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April 2013
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April 2013 Formula 1 News Headlines
30 April: Ricciardo moves into pole for Webber's seatComments
30 April: Marko wants tyre improvements 'as soon as possible'Comments
30 April: 2014 return for Valencia again in doubtComments
29 April: Briatore plays down F1 return chancesComments
29 April: Razia reveals talks with Force IndiaComments
29 April: Interlagos to sign 2020 extension in May - mayorComments
29 April: Hulkenberg not regretting Sauber switchComments
29 April: Voice 'stronger' after Schumacher exit - RosbergComments
29 April: Perez denies apologising to ButtonComments
29 April: Friend Raikkonen as teammate would be 'fine' - VettelComments
29 April: Webber can race Vettel 'freely' in 2013 - MateschitzComments
29 April: F1 'no longer real racing' - MateschitzComments
29 April: Season 'going well' despite Williams struggle - BottasComments
29 April: Wolff hints Brackley staff members could goComments
29 April: Force India 'too far away' says RicciardoComments
29 April: Gutierrez must perform eventually - KaltenbornComments
29 April: Vettel 'camaraderie' quotes 'rubbish' - WebberComments
29 April: Only top ten teams to be paid - EcclestoneComments
26 April: McLaren denies Dennis demoted by BahrainComments
26 April: Testing resumes at Duxford after de Villota crashComments
26 April: McLaren 'supremo' Dennis demoted - reportComments
26 April: Ferrari 'calm' despite troubled start - GeneComments
25 April: Pirelli tweaks only 'hard' compound tyreComments
25 April: Qatar wants pre-season F1 test in 2014Comments
25 April: Long Beach bosses deny F1 rumoursComments
25 April: Renault doubts F1 return for Honda, ToyotaComments
25 April: Brawn staying Mercedes team boss - WolffComments
25 April: Pirelli still investigating Hamilton tyre failureComments
24 April: Silverstone to host young drivers' test in JulyComments
24 April: Marussia plays down Lloyds exitComments
24 April: Lotus tougher challenger than Ferrari - MarkoComments
24 April: Lotus expects to stay with Renault in 2014Comments
24 April: 'No chance' of beating Barrichello record - WebberComments
24 April: Tyre talk dominating 2013 seasonComments
24 April: F1 'not logical' for PorscheComments
23 April: Stewards told to be lenient in 'secret' F1 meetingComments
23 April: Alonso must chase down Vettel in 2013 - pressComments
23 April: Teams should not expect major changes - PirelliComments
23 April: Kubica testing in Mercedes' F1 simulator - reportComments
23 April: Webber eyes 'few more years' on gridComments
23 April: Whitmarsh resisted urge to issue team ordersComments
23 April: Bahrain could stage 2014 race under lightsComments
22 April: Failing tyres 'too much' says MassaComments
22 April: McLaren tells Perez to keep 'spark' firingComments
22 April: Alonso would have challenged Vettel - BarrichelloComments
22 April: Allergy almost sidelined Raikkonen in BahrainComments
22 April: Rosberg questions Brawn departure reportsComments
22 April: Prost wrong about 'emotional' diagnosis - GrosjeanComments
22 April: British bank sells Marussia team stakeComments
22 April: Teams to get harder set of tyres from SpainComments
22 April: Next teammate feud erupts in BahrainComments
21 April: Andretti doubts F1 heading back to Long BeachComments
21 April: Vettel does not need friends in F1 - MarkoComments
21 April: Wind tunnel tyres to blame for team struggles - reportComments
21 April: Rosberg on pole but not favourite in BahrainComments
21 April: Visiting Berger backs F1 in BahrainComments
20 April: Lauda urges Red Bull to sign RaikkonenComments
20 April: McLaren denies 'throwing' Hamilton out of pitsComments
20 April: Pirelli denies 2014 deal 'all done'Comments
20 April: No Webber decisions until summer - MarkoComments
20 April: Toyota could follow Honda in F1 comeback - rumourComments
20 April: Ferrari seat possible for Bianchi - DomenicaliComments
20 April: Grosjean hopes new chassis ends 2013 struggleComments
19 April: Pirelli to make only minor tyre changes after Bahrain Comments
19 April: Red Bull copies solution from Williams - reportComments
19 April: Bahrain wants to host 2014 season openerComments
19 April: Kovalainen denies stalking Caterham race seatComments
19 April: Perez admits early McLaren criticism 'amazing'Comments
19 April: McLaren threw Hamilton out of team garageComments
19 April: Hamilton backs Brawn amid Lowe rumoursComments
19 April: Raikkonen 'very happy' with 2014 contract talks - BoullierComments
19 April: F1 should not be singling out Bahrain controversy - AlonsoComments
19 April: Ecclestone shakes up F1 paddockComments
19 April: Webber, Alonso, Vettel scoff at 'dinner photo' newsComments
18 April: Webber to talk with Mateschitz on Monday - reportComments
18 April: F1 to be five seconds slower in 2014 - reportComments
18 April: Lotus has active suspension working best - MercedesComments
18 April: Strict curfew for Ferrari team in BahrainComments
18 April: De la Rosa could have signed 2013 Mercedes dealComments
18 April: Hankook could replace F1 tyre supplier Pirelli - rumourComments
18 April: Marko denies Mateschitz threatened F1 exitComments
18 April: Kovalainen did not burn Caterham bridge - SaloComments
18 April: Domenicali can imagine Bianchi with 'other teams'Comments
18 April: Peace in Bahrain as divisive race goes aheadComments
18 April: Pirelli denies tyre advantage for Lotus, FerrariComments
18 April: 'B' McLaren is not step back to 2012 - bossComments
17 April: Kovalainen to drive Caterham in Bahrain, Barcelona practiceComments
17 April: Lotus to sell stake to fund Raikkonen deal - reportComments
17 April: Webber, Alonso rekindle 'Multi-21' with cheeky photoComments
17 April: Grosjean missing 'self confidence' - ProstComments
17 April: Bahrain steward Salo felt Iran earthquakeComments
17 April: Raikkonen not complaining about PirelliComments
17 April: Sao Paulo denies Ecclestone to axe InterlagosComments
17 April: F1 journalists slam absent and 'impotent' Todt Comments
17 April: Pirelli drops soft tyre for BahrainComments
16 April: Hembery admits Pirelli could change tack after BahrainComments
16 April: McLaren to 'step up and support' struggling PerezComments
16 April: Webber rumours grow despite Porsche denialsComments
16 April: 2013 finale could be Interlagos' last F1 raceComments
16 April: Sauber pushes 'arrogant' Frijns to accept GP2 seatComments
16 April: Nurburgring rescue deal for one race onlyComments
16 April: Bahrain protesters won't 'hurt people' - EcclestoneComments
16 April: Lotus plays down Raikkonen exit rumoursComments
16 April: Webber has visited Porsche factory - reportComments
16 April: Williams will survive if Wolff pulls outComments
16 April: Alonso 'just the best' - WeberComments
15 April: Explosions mark countdown to Bahrain 2013Comments
15 April: Boullier plays down Grosjean's troublesComments
15 April: McLaren should have signed Hulkenberg, not Perez - BrundleComments
15 April: F1 tyre situation 'painful' - WhitmarshComments
15 April: Webber signs five-year Porsche deal - reportComments
15 April: Pirelli 'has a plan' for Barcelona - LaudaComments
14 April: Alonso back on track as Webber's woes deepenComments
14 April: Rumours hint at Sauber sponsor newsComments
14 April: Marko says Webber fuel conspiracy 'nonsense'Comments
14 April: Red Bull's 2014 interest 'flattering' - RaikkonenComments
14 April: After China pole, Wolff hints Brawn might stayComments
14 April: Missing Alonso quali coup not important - MassaComments
14 April: Ecclestone tips Ferrari to win titleComments
14 April: Hamilton happy to prove critics wrongComments
13 April: Webber - from 'Multi-21' to the back of the gridComments
13 April: Dismayed McLaren targets Barcelona for stepComments
13 April: F1 contract uncertainty must end - PirelliComments
13 April: Lauda's team orders ban stance 'unclear' - WolffComments
13 April: Lauda backs Vettel's ruthless rantComments
13 April: Berger doubts Rosberg's 'killer instinct'Comments
12 April: Wolff hints Lowe is Brawn's 'successor'Comments
12 April: Bahrain police fire on F1 protestersComments
12 April: Hamilton bemoans 'hardcore' tyres in ChinaComments
12 April: Mercedes must win a title soon - WolffComments
12 April: Nice guys don't win F1 titles - SurerComments
12 April: Mercedes also scraps team orders - LaudaComments
12 April: Raikkonen not denying Red Bull rumoursComments
12 April: Magnussen is new McLaren reserveComments
12 April: Massa's form not worrying sarcastic Alonso Comments
12 April: 'No emotion' as Sutil returns to China on top formComments
12 April: Clean-shaven Button wants McLaren to shave tenthsComments
12 April: Hamilton 'better' after Shanghai allergyComments
12 April: Schumacher signs 'long term' Mercedes dealComments
11 April: Hamilton sits out Thursday with allergyComments
11 April: Feisty Vettel says Webber deserved to loseComments
11 April: Title challenge still on track - AlonsoComments
11 April: Hill concerned about F1's return to BahrainComments
11 April: Raikkonen on 2014 - 'I could even retire'Comments
11 April: Pic's Caterham career 'going very well' - PanisComments
11 April: Tyre situation causing team orders - PanisComments
11 April: Vettel breaks silence - 'I don't apologise'Comments
11 April: Whitmarsh 'worried' about F1 in ChinaComments
11 April: F1 return 'might not happen' - KubicaComments
11 April: Rivals study Red Bull's record pitstopsComments
11 April: 'Multi-21' affair makes Domenicali smileComments
11 April: Domenicali ponders Alonso, Massa - and VettelComments
10 April: Red Bull scraps team orders after affairComments
10 April: Barcelona denies Valencia alternation talksComments
10 April: Marko denies 'criticising' WebberComments
10 April: Too many pay-drivers on F1 grid - TodtComments
10 April: Korea GP in doubt as rogue North threatens nuclear warComments
10 April: Team orders angst now 'checked off' - RosbergComments
10 April: Hulkenberg happy with new role as young veteranComments
10 April: 'No reason' to write off title - McLarenComments
09 April: Red Bull to have new F1 reserve in ChinaComments
09 April: Team orders saga 'very good' for F1 - WurzComments
09 April: No unfair Pirelli advantage for Lotus - WurzComments
09 April: Webber should accept number 2 status - WurzComments
08 April: Barrichello would race in F1 again 'for the pleasure'Comments
08 April: Raikkonen enjoys motocross during F1 breakComments
08 April: Journalist expects 2014 turbo cars to 'howl'Comments
08 April: Massa confident he can win in 2013Comments
08 April: Nurburgring closed to remove giant penis graffitiComments
08 April: Lotus wants Pirelli to keep 'tender' tyresComments
08 April: Red Bull signs female to famous 'junior team'Comments
08 April: Bianchi admits Ferrari future 'in mind'Comments
08 April: Wolff denies Lauda 'power struggle'Comments
08 April: Supermarket denies losing boss to F1Comments
06 April: Senna, Schumacher, Vettel 'extra selfish' - BergerComments
06 April: Webber low on fuel during Vettel attack - reportComments
06 April: Ecclestone not worried about Bahrain unrestComments
05 April: Pirelli seeks 'balance' between sport and show - BrundleComments
05 April: Di Resta worried about 2013 development balanceComments
05 April: Engine makers to get extra January test - reportComments
04 April: Vergne - Red Bull or bust for 2014Comments
04 April: Villeneuve thinks Raikkonen could win titleComments
04 April: 2013 could be Alonso's year - VilleneuveComments
04 April: 'Pointless' to ban team orders - TostComments
04 April: No more Indians close to F1 - ChandhokComments
04 April: F1 could amplify sound of V6 engines - EcclestoneComments
04 April: Webber lucky to escape penalty - rivalComments
04 April: McLaren happy with newcomer PerezComments
04 April: Three teams beat old McLaren pitstop recordComments
03 April: Porsche not denying Webber rumoursComments
03 April: Journalists say FIA 'splitter' story untrueComments
03 April: Battle brewing as Massa gets upper hand at FerrariComments
03 April: Snubbed di Resta happy to be beating McLarenComments
02 April: Alonso, Hamilton would also ignore orders - HornerComments
02 April: FIA tells top teams to change 'splitters' - reportsComments
02 April: Pirelli to 'review' tyres after BahrainComments
02 April: Rivals expect to push Red Bull in 2013Comments
02 April: Raikkonen 'a candidate' for Red Bull seat - MateschitzComments
02 April: Supermarket boss could 'maybe' run F1 - EcclestoneComments

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