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March 2010
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March 2010 Formula 1 News Headlines
31 March: Johnny Herbert to be F1 steward in Malaysia
31 March: Coulthard insists 'close' to DTM race deal
31 March: Lotus confirms Fauzy for Friday, new sponsor
31 March: Malaysian weather 'greatest challenge' in F1
31 March: FIA insists 'no investigation' into Red Bull suspension
30 March: Lotus to unveil new Malaysian sponsor
30 March: Technical rows 'part of the game' - Domenicali
30 March: Horner insists title not over for Vettel
30 March: Schu's blocking suspicion 'nonsense' - Alonso
30 March: Burnout car for sale as Hamilton puts Aus behind him
29 March: Ferrari should have used team orders in Aus - Brundle
29 March: Schu 'lost instructions' to F1 dominance - report
29 March: Team boss Fernandes not running Lotus team
29 March: Final news briefs from Melbourne
29 March: Williams impressed with Barrichello
29 March: Whitmarsh excuses Hamilton for Melbourne outbursts
29 March: McLaren supercar caused Mercedes split - Haug
29 March: Mercedes eyes Barcelona debut for 'F-duct'
29 March: World's press hails end of F1 boredom
29 March: Rain in Melbourne and Malaysia on Monday
29 March: Kovalainen to sit out practice after coin toss
29 March: Fauzy to drive Lotus in Friday's Sepang practice
29 March: Raikkonen to partner Vettel at Red Bull in 2011 - report
29 March: Vettel defect revealed - wheel damaged by loose nut
28 March: Red Bull not confirming brake failure for Vettel
28 March: Aus thriller was 'lesson' after Bahrain criticism
28 March: No more 'Bore-rain' as Button wins Aus thriller
28 March: Mirror visibility 'worse than ever' - Barrichello
28 March: Heavy rain expected for 'twilight' GP
28 March: Boss says McLaren should not manage 'fragile' Hamilton
28 March: Vettel eyes future switch to Ferrari
28 March: Rain in Melbourne!
28 March: Even more Saturday news briefs from Melbourne
27 March: More Saturday news briefs from Melbourne
27 March: Horner says no ride-height system on Red Bull car
27 March: USF1 to reapply for team debut in 2013?
27 March: Williams targets China debut for own F-duct
27 March: Whitmarsh suggests Red Bull ride-height system illegal
27 March: Virgin - other teams may have fuel tank problems
27 March: Alonso - 'no idea' if he can beat Bulls
27 March: Mutua Madrilena set for F1 return with Alonso
27 March: Vettel, Massa, step into GPDA roles
27 March: Underdog Mercedes has less manpower than rivals
27 March: Branson's 'Virgin won't go all the way' - headline
27 March: Saturday news briefs from Melbourne
27 March: Sydney admits push to take GP from Melbourne
27 March: McLaren's Whitmarsh favours radical rule changes
27 March: Peter Sauber says F-duct not copied from McLaren
27 March: Police charge Hamilton after Melbourne burnouts
26 March: Even more Friday news briefs from Melbourne
26 March: More Friday news briefs from Melbourne
26 March: Heidfeld takes over as GPDA chairman
26 March: Rain at start of second Friday practice
26 March: Friday news briefs from Melbourne
26 March: Ecclestone predicts long second career for Schu
26 March: Virgin confirms 2010 car fuel tank too small
26 March: Stefan still working on USF1 takeover?
26 March: Renault not taking blame for Vettel problem
26 March: Broken front wings for Kobayashi in practice
26 March: Buemi's bad lunch, and thirsty F1 engines
26 March: Force India also close to McLaren-style concept
26 March: New parc ferme process to stay in 2010
26 March: Vettel scoffs at Dennis' 'low fuel' theory
26 March: Fuel tank not big enough for Virgin to finish races
25 March: Ecclestone eyes New York GP, Briatore return
25 March: Government says no to Aus GP venue relocation
25 March: Ferrari extends Shell deal to 2015
25 March: McLaren drivers confirm diffuser tweak
25 March: Kubica, Alonso, Schumacher defend F1 'show'
25 March: Di Resta paddles with shark before F1 debut
25 March: Hamilton 'simply faster' than Button - Ecclestone
25 March: FIA asks Bridgestone to tweak tyre offerings
25 March: Tom Kristensen to be F1 driver steward in Australia
25 March: Coulthard expects to agree 2010 DTM race deal
25 March: Ferrari not ready with McLaren-type air system
25 March: Webber not angry about Hamilton's quit comments
24 March: Sauber set to run McLaren-type air system
24 March: Renault adds branding to blank sidepods
24 March: 'A lot' of interest to be manager - Hamilton
24 March: Petrov the 'key' to Russia for Renault - manager
24 March: Hamilton senses Webber close to retirement
24 March: Chandhok says Indian GP not funding HRT seat
24 March: Brain surgery for Aus GP boss Ron Walker
24 March: Button predicts 'same as Bahrain' in Wednesday drizzle
24 March: Webber not expecting Schu to beat Rosberg
24 March: Rosberg wants to stay 'at eye-level' with Schu
24 March: Lotus works to replace problematic Xtrac hydraulics
24 March: Friday role not yet certain for Lotus' Fauzy
24 March: More F1 fan survey results released
24 March: Schu's car adapted, Vettel sure car problem resolved
23 March: News roundup as F1 rolls into Melbourne
23 March: Button swaps McLaren for V8 Supercar in Melbourne
22 March: Bridgestone still intends to quit F1 in 2010
22 March: Stefan GP confirms end of Toyota deal
22 March: Renault engine changes occurred before Bahrain
22 March: Kobayashi learned Albert Park on Toyota simulator
22 March: Mercedes eyes 2.5 second pitstops in future
22 March: Ricciardo is Red Bull reserve for all of 2010
22 March: Red Bull not 'ridiculously faster' than Ferrari
22 March: Hulkenberg 'tried too hard' in Bahrain - Barrichello
22 March: FOTA survey shows Schu most famous F1 driver
22 March: Epsilon Euskadi to apply for 2011 F1 debut
22 March: Tunnel collapses beneath Spa circuit
22 March: Dennis suspects Vettel ran out of fuel in Bahrain
22 March: Stoddart has 'no time' for F1 team return
20 March: FIA tells 2011 entrants to express interest
20 March: Williams wants to keep Hulkenberg for 'long time'
20 March: Mercedes saying no to engine equalisation - Horner
19 March: No jetlag for fast-moving Kovalainen
19 March: New teams battling for 'millions' in 2010 - Gascoyne
19 March: Prost to reprise stewards role in 2010
19 March: Report - 'Monster' spoils Coulthard's DTM move?
19 March: 11 per cent of McLaren still owned by Mercedes
19 March: Schu says he was faster than Rosberg in opener
19 March: Kolles eyes HRT takeover, Meta posing no threat
19 March: Now Monza wants GP contract through 2021
19 March: Red Bull equipment in road crash near Melbourne
19 March: Briatore present for birth of son Falco
18 March: Rosberg expects one Mercedes on Melbourne podium
18 March: Vettel to practice with Bahrain engine in Melbourne
18 March: Deutsche Post DHL eyes Mercedes sponsor deal
18 March: F1 team Williams positions for VW alliance
18 March: FIA to tell more teams to alter diffusers
18 March: Mercedes denies it didn't want to supply Red Bull
18 March: Massa 'not an enemy' after Bahrain pass - Alonso
18 March: Sauber to drop 'BMW' name this season
18 March: No 'will' to reform F1 says FIA figures
18 March: Schumacher not rejoining GPDA
18 March: 'Lighter' Red Bull awaits Webber for Melbourne
18 March: Kovalainen proposes blue flag ban
17 March: Ferrari engineer working on diffuser for 'B' car
17 March: Ecclestone admits F1 'cannot change' 2010 rules
17 March: Petrobras set for F1 return with Lotus
17 March: Mercedes 'didn't want' to supply Red Bull - Marko
17 March: Todt admits finding F1 commissioner 'difficult'
16 March: Coulthard blames Mosley for new face of F1
16 March: Vettel's spark plug puts spotlight back on Renault
16 March: Germany hits back after Italy's Schu criticism
16 March: Lopez ponders whether 'cheated' by failed USF1
16 March: Santander gets EUR25m value from F1 winter, opener
16 March: Ferrari wants F1's new teams to catch up
16 March: FOTA to discuss 'F1 bore' saga on Tuesday
16 March: Indianapolis now plays down US GP return reports
16 March: Di Resta to debut Friday role in Melbourne
16 March: F1 to wait before 'bore' reaction - Ecclestone
16 March: Indianapolis admits US GP return possible
16 March: Schu return sparks huge German TV figures
16 March: Happy Schu 'champion of arrogance' - newspaper
16 March: Give F1's new formula a chance - Brundle
16 March: Massa, Sutil urge caution amid F1 'bore' saga
16 March: Fry, Horner join calls for mandatory two pitstops
15 March: USF1 hoping to race in 2011 - company
15 March: Lotus would vote against 107pc rule
15 March: Lauda, brother, back Schu to bounce back
15 March: Press slams new formula after 'Bore-rain GP'
15 March: Mansell, Brundle, predict more struggle for Button
15 March: Domenicali urges caution after boring opener
15 March: F1 to look again at mandatory second pitstop
15 March: Drivers go missing on Bahrain grid
15 March: Jury out after 2010 refuelling ban debut
15 March: Alonso wins first race of 2010 season
14 March: Ferrari also changes Alonso's engine
14 March: Ecclestone says 21 races possible in 2011
14 March: No AirAsia branding for Lotus - Fernandes
14 March: Sauber looking for sponsors for 2011
14 March: Schu not expecting strong race in Bahrain
14 March: Hamilton admits he triggered manager split
14 March: Merc developed engine amid 'freeze' - Newey
14 March: Renault 'loans' F1 team EUR20m - report
14 March: No protests against McLaren inlet system
14 March: Ecclestone backs return of qualifying rule
14 March: Engine change for Ferrari's Massa
14 March: Schu might not be title contender - Brawn
14 March: FIA asks Mansell to be F1 steward in 2010
14 March: HRT denies links to German group, VW
14 March: FIA tells McLaren to scrap Bahrain-spec diffuser
14 March: Andretti to get involved with new Lotus team
13 March: Vettel says Bahrain pole 'big surprise'
13 March: Chandhok may contest qualifying in Bahrain
13 March: No practice means no GP debut for Chandhok
13 March: Points, villas, sponsors and tired eyes in Bahrain
13 March: Hamilton more 'relaxed' without father as manager
13 March: Ferrari working on McLaren wing concept - Alonso
13 March: F1 to stay in Turkey - Ecclestone
13 March: HRT eyes Klien, Fisi for GP Friday driving role
13 March: Todt not stepping into to solve knee-gate saga
13 March: Also Frentzen, Wurz, to be F1 stewards in 2010
13 March: Fisichella tours HRT garage in Bahrain
13 March: 'Rusty' Schumacher vows to close gap on Rosberg
13 March: GP2 cars on Senna's pace in sunny Bahrain
12 March: Ecclestone, Todt, want Bridgestone to stay in F1
12 March: HRT in Bahrain to protect team entry - Campos
12 March: Briatore rules out F1 return
12 March: Fauzy to drive Lotus in Bahrain practice - boss
12 March: Angry Bell not ruling out knee-gate protest
12 March: Heidfeld would rather watch than race at back
12 March: Schu's teammate Rosberg has no plans to flee
12 March: Broken foot for Adrian Campos
12 March: Ecclestone says Rome will not replace Monza
12 March: McLaren wing legality protest unlikely - Horner
12 March: Ecclestone blames USF1 for Stefan's entry failure
12 March: Ron Dennis in Bahrain pits
12 March: Alain Prost to be Bahrain GP steward
12 March: De la Rosa plays down tyre performance reports
12 March: Green light for McLaren's controversial wing
12 March: Senna's HRT car fired up in Bahrain garage
11 March: Rome vows to find GP 'agreement' with Monza
11 March: HRT's garage doors stay closed in Bahrain
11 March: Webber groans after seeing longer Bahrain layout
11 March: Schumacher arrives late in Bahrain
11 March: Rosberg likes Merc car more than Schu - brother
11 March: New teams' budgets 'not sufficient' - Ecclestone
11 March: Kubica misses direct flight to Bahrain
10 March: No major backer for Sauber in Bahrain
10 March: Heidfeld says Red Bull 'clearly' best 2010 car
10 March: Glock chose Virgin over Renault, Sauber for 2010
10 March: Horner admits 'danger' of new teams' slow debuts
10 March: Vettel has no problem with blunt teammate Webber
10 March: Vettel - still no plans to hire a manager
10 March: Senna happy with weather after arriving in Bahrain
10 March: Name change for Sauber not planned yet
10 March: French GP return unlikely in 2011
10 March: McLaren taking alternate bodywork to Bahrain
09 March: Paffett to be McLaren reserve early in 2010
09 March: Coulthard joins Ferrari in slamming F1's new teams
09 March: Gauteng terminates Sauber sponsor deal
09 March: New teams to make practice 'more difficult' - Button
09 March: Webber lost weight after final leg surgery
09 March: Chandhok thanks Ecclestone for 'superb support'
09 March: Renault 'not running smoothly' - Hulkenberg
09 March: Rome to be on 20-race calendar in 2013 - Ecclestone
09 March: Drivers begin to arrive in sunny Bahrain
09 March: McLaren check delayed, new innovation spotted
08 March: Vettel names 2010 car 'Luscious Liz'
08 March: Stirling Moss in hospital after lift fall
08 March: No Friday role for di Resta in Bahrain
08 March: Alonso tips Red Bull as Bahrain favourites
08 March: Coulthard admits F1 comeback not possible
08 March: Bahrain to be HRT 'shakedown' - Chandhok
08 March: Qatar almost ready to join F1 calendar
08 March: Mercedes' Haug says early podiums not likely
08 March: Sauber reveals red logo and likely new name
08 March: Established teams want Virgin to fail - Wirth
08 March: Massa plays down stance against new F1 teams
08 March: Red Bull eyes sub-two second pitstops in 2010
08 March: Ecclestone welcomes Chandhok, Massa slams new teams
08 March: Hamilton not worried about McLaren wing saga
07 March: Melbourne admits F1 race relocation possible
06 March: Whiting did not inspect McLaren wing on Friday
06 March: Ian Phillips to leave Force India
06 March: Stefan GP slams negative media reports
06 March: HRT should be quicker than Virgin and Lotus - Senna
05 March: F1 better off with Todt in charge - Gracia
05 March: Massa denies needing glasses for F1 driving
05 March: Kovalainen managing his own F1 career
05 March: FIA's Whiting to inspect McLaren wing on Friday
05 March: Carlos Sainz to be F1 commentator in 2010
05 March: Baguette hopes for 2010 debut at Belgian GP
05 March: Villeneuve vows to wait for 2010 race seat
05 March: Alguersuari wishes for Red Bull Racing switch
05 March: HRT car to make track debut in Bahrain - Kolles
05 March: Lopez to return to Argentina without F1 role
05 March: Schu would have driven third Ferrari - manager
05 March: Chandhok confirmed, HRT car to be maroon?
04 March: Renault shows Lada branding on 2010 car
04 March: USF1 denies signing Lopez's teammate
04 March: Ferrari not 'excited' about rear wing legality - McLaren
04 March: Stefan GP parent company's credentials questioned
04 March: Rosberg insists Schumacher not faster
04 March: No Stefan in 2010, no automatic 2011 entry for USF1
04 March: FIA asked to rule on McLaren rear wing legality
04 March: USF1 dead, FIA ponders green light for Stefan - Ecclestone
04 March: USF1 dead, FIA ponders green light for Stefan - Ecclestone
03 March: Campos confirms name change to HRT
03 March: Marc Gene signs with Spanish F1 broadcaster
03 March: F1 role for Adrian Campos, Chandhok to be confirmed
03 March: Sabine Kehm to be Schumacher's new manager
03 March: Hakkinen or Brundle to be Hamilton's new manager?
03 March: Hamilton resists calls for Sunday warm-up session
03 March: Teams plead pessimism before 2010 Bahrain thriller
03 March: New team 'chaos' as F1 awaits final entry list
03 March: Toro Rosso tests STR5 at Imola
03 March: Lopez exits USF1 contract, eyes Friday role with Campos
03 March: Hamilton to no longer be managed by father
03 March: Kovalainen says Minardi comments story 'not fair'
02 March: Campos to change name to Hispania Racing F1 team
02 March: Lotus reveals sponsor deal with CNN
02 March: Two F1 champions to miss 2010 season opener
02 March: Force India's accounts uncertainty now over
02 March: Button does not believe Schumacher pessimism
02 March: Button must prove he's as good as Hamilton - Ecclestone
02 March: Russia to sponsor Renault with Lada branding
02 March: Stefan GP to be on Bahrain grid - Eddie Jordan
01 March: Mateschitz worried about Renault's F1 commitment
01 March: Mateschitz plays down Raikkonen return rumours
01 March: Lopez looks set to lose 2010 race seat
01 March: FIA commissions Aus GP relocation study
01 March: Attempts to name 2010 favourite 'absurd' - Massa
01 March: New Lotus car worse than Minardi - Kovalainen
01 March: Clock winds down for Stefan, Campos and USF1
01 March: F1 world holds breath for Mercedes 'super diffuser'
01 March: Alguersuari nearly lost 2010 seat - father
01 March: Last test day at lunch: a pecking-order snapshot?
01 March: Mosley, Fernandes back Branson over Ferrari outburst

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