unclear on Red Bull's driver plans
15 April: Ferrari 'will have' flexible wing - Costa
15 April: 'Artificial' F1 must change to keep Ferrari - Montezemolo
15 April: Haug rules out losing Rosberg or Schumacher
15 April: India GP race cockpit for Chandhok possible - Fernandes
15 April: Staying with one team for ever not attractive - Hamilton
15 April: Webber snarls in China amid Vettel dominance
14 April: Virgin might not qualify in China - Glock
14 April: Mercedes 'my dream car' in F1 - Rosberg
14 April: Red Bull still not sure on KERS for Shanghai - Vettel
14 April: 'Bullets' the buzzword in Shanghai
14 April: F1 should 'applaud' Pirelli 'risk' for 'show' - de la Rosa
14 April: Stuck tells Mercedes to design 'new chassis'
14 April: Happy Buemi pushes to keep Toro Rosso seat
14 April: McLaren lineup good for 'five more years' - Whitmarsh
14 April: Di Resta gets initial practice for first time in 2011
14 April: Reports say Sam Michael's Williams role in doubt
14 April: Andretti opposes 2013 rules, Todt visits Ferrari
14 April: Kovalainen not looking for Team Lotus switch
14 April: Red Bull step 'significant' for Shanghai - Marko
14 April: Chinese official calls Vettel 'Fernando Alonso'
14 April: F1 teams warned before Shanghai race
13 April: Ecclestone decides 3pm GP start on India visit
13 April: Bahrain steps up push for new 2011 GP date
13 April: Interlagos run-off to be ready for 2011 race
13 April: Sepang 'fascinating' not confusing - Coulthard
13 April: Virgin must speed up to stay ahead of HRT - Glock
13 April: Razia and Valsecchi to drive Lotus cars on Friday
13 April: Horner vows to get Webber back into 2011 fight
13 April: Montezemolo wants Alonso for PM, no job for Massa
13 April: Hulkenberg eyes 2012 Force India race seat
13 April: Texas F1 track named 'Circuit of the Americas'
12 April: Kubica to attend late Pope beatification on May 1
12 April: Kubica still 'part of Renault team' - Heidfeld
12 April: Rosberg 'a strong driver' says Red Bull's Marko
12 April: Vettel eyes Schumacher's consecutive wins record
12 April: Lotus court verdict to be known next week
12 April: Perez needs new chassis after Sepang smash
12 April: Button would like V10 engines back in F1
12 April: Red Bull say perfecting KERS will take time
12 April: Montezemolo wants less aerodynamics in F1
12 April: Ferrari eyes 'plan B' after Shanghai deadline - reports
11 April: Vettel backs account of flying Pirelli 'bullets'
11 April: Red Bull quiet on KERS problems
11 April: 'Time short' for 2013 engine rule clarity - Kaltenborn
11 April: 'Horrible' start to 2011 for Williams - Barrichello
11 April: Track changes confirmed for Abu Dhabi, Brazil
11 April: Ecclestone confirms McNally set to retire
11 April: Hamilton excused after Sepang strategy outburst
11 April: Sauber pays points bonus despite Aus exclusion
11 April: Di Resta stung by flying Pirelli 'marbles'
11 April: F1 split after 'confusing' Malaysia GP
11 April: Perez aims to be 'ready' for Ferrari seat
10 April: Hamilton, Alonso penalised for Malaysia duel
10 April: KERS 'not necessary' for Vettel in last laps - Marko
10 April: Malaysia undecided on GP future beyond 2015
10 April: Vettel extends lead with Sepang win
10 April: No quick fix for Mercedes rear wing problem
10 April: Ferrari to run flexible front wing 'soon' - Costa
10 April: Virgin has 'too little downforce' - Glock
10 April: Bahrain cancellation saved HRT team - Willis
10 April: Raikkonen's NASCAR switch surprises F1 drivers
10 April: Newey important for new Red Bull contract - Vettel
10 April: Ecclestone asks teams to oppose 2013 engine - report
10 April: F1 expects rain for Malaysia GP
09 April: Vettel uses KERS to pip Hamilton to Sepang pole
09 April: India names F1 track after Buddha
09 April: Di Grassi to do next Pirelli tyre test
09 April: F1 overtaking obsession 'silly' - Newey
09 April: Coulthard tells flex rivals to 'put up or shut up'
09 April: Petrov, Perez say 'shut up!' to pay-driver talk
09 April: F1 drivers back moves to change Interlagos corner
09 April: Ferrari's gap to leaders 'very big' - Massa
09 April: CVC not looking to sell F1 yet - Ecclestone
09 April: Red Bull link 'positive' insists Hamilton
09 April: Pirelli use gold line for soft tyres in Malaysia
09 April: Red Bull to decide on KERS for Sepang usage
08 April: Expanded DRS use still possible in 2011 - Whiting
08 April: Brawn confirms wind tunnel deal for HRT
08 April: Red Bull to speed ahead at Sepang - Hamilton
08 April: Pirelli warns drivers against wet tyre gamble
08 April: Car problem grounds Renaults, Heidfeld with throat infection
08 April: F1 drivers testing stronger visors
08 April: Heidfeld not confirming same problem for Petrov
08 April: Di Resta's grandfather owns brothel - report
08 April: Webber fast at Sepang after Melbourne mystery
08 April: Red Bull car 'not perfect' - report
08 April: Horner frustrated as McLaren finger-pointing continues
07 April: Alonso smirks at Hamilton's Senna-Prost comparison
07 April: New HRT wing en route to Sepang - Liuzzi
07 April: DRS to making Sepang overtaking 'easy' - drivers
07 April: No Mercedes offers for Vettel since 2009 - Haug
07 April: Korean consortium eyes HRT buy-in - report
07 April: Renault engine burns fuel to help F1 customers
07 April: Barrichello struggling with modern F1 - insider
07 April: No 'Korea-type situation' for Indian GP - Kafitz
07 April: Teams want 75 per cent of F1's revenue - reports
07 April: Button glad dominant Red Bull struggling with KERS
07 April: F1 popularity waning due to 'unacceptable' races - Todt
07 April: Abu Dhabi eyes changes to improve F1 overtaking
06 April: Massa opposed to expanded DRS use at Sepang
06 April: Rain to make Sepang 'distressing' in 2011
06 April: Sochi on track for F1 debut in 2014
06 April: Pirro to be steward, Valsecchi to test Lotus
06 April: Qatar plays down Bahrain replacement rumours
06 April: Brazil federation eyes run-off for Interlagos corner
06 April: Red Bull to use KERS in Malaysia - report
06 April: Engineer admits Red Bull flex wing mystery
06 April: Mercedes teammates 'close' in pace - Haug
06 April: De la Rosa laments rain for Pirelli test
06 April: Company in trouble as HRT stalls on payment
06 April: Ecclestone, teams paid more by F1 - report
05 April: Reports - Montezemolo to enter politics and leave Ferrari
05 April: Raikkonen paying for NASCAR debut - report
05 April: Calls for safety tweak after Interlagos fatality
05 April: Toro Rosso pair share 'silence' on Malaysia flight
05 April: Todt wants 'correct' F1 revenue for FIA
05 April: Renault pair to wear gold overalls in Malaysia
04 April: Vettel-Hamilton pairing 'difficult' for Red Bull - Horner
04 April: KERS 'not necessary' for Red Bull in Australia - Marko
04 April: Teams to test extra hard Pirelli tyre in Malaysia
04 April: Todt not ruling out second term as FIA boss
04 April: Alesi feels sorry for 'poor' Kubica
04 April: Mercedes not ready to challenge Red Bull - Marko
04 April: Vettel repeats F1 driver strike threat
04 April: Horner predicts return to form for Webber
04 April: Todt targets 2013 for electric FIA series
04 April: US GP site 'bare' but still on track
04 April: Lotus didn't showboat in winter testing - Gascoyne
04 April: Dennis cried after seeing new 'Senna' film
04 April: Virgin eyes 'plan B' should Turkey upgrade fail
01 April: F1 will still 'sound good' in 2013 - White
01 April: Malaysia to be Pirelli's toughest test - Hembery
01 April: Raikkonen to NASCAR reports 'a joke' - Varsha
01 April: Di Grassi to replace de la Rosa as tyre tester - report
01 April: Bahrain reshuffle could push season into December
01 April: Virgin speed worse than 2010 debut - Glock
01 April: Moveable wings F1's 'most stupid idea' - Lauda
01 April: Vettel no fan of KERS or 4-cylinders for F1
01 April: Spygate's Coughlan now in NASCAR - report

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