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April 2014
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April 2014 Formula 1 News Headlines
30 April: Nuclear millions powering de Silvestro's F1 pushComments
30 April: 'Bad luck' for dominant Mercedes' rivals - MontoyaComments
30 April: Company to help F1 turn up V6 volume - reportComments
29 April: McLaren denies Button leg injury reportsComments
29 April: Haas not ruling out Domenicali for F1 teamComments
29 April: Button ends triathlon with leg injuryComments
29 April: Kovalainen to be Mercedes test driver - reportComments
29 April: Raikkonen must resolve Ferrari pace crisis - HakkinenComments
29 April: Argentina eyes return to F1 calendarComments
28 April: Latest Schumacher rumours not true - managerComments
28 April: Hamilton tells Vettel to 'show leadership'Comments
28 April: European Union could investigate F1 group - reportComments
28 April: Wealthy backer behind Sauber and de SilvestroComments
28 April: Magnussen dip part of 'learning' - BoullierComments
28 April: Ecclestone senses 'vultures circling'Comments
26 April: Marko suspects 'crack' in Vettel's carComments
26 April: Schumacher has not woken up - managerComments
26 April: Ecclestone denies $400m plea deal reportsComments
25 April: Domenicali linked with Italian basketball moveComments
25 April: Ricciardo silenced Red Bull doubters - MarkoComments
25 April: Ecclestone smiles, jokes as bribery trial beginsComments
24 April: Mercedes chiefs disagree over team ordersComments
24 April: More changes at Ferrari after Domenicali exitComments
24 April: McLaren plans for future without FallowsComments
24 April: One word caused China GP 'flag-gate'Comments
24 April: Hakkinen blasts Vettel for ignoring ordersComments
24 April: Top two teams hard to chase in 2014 - LopezComments
24 April: F1 board admits Ecclestone reign 'over'Comments
24 April: Mercedes wants rivals to win races in 2014 - LaudaComments
24 April: F1 'must' look beyond Ecclestone era - WolffComments
23 April: Struggling Vettel to get new 'Suzie' - MarkoComments
23 April: No name change after ownership split - MarussiaComments
23 April: Lopez 'surprised' by Raikkonen struggleComments
23 April: New fuel could bring three tenths - MarkoComments
23 April: Domenicali is latest Ferrari 'scapegoat' - FiorioComments
23 April: Prospects 'not good' as Ecclestone trial beginsComments
23 April: Red Bull tells rivals to 'shove Mercedes star'Comments
22 April: McLaren should focus on track, not court - HornerComments
22 April: Magnussen prefers Button over Alonso as teammateComments
22 April: Lauda gave Hamilton 'money can't buy' rewardComments
22 April: 'Pressure effect' is Vettel's new challenge - MassaComments
21 April: McLaren feeling Whitmarsh effect - LaudaComments
21 April: Ricciardo beating Vettel 'surprise of the season'Comments
21 April: Raikkonen denies struggle due to lagging motivationComments
21 April: 'Focused' Hamilton on charge for title - LaudaComments
21 April: Alonso says China podium belongs to DomenicaliComments
20 April: Team, driver deny Vettel ignored team orderComments
20 April: Lotus bullied over budget cap axe - LopezComments
20 April: Vettel refuses to obey Red Bull team orderComments
20 April: Father Jan at races distracting - MagnussenComments
20 April: Whitmarsh set for $10m McLaren payout - reportComments
20 April: Total fuel damaging fuel sensor - FIA's LomComments
20 April: Newey with Webber at Silverstone, not in ChinaComments
20 April: Rivals expect another Mercedes win in ChinaComments
20 April: F1 set for cost-cutting summit on 1 MayComments
20 April: Dennis hits back at Horner's stance on FallowsComments
20 April: Female lawyer to help Ecclestone run F1Comments
20 April: McLaren taking Red Bull dispute to high court - DennisComments
19 April: Vettel admits 'struggling' to beat RicciardoComments
19 April: Lauda denies 80hp advantage for MercedesComments
19 April: Mercedes wanted three-race ban for Red BullComments
19 April: 'Tactical' rivals playing down chase - RosbergComments
19 April: Lotus wants engine equality with Red BullComments
19 April: Mattiacci plays down Alonso exit rumoursComments
19 April: Red Bull 'surprised' by Ricciardo paceComments
19 April: Engine makers get to work on louder F1Comments
19 April: Rivals step up amid 'tense' Mercedes battleComments
18 April: No customer teams in 2015 - HondaComments
18 April: Tired Mattiacci says Ferrari not giving upComments
18 April: Lotus looks to end crisis in China, SpainComments
18 April: Ferrari unlikely to recover in 2014 - MalagoComments
18 April: Maldonado hits out as 2014 race ban loomsComments
18 April: Plea bargain could keep Ecclestone in chargeComments
17 April: Mercedes nose passes test on fourth attemptComments
17 April: Alonso denies sarcastic 'victory salute' with Bahrain ninthComments
17 April: Ecclestone planning new F1 masters seriesComments
17 April: Mercedes to shed F1 staff - reportComments
17 April: US base for Haas team 'crazy' - Montoya Comments
17 April: Renault initially 'not open' amid crisis - MarkoComments
17 April: 'Taxi driver' claim not honest - LaudaComments
17 April: Early mistakes affected Schumacher outcome - reportComments
17 April: Ferrari could turn hopes to 2015 seasonComments
17 April: Vettel 'shocked' by Domenicali exitComments
17 April: Mattiacci to head Ferrari for 'long time'Comments
16 April: Active suspension could return to F1 - reportComments
16 April: Ricciardo 'surprised' by Lotus' Renault struggleComments
16 April: Marko slams 'aggressive' Mercedes after appealComments
16 April: Smallest teams write 'explosive' letter - reportComments
16 April: Montezemolo rejects early Mattiacci criticismComments
16 April: 2014 critics have 'agenda' - MosleyComments
15 April: Red Bull to 'move on' after losing appealComments
15 April: Ecclestone admits poor image amid bribery affairComments
15 April: Updates will stop once Schu leaves hospital - managerComments
15 April: Mercedes wants more punishment for Red BullComments
15 April: US sanctions endanger Sirotkin's career - reportComments
15 April: F1 move 'impossible' for Danica Patrick - HaasComments
15 April: Drivers threaten to strike over unpaid wagesComments
15 April: Berger, Brawn or Bell to replace Domenicali - reportsComments
14 April: Ferrari confirms Domenicali exitComments
14 April: Domenicali quits, replaced by Mattiacci - reportsComments
14 April: Mercedes blasts Red Bull at Paris appealComments
14 April: Mercedes car 'on par' with Newey's Red Bull - CostaComments
14 April: 'Forza Rossa' is Romanian Ferrari dealerComments
14 April: Prosecutors dismiss Ecclestone 'blackmail' - reportComments
14 April: More 'small improvements' in Schumacher condition - managerComments
14 April: Haas driver Busch says no to F1Comments
14 April: Subway could become F1 sponsor - reportComments
14 April: Vandoorne to replace Button 'possible' - DennisComments
14 April: Red Bull taking 'new evidence' to Monday appealComments
12 April: Engine deal is 'next move' for 2015 team HaasComments
12 April: Red Bull quit rumours 'nonsense' - MarkoComments
12 April: Montezemolo hints Ferrari 'decisions' loomingComments
11 April: BMW, Ford considering F1 return - reports Comments
11 April: Sauber's female driver to make F1 test debutComments
11 April: Title sponsor removed from Force India sidepodsComments
11 April: Engine makers to discuss V6 noise in ChinaComments
11 April: Marko hopes Renault engine 'starts to work'Comments
11 April: Promoter worried about Canada GP futureComments
11 April: First races have shown Williams 'weaknesses' - BottasComments
11 April: Tyre-warmer ban for 2015 in doubtComments
11 April: FIA to confirm Haas entry on Friday - EcclestoneComments
10 April: No 'harakiri' between Mercedes teammates - WolffComments
10 April: Renault situation 'not acceptable' - GrosjeanComments
10 April: F1 return still 'impossible' for now - KubicaComments
10 April: Paid F1 'app' to debut in June - EcclestoneComments
10 April: Todt to 'think about' rule changes - MarkoComments
10 April: Teams in talks to buy into F1 - EcclestoneComments
09 April: Ferrari ends Bahrain test earlyComments
09 April: McLaren disputes appointment of Red Bull chiefComments
09 April: V6 switch ended Mercedes quit talksComments
09 April: Ferrari team no longer 'excellent' - BriatoreComments
09 April: Marussia no longer owned by Russian supercar makerComments
09 April: Even 'genius' will not close gap to Mercedes - MarkoComments
09 April: Bahrain 'bland' until late safety car - Marko Comments
09 April: Haas still unsure of 2015 F1 entryComments
08 April: Hamilton claims 'document' helped Rosberg catch upComments
08 April: Todt unmoved by Vergne hospital storyComments
08 April: No title cliff-hanger in 2014 - Ecclestone Comments
08 April: Ricciardo better than Webber 'not fair' - VettelComments
08 April: 'Super GP2' could be key to F1's futureComments
08 April: Only F1 noise will change - TodtComments
07 April: Teams pushing Ecclestone into internet eraComments
07 April: Mercedes secret is 'double diffuser' of 2014Comments
07 April: F1 to push ahead with making V6 engines louderComments
07 April: Montezemolo left track during Bahrain thrillerComments
07 April: Mercedes denies Lowe call was 'team order'Comments
07 April: 'Boring' F1 hits back with Bahrain bonanzaComments
06 April: FIA wins battle, Ecclestone goes to war - reportComments
06 April: F1 to allow new Kolles team in 2015Comments
06 April: Team battles hotting up at Mercedes, Red BullComments
06 April: Schu making eye-contact, responding to voices - reportsComments
06 April: Ferrari 'not doing a good job' in 2014 - AlonsoComments
06 April: Vergne hospitalised amid extreme F1 dietsComments
06 April: Todt says crisis rule changes unlikelyComments
05 April: McLaren plays down rumours in BahrainComments
05 April: Rosberg nursing injured toe in BahrainComments
05 April: Webber tips Red Bull to win MonacoComments
05 April: Doctors 'cautious' after Schumacher awakening newsComments
05 April: Silverstone likes the sound of 'new' F1Comments
04 April: Schumacher starting to wake up - managerComments
04 April: Drivers tackling 2014 races without a drinkComments
04 April: Hamilton 'unbeatable when focused' - LaudaComments
04 April: F1 heading for EUR 150m budget cap - TodtComments
04 April: FIA clamps down on fuel sensor modificationComments
04 April: Marko relieved to have 'fair' Australian at Red BullComments
04 April: Red Bull has best car in 2014 - HulkenbergComments
04 April: Vettel rebuked by Todt in personal letterComments
04 April: Williams apologises after Massa team orderComments
04 April: Caterham staff hospitalised after fireComments
04 April: Ferrari, Ecclestone want quick F1 rule changesComments
03 April: F1 must wait to bid for Long Beach raceComments
03 April: Smedley joins Williams team in BahrainComments
03 April: Red Bull considering alternatives to RenaultComments
03 April: Manager denies Schumacher recovery hopes fadingComments
03 April: Next revolution afoot as Montezemolo meets EcclestoneComments
03 April: Raikkonen yearns for 'more exciting' F1Comments
03 April: Ecclestone says Haas set for F1 in 2015Comments
03 April: Caterham not just after 'quick money' - FrijnsComments
03 April: Lotus 'faster than Williams and McLaren' - PermaneComments
02 April: Doctor says return home 'safe' for SchumacherComments
02 April: F1 legend Moss backs Massa over team orderComments
02 April: Ferrari sponsor eyes 'ten more years' with AlonsoComments
02 April: Red Bull issues ultimatum to struggling RenaultComments
02 April: New rule has slowed F1 pitstops - reportComments
02 April: Security plans in place for Bahrain GPComments
02 April: Frentzen has fix for 'processional' F1Comments
02 April: Drivers say Massa wrong to ignore team orderComments
01 April: Alonso happy to be beating RaikkonenComments
01 April: Friend Saillant 'not talking' about SchumacherComments
01 April: No diet as Hulkenberg admits eating McDonald'sComments
01 April: Red Bull denies dropping Ricciardo appealComments
01 April: Todt denies favouring Middle East racesComments

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