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October 2008
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October 2008 Formula 1 News Headlines

31 October: Massa smiling, Hamilton not panicking
31 October: Barrichello wears Hoffman's helmet
31 October: Renault backer denies F1 pullout
31 October: Wall of security closes around Hamilton
31 October: Renault oppose 2009 test cuts
31 October: Kovalainen wants winter talks with McLaren
31 October: Barrichello 'on hold' while Honda test alternatives
31 October: Alonso's 2009 news due 'next week'
31 October: Strong finale could help Bourdais keep seat
31 October: Kubica gives thumbs down to Hamilton scorn
31 October: Trulli absent at Interlagos on Thursday
31 October: FIA, McLaren, slam latest Hamilton racism
31 October: Teams allow different liveries for Red Bull
31 October: White livery for Coulthard's last race
30 October: Report shows another record loss for Aus GP
30 October: Montreal F1 rescue decision due Friday
30 October: Moss doubts Donington to host British GP
30 October: Piquet fears Grosjean to take Renault seat
30 October: Locals to hurl 'dirty words' at Hamilton - Massa
30 October: Banana boy back in Brazil as title charger
30 October: Champion's parents to wave Brazil GP chequer
30 October: Force India to compensate Ferrari for split
30 October: Scheckter slams today's F1
30 October: Force India to announce 2009 partner 'shortly'
29 October: Boss hopes for unlikely Ferrari title
29 October: Massa hits back at Eddie Jordan jibe
29 October: Only new rules give Rosberg hope for 2009
29 October: Standard engine 'not feasible' - Mercedes
29 October: Brazil GP improves rain drainage with grooves
28 October: FIA hits back after Ferrari quit threat
28 October: Alesi backs Ferrari over F1 quit threat
28 October: 2008 was hardest ever year - Heidfeld
28 October: Massa engineer eyes engine advantage
28 October: Massa promises no 'dirty' title tactics
28 October: New wing for McLaren's last title push
28 October: Kimi should ask for help - Schumacher
28 October: Ferrari joins Toyota in F1 quit threat
27 October: Standard engine plans still on track - FIA
27 October: Coulthard to attend all races in 2009
27 October: Briatore - F1 said no to standard engines
27 October: Alonso likely to stay at Renault - Briatore
27 October: Pantano waiting on unlikely F1 future
27 October: Canada can win back F1 race - Gurdjian
27 October: Hamilton should have two titles - Fisichella
27 October: Rossi test likely to happen - Ferrari
27 October: Hamilton does not fear Ferrari drivers
27 October: Toyota consider leaving F1 for Le Mans
26 October: How 2008 contenders can win title
25 October: Jordan to Hamilton - 'take Massa out'
24 October: Kovalainen unhappy with McLaren role - report
24 October: Modena court confirms Ferrari sabotaged
24 October: Canada GP needs new promoter - official
24 October: Chandhok likely for F1 test role - newspaper
24 October: Lewis has learned from 2007 defeat - Briatore
24 October: Brazil GP not F1 farewell - Barrichello
24 October: Eddie Jordan set for F1 return with BBC
24 October: Di Grassi admits 2009 debut possible
23 October: Canada GP rescue 'possible' - Tremblay
23 October: McLaren to test at new Portuguese venue
23 October: Di Resta open to Force India 2009 debut
23 October: Bourdais has 'chance' of 2009 seat - Todt
23 October: Alonso '99pc sure' of 2009 team
23 October: Single engine would be reason to quit - Toyota
23 October: Dennis expects Force India linkup to occur
23 October: Schu cheers for Massa but also rates Hamilton
23 October: Montezemolo slams team order ban 'hypocrisy'
23 October: Montezemolo hopes for late title effort
23 October: FIA tries to topple Brundle's BBC switch
23 October: Ferrari to test young F3 runners
22 October: Bourdais pushes for Toro Rosso decision
22 October: Montezemolo happy with driver lineup
22 October: Alguersuari to pen Red Bull test deal - report
22 October: Hamilton portrait to be displayed in London
22 October: Petrobras wants young Brazilian at Honda
22 October: Bourdais 'too old' for Renault - Briatore
22 October: McLaren downplays tech fears for 2008 title
22 October: Details emerge after FIA-FOTA Geneva meeting
22 October: Massa tells Hamilton he thrives on pressure
22 October: FIA, F1 teams agree 'cost savings'
21 October: Also Webber says Kubica deserved title
21 October: Toyota testing in Germany
21 October: Canadians go to London to save GP
21 October: Force India-McLaren deal nearly sealed
21 October: Italy mourns Massa's dwindling title dream
21 October: Most pressure mounts on Massa - Hamilton
21 October: Team orders fit for 'team sport' - Wurz
21 October: Crisis hits another major F1 backer
20 October: Standard engine just one 'option' - FIA
20 October: Gene does not back refuelling ban proposal
20 October: Raikkonen not bothered if Massa doesn't win
20 October: Bourdais edges closer to keeping F1 seat
20 October: Team order ban 'nonsense' - Marc Gene
20 October: Hamilton would be worthy winner - Alonso
20 October: Alonso, Kimi to swap seats for 2009 - report
20 October: Team bosses pull out of Mosley's Geneva summit
20 October: Dennis happy to see Ferraris win in Brazil
20 October: Bahrain backer extends grand prix naming deal
20 October: Di Resta set to replace Sutil in 2009 - report
20 October: Canada GP blasts Ecclestone 'accusations'
20 October: Team-by-team summary: Sunday, China
20 October: Lauda says Ferrari tactics 'logical'
19 October: Massa 'optimistic' for title finale
19 October: Briatore apologises for Hamilton attack
19 October: Hamilton bites back after week of jibes
19 October: Alonso - 'I still want to race for Ferrari'
19 October: FIA man defends stewarding system
18 October: Team-by-team summary: Saturday, China
18 October: Barrichello denies Indycar test reports
18 October: Rosberg admits 'danger' of stalled career
18 October: Ecclestone on phone about Canada axe
18 October: Dennis defends Hamilton's 'attitude'
18 October: Hamilton needs allies not enemies - Jordan
18 October: Hamilton 'not in F1 to make friends'
18 October: Penalties possible after practice
17 October: Bernie plays down team quit threats
17 October: Team-by-team summary: Friday, China
17 October: Hamilton 'irritates' rivals - Ecclestone
17 October: Webber angry about Hamilton headlines
17 October: Canada must pay to reinstate GP - Ecclestone
17 October: Ecclestone spells out ideas to improve F1
17 October: Mallya confirms Force India drivers to stay
17 October: Briatore tips Hamilton to lose title
17 October: Teams can choose engine implementation
17 October: Kubica deserves 2008 title - Villeneuve
17 October: FIA proceeds with standard engine
17 October: 'All drivers want Massa to win' - Alonso
17 October: Hamilton 'good' despite criticism - Massa
17 October: Ecclestone wants 'no dirty tricks'
17 October: FIA not told of Magny Cours axe
17 October: Drivers to raise Hamilton in Friday meeting
16 October: Hamilton can win title in China
16 October: F1 drivers want racer for stewards role
16 October: Symonds denies Renault engine boost
16 October: Raikkonen vows to 'help' teammate Massa
16 October: Disneyland on pole for 2010 French GP
16 October: Lovely weather for Shanghai weekend
16 October: Vettel could be 'trouble' for Webber
16 October: Bourdais admits F1 future still unclear
16 October: Abu Dhabi boss wants daytime race
16 October: France GP promoter cancels 2009 race
15 October: No 'secret deal' behind Renault boost
15 October: Kimi faces huge winter test programme - Costa
15 October: Toro Rosso chiefs delay 2009 driver decision
15 October: Italian F3 champ to win Ferrari test
15 October: Bruno Senna set for Honda F1 test
15 October: Hamilton denies 'better than Senna' claim
15 October: Hamilton's driving attracts more rebukes
15 October: Five-year FIA cost-culling plan revealed
15 October: F1 releases footage of Fuji incidents
14 October: No F1 for di Resta in 2009 - Haug
14 October: Ferrari still struggling with KERS
14 October: Barrichello to test Indy car - report
14 October: Piquet future not secure yet - Briatore
14 October: Yet again, Alonso turns Ferrari rumours away
14 October: World's press slams 2008 title chargers
14 October: Abu Dhabi night race 'possible' - Ecclestone
14 October: Stewards' penalty frenzy 'ridiculous'
13 October: Lauda 'disappointed' with Hamilton
13 October: Jacques Laffite tests Renault F1
13 October: Kimi drops out of 2008 championship hunt
13 October: 2009 Canada GP rescue unlikely - Nick Fry
13 October: Renault, Honda, Toyota to improve F1 engines
13 October: 'All resources' focused on 2009 - Honda boss
13 October: Major Williams backer in strife
13 October: Alonso vows to help Massa win title
13 October: Coulthard fit for China after Fuji crash
13 October: Hamilton says Massa crash 'deliberate'
12 October: More moves to shake up F1 show
12 October: Team-by-team summary: Sunday, Japan
12 October: 'Too many penalties' - Berger
12 October: Alonso decides to stay at Renault - report
12 October: Documents re-fire F1 political storm in UK
12 October: Massa closes gap to five points
12 October: McLaren-Force India deal looms
11 October: McLaren push for di Resta debut
11 October: Honda waiting for Alonso's answer
11 October: Dennis scolds Kubica for Hamilton rebuke
11 October: Team-by-team summary: Saturday, Japan
11 October: Kimi sure to play spoiler role - Haug
11 October: Hamilton pole not in doubt
11 October: Carmakers unhappy with standard engine talks
11 October: Hamilton's Grenada deal called off
11 October: Force India admits Ferrari switch possible
11 October: Hamilton rejects Kubica reproach
11 October: US investor in Hockenheim talks
11 October: A heated bosses meeting in Japan
10 October: Team-by-team summary: Friday, Japan
10 October: Mercedes willing to supply F1 teams
10 October: Ecclestone wants Mosley to stay
10 October: American void annoys F1 teams
10 October: Heidfeld's BMW given FIA 'freeze' all-clear
10 October: Alonso would not have 'fit' at BMW - Kubica
10 October: Honda trial 'traffic lights' pitstop system
10 October: Berger surprised at new Heidfeld contract
10 October: Bourdais plays down 2009 Renault link
10 October: Buemi pilots F1 medical car
10 October: Glock uses 'joker' engine change
10 October: Alonso does u-turn on engine freeze gripe
10 October: Honda admits need to reform F1
10 October: Government vows to save Canada GP
10 October: New safety car rules for 2009
10 October: Mercedes reports 'just rumour' - Sutil
10 October: Barrichello admits F1 career could end
10 October: F1 should keep Canada GP - Theissen
09 October: BMW never a serious option - Alonso
09 October: Vettel can be champion soon - Williams
09 October: Massa would be worthy champion - Brawn
09 October: Hamilton has changed F1 - Mosley
09 October: Only government can save Canada GP
09 October: Mosley meets with FOTA chief
09 October: Kobayashi must earn F1 seat - Toyota
09 October: No Montreal race for 2009 - Bernie
09 October: Tram firm denies Red Bull claim
09 October: Montreal F1 axe is final - official
09 October: Fuji 'crap' compared to Suzuka - Irvine
08 October: Green tyre grooves for Fuji race
08 October: Better weather expected for 2008 Fuji race
08 October: No F1 race for rebuilt A1-Ring - Mateschitz
08 October: Patrick Head to lead F2 car design team
08 October: Webber 'not keen' on V8 Supercar switch
08 October: A 'Fuji special' for Toyota, or not?
08 October: Crisis not hurting Merc's F1 plans - Haug
08 October: Senna names STR, Honda as 2009 race options
08 October: F1 series in doubt beyond 2009 - Mosley
08 October: Locals wait for reason for Canada GP axe
07 October: 2009 Canadian GP dropped
07 October: Di Resta scores McLaren F1 tests
07 October: New rules to hurt reliability - Webber
07 October: Disneyland Paris GP plans take shape
07 October: Boss hints at BBC move for Coulthard
07 October: Alonso now certain to stay at Renault - press
07 October: Heidfeld recovery led to re-signing - boss
07 October: Ferrari scraps 'traffic lights' system
06 October: BMW-Sauber keeps same drivers
06 October: Boss defends ailing A1GP series
06 October: F1 fans asked to complete survey
06 October: Rosberg rumours will not go away
06 October: Hamilton's Grenada deal cleared
06 October: Sauber urges caution on F1 night races
06 October: Mateschitz thinks again on STR sale
06 October: Santander may stick with McLaren
06 October: Hamilton in Grenada deal probe
06 October: Bernie fires back at 'circus' jibe
04 October: Kimi form 'a mystery' to Ecclestone
04 October: Mosley seeks to change privacy laws
04 October: F1's Mallya to join football foray
04 October: F2 champs to win Williams test
04 October: Ecclestone announces GP3 series
03 October: Plans for Donington GP move ahead
03 October: Keke Rosberg disappointed with Piquet
03 October: Death knell nears for A1GP series
03 October: Briatore flies from Singapore to Paris
03 October: Di Grassi 'deserves F1 seat' - Symonds
03 October: Credit crunch good for F1 - Irvine
02 October: Raikkonen cool on race lap record
02 October: Briatore to take lesser role in 2009
02 October: Ecclestone wants more night races
02 October: Bourdais linked with Renault switch
02 October: McLaren vow not to repeat 2007 mistakes
02 October: Stewards also hurt McLaren in Singapore
02 October: Berger pessimistic about STR future
02 October: Williams retains drivers for 2009
01 October: Sato's second child born
01 October: Coulthard at Moscow track ceremony
01 October: Toro Rosso records rare profit
01 October: Work on Russian track begins
01 October: Kimi equals fastest lap record
01 October: Senna closing in on 2009 F1 debut
01 October: Di Grassi in frame to replace Piquet

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