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August 2008
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August 2008 Formula 1 News Headlines

31 August: Mosley welcome back in F1 paddock - Ecclestone
31 August: Kimi 'not in love' with F1 - Ecclestone
30 August: Ferrari to keep same drivers - president
29 August: Theissen wants Friday GP testing
29 August: Kubica - I don't like the spotlight
29 August: Valencia F1 buildings to be razed
29 August: Only Buemi ready for STR race debut - Marko
29 August: Massa ends his Monza test in Ascari gravel
29 August: US-born F1 champion Phil Hill dies
28 August: 'Fixer' denies Abu Dhabi facing F1 delay
28 August: Kimi would back Massa title charge - boss
28 August: '09 bodywork to promote overtaking - report
28 August: Valencia chief apologises to unhappy spectators
28 August: Davidson also to test Toro Rosso - report
28 August: Kimi's cool not reason for crisis - boss
28 August: Ferrari boss predicts no more engine failures
27 August: McLaren doctor also treated boss
27 August: Raikkonen - I'm not cruising into trough
27 August: De la Rosa still hoping for F1 race return
27 August: Valencia to be Mediterranean GP from 2009
27 August: Some teams want turbo engines for 2012
27 August: Ferrari has new number one, Italy insists
27 August: Toro Rosso confirm Sato 'talks'
27 August: FIA defends Massa's Valencia penalty
27 August: Heidfeld future back under dark cloud
27 August: Stewart hits out at 'lenient' Massa penalty
27 August: Davidson would accept F1 test return
27 August: Also Sato to test Toro Rosso at Jerez
26 August: Ron Dennis 'ashamed to be English'
26 August: Kubica inks new BMW deal for 2009 - report
26 August: Not no.1, but Massa can win title
25 August: Formula boredom at Valencia - press
25 August: Observers laud Massa, pan Raikkonen
25 August: GPDA worried about Singapore debut - Trulli
25 August: Senna denies latest F1 gossip
25 August: Ferrari denies need for 'lollipop' return
25 August: Bourdais' future not yet secured - manager
24 August: Massa can play engine 'joker' for Spa
24 August: Sore Hamilton nearly missed Valencia race
24 August: Team-by-team summary: Sunday, Valencia
24 August: Schu says Ferrari mechanic not seriously hurt
24 August: Theissen confirms BMW to lose Credit Suisse
24 August: No quick decision about Honda 2009 drivers - Brawn
24 August: Massa fined but keeps Valencia win
24 August: F1 news briefs: Sunday
24 August: Dennis slams latest quit reports
24 August: Vettel has Ferrari engine advantage - Alonso
23 August: Team-by-team summary: Saturday, Valencia
23 August: F1 news briefs: Saturday
23 August: Massa 'destroyed' rivals in quail - Hamilton
23 August: STR can have Buemi - Helmut Marko
23 August: Dennis admits he may 'step back'
23 August: Piquet optimistic about future at Renault
23 August: Team bosses meet again at Valencia
22 August: Hamilton accuses rivals of careless driving
22 August: Mecachrome denies F1 quit reports
22 August: Button not worried about Alonso rumours
22 August: Team-by-team summary: Friday, Valencia
22 August: Stewards fine Alonso 10,000 euros
22 August: Berlin says no to F1 street race
22 August: No bridge issues leaves Bridgestone pleased
22 August: Vettel plays down best practice time
22 August: Ecclestone understands McLaren split
22 August: Sutil never worried about losing seat
22 August: Bourdais needs to earn 2009 seat - Berger
22 August: F1 said no to sailing tie-in - report
22 August: F1 not immune to economy crunch - Bernie
22 August: F1 news briefs: Friday
22 August: Puncture fears for Valencia bridge section
22 August: News briefs from Valencia
22 August: T-shirts and swing bridges at Valencia
22 August: Sad Alonso declares business as usual
22 August: Teams to share KERS experiences - Brawn
21 August: BMW - no serious danger in KERS shock
21 August: Top simulator gives Alonso edge for home GP
21 August: McLaren's 'J-damper' secret now exposed
21 August: Renault finds secret to 2008 tyre performance
21 August: More mistakes will cost contenders title
21 August: F1 figures farewell friend Dino Toso
20 August: Fisichella wants to prove critics wrong
20 August: Three teams scrap for coveted fourth place
20 August: Toyota may delay KERS debut - Marmorini
20 August: F1 aces accessorise with pop stars
20 August: Safety car to influence Valencia tactics - Haug
20 August: Valencia race sell-out unlikely - report
20 August: F1's Ecclestone at Olympic velodrome
20 August: Firm to build F1 simulator for Ferrari
19 August: No resources dilemma for Ferrari
19 August: Schu will not test at Monza - report
19 August: F1 teams approve Singapore GP lights
19 August: Raikkonen not able to defend crown - Lauda
18 August: Sato's manager says focus on F1
18 August: Sutil adapts helmet colours
18 August: Mecachrome's F1 activities at an end
18 August: Valencia looms at end of August break
18 August: Mercedes' advantage is 25 horse power - report
17 August: Karthikeyan dodges Force India question
17 August: Coulthard spotted at MotoGP race
15 August: Renault delays decision over Piquet future
15 August: Raikkonen says he still wants to win
15 August: I deserve Vettel's F1 seat - di Resta
15 August: Plans for Donington GP switch on track
15 August: Coulthard plans F1 contract for boy racer
14 August: Budapest police probe F1 tourist scams
14 August: Michael Andretti honoured in America
14 August: Fisi happy with Force India for 2009
14 August: Berger full of praise for Vettel, Rosberg
14 August: Valencia 'problems' being solved - Gracia
14 August: Speed 'satisfied' with abortive F1 career
14 August: Raikkonen depicted in Finnish stamps
13 August: BMW needs Alonso to replace Heidfeld - Stuck
13 August: Renault's Dino Toso passes away
13 August: Ecclestone in talks for 'GP3' coup
13 August: Too late to appoint Ferrari no.1 - Berger
13 August: Firm blames F1 'freeze' for losses
13 August: Ferrari critical of Bridgestone tyre selections
13 August: Speedcar series chief wants Schumacher
13 August: Safety works at F1 test track Jerez
13 August: Bosses, drivers, marring Ferrari charge
12 August: F1 teams in action during August break
12 August: French teen starts on road to F1
12 August: 2008 was best attended Hungarian GP
12 August: McLaren to 'rotate' F1 staff next year
12 August: Fisi working hard to trigger $1.5m contract
12 August: Big money backing Arab driver's F1 push
12 August: Brundle escapes penalty for live F1 gaffe
11 August: Rosberg unsure Williams can be title challenger
11 August: Force India to retain drivers for 2009
11 August: Sato and STR a good fit for 2009 - report
11 August: F1 rivals to contest Massa kart race
11 August: Briatore break hits sandy snag in Sardinia
10 August: BMW progress has slowed - Sauber
10 August: Sutil - I don't want a girlfriend
10 August: F1 can solve KERS safety fears
10 August: McLaren still in front - Heidfeld
10 August: Briatore pockets $11m for F1 TV rights
09 August: German company plays down F1 rumours
09 August: Mexico wants to join 2010 calendar
08 August: Schu contesting 8-hour motorbike race
08 August: Berger hints at F1 test for Bruno Senna
07 August: Sydney not giving up on GP switch
07 August: McLaren denies latest Dennis quit reports
07 August: Bridgestone happy in post tyre-war period
07 August: Stuck compares Glock with Ralf
07 August: Spokeswoman won't confirm Monza test for Schu
07 August: Bourdais must up game to keep seat - Berger
07 August: Dennis wants to retire with '08 title - report
07 August: Chandhok back in frame for F1 seat in 2009
06 August: Ford rally boss offers Raikkonen test
06 August: Williams - 'we will not sell'
06 August: Quick fix needed for title tilt - Raikkonen
05 August: Briatore to stay at Renault in 2009 - report
05 August: Bourdais sees no end to struggle with car
05 August: Schu to test Ferrari again at Monza
05 August: Coloured sidewalls for 2009 slicks?
05 August: Aguri tester to go racing in US
05 August: Klien wants to keep BMW test seat
05 August: Renault unlikely to win in 2009 - Alonso
05 August: Renault to review Ferrari pitstop data
05 August: Hill not betting on Hamilton title
05 August: Berger says Senna candidate for STR in 2009
04 August: Petrobras to back F1 move for Bruno Senna?
04 August: Toro Rosso to add staff to Faenza workforce
04 August: Heat to blame for fuel rig fires
04 August: Hamilton to work hard in break - Dennis
04 August: Praise for Massa, pressure for Raikkonen
04 August: Glock to stay at Toyota in 2009
04 August: Famous fan hopes Alonso goes to Ferrari
04 August: Alonso poised for $15m Honda switch - report
04 August: Flat-spot led to Hamilton puncture
03 August: Tyre 'cut' deflated Hamilton - Bridgestone
03 August: Team-by-team summary: Sunday, Hungary
03 August: Teams fail to agree to delay KERS until 2010
03 August: Hamilton relieved after Hungary setback
03 August: Dennis hits back at 'selfish' Alonso
03 August: Hungary signs new GP deal through 2016
03 August: We framed Mosley, say prostitute and husband
02 August: Team-by-team summary: Saturday, Hungary
02 August: CVC deny plans to sell F1, replace Ecclestone
02 August: Kovalainen - I will try to beat Hamilton
02 August: Bourdais penalised for Heidfeld block
02 August: Toyota backs Renault amid engine freeze spat
02 August: Theissen to wait on Heidfeld future
02 August: Honda chiefs step up efforts to woo Alonso
02 August: Hamilton - I don't need the August break
01 August: Sutil has Force India contract for 2009
01 August: Heidfeld 'relaxed' about future at BMW
01 August: Kova can ace Hungary qualifying - Hamilton
01 August: Team-by-team summary: Friday, Hungary
01 August: Rosberg staying at Williams in 2009
01 August: Renault 'shocked' by dead F1 employee
01 August: Hydraulic problem for Vettel in morning
01 August: Reporter tries to spark new Mosley scandal
01 August: Kova to stay at McLaren for years - Alonso

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