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October 2013
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October 2013 Formula 1 News Headlines
31 October: Mercedes and Ferrari both claim pitstop recordComments
31 October: Webber's problems no conspiracy - NeweyComments
31 October: Hulkenberg unwell in Abu DhabiComments
31 October: Red Bull wanted to sign Alonso for 2008 - reportComments
31 October: Lowe got married before Abu DhabiComments
31 October: Chilton could block Hulkenberg's Force India returnComments
31 October: Raikkonen won't give up fights with Grosjean - managerComments
31 October: Red Bull denies driver reshuffle for Webber, Ricciardo, KvyatComments
31 October: Vettel not ready to lift throttle in 2013Comments
31 October: Red Bull's Newey era set to endComments
30 October: Ecclestone tips Brawn to leave MercedesComments
30 October: F1 doctor slams doping claimsComments
30 October: Williams denies talks with BrawnComments
30 October: Webber's bad mood with Vettel started in 2007 - MarkoComments
30 October: Mid-year tyre switch helped Red Bull - NeweyComments
30 October: Maldonado beats Hulkenberg to Lotus seat - reportsComments
30 October: Swiss authorities open criminal probe against EcclestoneComments
29 October: FIA checks Red Bull for bending floorComments
29 October: Mercedes quiet amid latest Brawn exit reportsComments
29 October: Alonso's mind games 'like Muhammad Ali' - MateschitzComments
29 October: Sainz 'satisfied' despite wait for F1 debutComments
29 October: Vettel helped mechanics pack up India garageComments
29 October: Lotus apologises after Permane death threatsComments
28 October: Ecclestone court action to begin on TuesdayComments
28 October: Pirelli situation became even more strained in IndiaComments
28 October: Red Bull has EUR 25,000 less for jagermeister partyComments
28 October: FIA summons Vettel after title 'donuts'Comments
27 October: Perez hints McLaren's 2014 decision 'made'Comments
27 October: Raikkonen, Ferrari, not 'worried' about 2013 formComments
27 October: 2014 not ultimatum year for Vergne - TostComments
27 October: Massa went against advised Ferrari strategyComments
27 October: F1 staying loud as green, 'silent' series loomsComments
26 October: Magnussen ready even for 'good team' in 2014Comments
26 October: Alonso would do more with Vettel's car - HamiltonComments
26 October: Raikkonen blames tyres for slip in formComments
26 October: Newey admits mind turning to America's CupComments
26 October: Massa prepared to ignore team orders againComments
26 October: Lotus admits talks with MaldonadoComments
26 October: Sutil fears 'children' on 2014 gridComments
26 October: Pirelli renews threat to quit F1Comments
25 October: Red Bull will not axe da Costa - MarkoComments
25 October: Grosjean names Hulkenberg as ideal teammateComments
25 October: Court rules India GP can go aheadComments
25 October: Kvyat to get Friday outings in Austin, BrazilComments
25 October: Ferrari to build new F1 factory - reportComments
25 October: Kaltenborn confirms meeting with PetrovComments
25 October: Massa management denies Williams deal doneComments
25 October: No 'controversy' at Ferrari - AlonsoComments
25 October: Axe unlikely to fall on 2013 India GPComments
25 October: Massa confirms Williams talksComments
24 October: Petrov could oust Sirotkin at Sauber - reportComments
24 October: Mercedes beats Red Bull's pitstop recordComments
24 October: Di Resta uncertain and unwell in IndiaComments
24 October: Massa to replace Maldonado at Williams - reportComments
24 October: Indian court to hear plea to axe weekend's raceComments
24 October: Juncadella plays down Williams debut reportsComments
24 October: Kvyat better than da Costa, Sainz - TostComments
24 October: Vettel even better than Senna - EcclestoneComments
24 October: F1 to farewell India amid flood of bad pressComments
23 October: Red Bull's rivals lack consistency - MarkoComments
23 October: Ferrari admits it wanted KubicaComments
23 October: Official fears 2013 to be India's last GPComments
23 October: Rosberg to marryComments
23 October: Kvyat denies sponsors powered F1 debutComments
23 October: UPDATE: FIA in race to enforce new fuel flow rule for 2014Comments
23 October: Marko says Kvyat is 'no risk, no fun' choiceComments
23 October: Capitalising on Qatar link 'my last big wish' - WilliamsComments
23 October: McLaren 'respects' Red Bull's refusal to release ProdromouComments
22 October: 2014 could be F1 prelude for Sainz jr - fatherComments
22 October: Porsche denies latest F1 rumoursComments
22 October: FIA in race to enforce new fuel flow rule for 2014Comments
22 October: Kvyat unveiled as Toro Rosso racer in 2014Comments
21 October: 'Nothing to report' as Hulkenberg rumours persistComments
21 October: Barrichello admits F1 return in 2014 unlikelyComments
21 October: McLaren to have Magnussen, Alonso in 2015 - reportComments
21 October: Toro Rosso bemoans mid-year tyre switchComments
21 October: Toro Rosso seat 'for sale' - RaziaComments
21 October: Legal action bubbles around new F1 bodyComments
21 October: Todt back on pole to stay FIA presidentComments
21 October: Maldonado denies F1 future cloudedComments
19 October: Works teams to have V6 engine advantage - BrawnComments
19 October: Vandoorne reveals he turned down Toro RossoComments
18 October: McLaren not expecting poor Mercedes serviceComments
18 October: Gutierrez admits 'tensions' affected F1 formComments
18 October: Nasr looking for 2014 Friday practice seatComments
18 October: Ecclestone to give Valencia barriers to New JerseyComments
18 October: Alonso to launch cycling team at Tour de FranceComments
18 October: Maldonado exit opens Williams door for Massa - reportsComments
17 October: Rosberg wants help to find stolen helmetComments
17 October: Marussia names Magnussen as potential Chilton successorComments
17 October: Haug finds new job in disabled mobility companyComments
17 October: Valencia slams Catalunya over F1 alternation 'word'Comments
17 October: No Hulkenberg news this week - managerComments
17 October: Bottas 'deserves' Williams seat in 2014 - SaloComments
17 October: Ferrari still braced for Mercedes, Lotus battleComments
17 October: Red Bull also loses Prodromou deputy to McLaren - reportComments
16 October: Van der Garde's future father-in-law eyes Williams Comments
16 October: Ferrari's Alonso era only beginning - DomenicaliComments
16 October: Small crowd expected for Vettel crowningComments
16 October: Lotus to have Hulkenberg and budget boost for 2014Comments
16 October: Brawn is Mercedes 'number 1' - LaudaComments
16 October: After Villota, F1 mourns another deathComments
15 October: Hulkenberg's manager denies 2014 deal doneComments
15 October: Angry Force India says Pirelli made Sauber 'explode'Comments
15 October: Boss says Ferrari's problem 'is not Domenicali'Comments
15 October: Vettel 'walking it' at top of F1 tree - HamiltonComments
15 October: Hulkenberg 'our choice' for Lotus in 2014 - BoullierComments
14 October: Ferrari plays down Massa's team orders defianceComments
14 October: Ferrari's de la Rosa admits 2014 car 'ugly' rumoursComments
14 October: Pirelli renews quit threat amid push for testsComments
14 October: Mercedes vows to match Renault's engine trickeryComments
14 October: Hot rumour - Hulkenberg's future now secureComments
14 October: Brawn issues clear Mercedes quit threatComments
13 October: Magic number is '5' for VettelComments
13 October: Vettel 'destroyed Mark Webber' - VilleneuveComments
13 October: Honda 'would like Alonso at McLaren' - WhitmarshComments
13 October: Marussia crash led to de Villota death - familyComments
13 October: Vettel will win 2013 title eventually - AlonsoComments
12 October: Webber unlikely to play team role on SundayComments
12 October: Pole 'hollow' after Vettel's troubles - WebberComments
12 October: McLaren confirms signing Red Bull's ProdromouComments
12 October: Prost denies Lotus to be Renault works teamComments
12 October: Ferrari boss compares Vettel to SchumacherComments
12 October: No penalty as Valencia breaks F1 contractComments
12 October: Red Bull to lose 'key figure' to McLaren - reportComments
12 October: Kovalainen admits Caterham talks 'serious'Comments
12 October: Fan apologised for Vettel booing - HornerComments
12 October: Sirotkin 'happy' after first test at FioranoComments
12 October: Raikkonen perhaps highest paid driver in 2013 - BoullierComments
12 October: Autopsy shows 'natural' death for de VillotaComments
12 October: Brawn exit won't 'derail' Mercedes - HamiltonComments
11 October: Sutil says Pirellis 'not like F1 tyres'Comments
11 October: Monotony of Vettel dominance 'irrelevant' - SutilComments
11 October: De Villota died of natural causesComments
11 October: Maria de Villota diesComments
11 October: Pirelli clamps down amid illegal tyre heating claimsComments
11 October: Toro Rosso drivers better than Sauber's - TostComments
11 October: Vettel fears eating nuclear fish in JapanComments
11 October: Raikkonen coy amid Mark Slade reportsComments
11 October: Newey admits 2014 Red Bull 'ugly'Comments
11 October: Massa also sets October deadline for 2014 talksComments
11 October: Ecclestone 'very happy' with 2020 Brazil GP dealComments
11 October: Brawn not joining McLaren in 2014 - ButtonComments
10 October: Pirelli explosion 'unacceptable' - PerezComments
10 October: Mercedes drivers want Brawn to stayComments
10 October: Lotus waiting until it 'can afford' HulkenbergComments
10 October: Rest of career will show if Vettel great - AlonsoComments
10 October: Vettel denies dominance like Schumacher eraComments
10 October: Pirelli and McLaren to test near Rome - reportComments
10 October: New chassis for Webber after Korea fireComments
10 October: Sutil plays down Sauber switch rumoursComments
10 October: Raikkonen engineer Slade not moving to FerrariComments
10 October: Hulkenberg wants Lotus 'certainty' this monthComments
10 October: 'No sense' in Vettel cheat claims - RenaultComments
10 October: Absent Newey would miss Vettel's title win in JapanComments
10 October: Brawn exit reports 'surprising' - WolffComments
10 October: Bahrain could host F1 night testing - reportComments
10 October: Marussia wants own F1 engines by 2016Comments
09 October: Villeneuve urges Sauber to consider BarrichelloComments
09 October: Maldonado makes approach to Lotus - reportComments
09 October: Brawn not ruling out sabbaticalComments
09 October: Reports - Red Bull using KERS for traction?Comments
09 October: Heavy Hulkenberg still on the scales at McLaren Comments
09 October: Alonso says mathematical title chance 'a miracle'Comments
09 October: Force India not ruling out Magnussen for 2014Comments
08 October: Bahrain controversy subsides for F1 in 2014Comments
08 October: Lotus hints Hulkenberg not too heavy for 2014Comments
08 October: 'No interest' in stopping boos on Twitter - VettelComments
08 October: 'Perfect' Hulkenberg will be on 2014 grid - managerComments
08 October: Hembery apologised for attack - AlonsoComments
07 October: Mercedes denies Brawn's team exit decidedComments
07 October: Brawn to leave Mercedes - reportComments
07 October: Grosjean 'can be even better in 2014' - BoullierComments
07 October: No penalty for Korea after 'fire truck' incidentComments
07 October: Keeping Hulkenberg in 2014 'possible' - SauberComments
07 October: F1 'will regret' ignoring Pirelli danger - PerezComments
07 October: Di Resta admits Force India future uncertainComments
06 October: Pirelli under fire after Korea GPComments
06 October: Gutierrez sheds 'conservative' approach to F1Comments
06 October: Mid-season tyre switch helped Ferrari's rivals - MassaComments
06 October: No end to Vettel's dominance in 2013Comments
06 October: Vettel's 'boos' and 'balls' still making wavesComments
06 October: Whitmarsh keeps 'wild' Alonso rumours in headlinesComments
05 October: Kaltenborn now rules out Barrichello for 2014Comments
05 October: Alonso slams poor 'quality' of Pirelli tyresComments
05 October: Raikkonen denies crash due to fading motivationComments
05 October: Alonso hits back at latest McLaren rumoursComments
05 October: Valsecchi 'not favourite' for Lotus race seatComments
05 October: Official says Valencia's F1 foray endedComments
05 October: Barrichello admits desire for F1 returnComments
05 October: F1 in Korea for 'last time' - VettelComments
05 October: Red Bull's car, not driver, 'unbeatable' - HamiltonComments
05 October: Salo arrested for tax fraudComments
04 October: Schumacher exit best thing for Mercedes - LaudaComments
04 October: F1 teams expect 2014 calendar to be trimmedComments
04 October: Sauber confirms Ferrari deal for 2014Comments
04 October: Pirelli - still no tyre deal with FIAComments
04 October: Aragon likely new venue for McLaren-Pirelli testComments
04 October: Sauber closing on 2014 Ferrari engine dealComments
04 October: Bahrain to be 'twilight' race in 2014 - WhitmarshComments
04 October: Typhoon threat eases in KoreaComments
04 October: Team switch would stop Vettel booing - SurerComments
04 October: Lauda not convinced amid Red Bull cheat rumoursComments
04 October: Toro Rosso an option for Massa - EcclestoneComments
04 October: Heavy drivers push for F1 rule changeComments
03 October: FIA stops McLaren's Pirelli test in Austin - reportComments
03 October: Vettel risks losing rival drivers' respect - RosbergComments
03 October: No plans for single fuel supply tender - FIAComments
03 October: Sauber admits Barrichello an option for 2014Comments
03 October: Red Bull to further 'enhance' traction system - VettelComments
03 October: Amid cheat claims, Vettel 'proud' of Red Bull 'system'Comments
03 October: FIA backs Vettel amid cheat claimsComments
03 October: Ward could stand aside for Bin SulayemComments
03 October: Perez, Slim admit Mexico race not guaranteedComments
03 October: Massa denies being Ferrari 'number 2'Comments
03 October: Bianchi staying at Marussia in 2014Comments
02 October: Webber tells F1 to ensure 'quality'Comments
02 October: Alonso denies struggling with qualifying disciplineComments
02 October: Sirotkin-Gutierrez lineup could work - KaltenbornComments
02 October: Marko says Vettel cheat claims 'nonsense'Comments
02 October: Webber says 2013 struggle due to tyresComments
02 October: Kvyat admits 2014 F1 move too soonComments
02 October: Caterham drivers unsure over 2014 seatsComments
02 October: Valsecchi 'ready' to replace RaikkonenComments
02 October: Typhoon headed for KoreaComments
02 October: Report - Hulkenberg too heavy for 2014 McLarenComments
02 October: Big F1 teams oppose single fuel supplierComments
01 October: Sirotkin to drive 2009 Ferrari at FioranoComments
01 October: Pirelli to be 'very conservative' for 2014 - HemberyComments
01 October: Petrov set for F1 return as powerful pay-driverComments
01 October: Vettel using 'secret' exhaust-blown solution - reportComments
01 October: Senna hopes 'consistent' Massa can stay in F1Comments
01 October: Todt rival Ward could oppose Bahrain GPComments
01 October: Frijns splits with Hulkenberg manager HeinzComments

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