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April 2015
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April 2015 Formula 1 News Headlines
30 April: Audi still not eyeing F1 moveComments
30 April: Bottas, Raikkonen, Wehrlein star as 'silly season' beginsComments
30 April: Media ponders reasons for Alonso's Le Mans absenceComments
30 April: Current rules 'killing' F1 - WarwickComments
30 April: Ecclestone admits condensed 2016 calendar 'leaked'Comments
30 April: F1 'has become boring' - GlockComments
29 April: McLaren to keep same car concept in 2016Comments
29 April: Hamilton ready for Vettel-like title runComments
29 April: Alonso move not necessarily a mistake - GeneComments
29 April: Red Bull to finally debut 'short nose' in SpainComments
29 April: 2016 season to get late start in AprilComments
29 April: Rosberg should 'start from scratch' in 2015 - LaudaComments
29 April: Alesi concerned by Mick Schumacher 'media exposure'Comments
29 April: Silverstone makes 'plea' for better F1 showComments
28 April: Mosley proposes budget cap with rules freedomComments
28 April: F1 sponsors drivers in GP2, GP3 - reportComments
28 April: Alonso 'knew' Ferrari would improve - GraciaComments
28 April: Rosberg 'didn't care' as he attacked in BahrainComments
28 April: Williams spent $3m on staff bonuses last yearComments
28 April: Claire Williams says father will never retireComments
27 April: Williams reveals more than $50m lossComments
27 April: Schumacher's son wins Formula 4 raceComments
27 April: European investigation into F1 unlikely - sourceComments
27 April: VW rumours return as chief steps downComments
27 April: Merhi admits Spain could be last F1 raceComments
27 April: Rosberg not focusing on title situationComments
27 April: Montezemolo denies calling for Ecclestone axeComments
27 April: Perez expects to 'suffer' in BarcelonaComments
27 April: F4 figure questions Vettel 'patron' roleComments
27 April: Sauber set for more legal troubleComments
27 April: Mercedes denies Hamilton has signed 2016 dealComments
27 April: Hakkinen not sure Ferrari should keep RaikkonenComments
27 April: Todt unhurt in Nepal earthquakeComments
25 April: Manor 'not worthy of F1' - VilleneuveComments
25 April: Honda move may have blown Alonso's career - VilleneuveComments
24 April: Force India proposes 'free choice' for Pirelli tyresComments
24 April: Bottas not sure Williams can catch top teamsComments
24 April: German GP demise good for Austria - LaudaComments
24 April: Hamilton at Mercedes for next three years - LaudaComments
24 April: No title charge until 2017 - BoullierComments
24 April: Sparks can 'dazzle' drivers - SainzComments
24 April: Maldonado 'refused' to sit out Friday practiceComments
24 April: Revamped Valencia could return to F1 calendarComments
24 April: Merhi could focus on 3.5 title after BarcelonaComments
24 April: Verstappen feels 'respect' of F1 driversComments
24 April: Sainz believes he can beat 'new Senna' VerstappenComments
24 April: Ricciardo on 'same level' as Vettel - MarkoComments
24 April: Marko accuses Mercedes of 'helping' Ferrari catch upComments
23 April: Renault is Red Bull's 'best chance' for successComments
23 April: CVC must act amid 'dangerous' F1 omens - MontezemoloComments
23 April: Button didn't 'storm out' after Bahrain - McLarenComments
23 April: Merhi looks set to keep Manor seat for nowComments
23 April: Vettel becomes F4 'patron' to back Schumacher sonComments
23 April: Lauda wants Hamilton deal by Spanish GPComments
23 April: No Red Bull comeback until season end - MarkoComments
23 April: Wurz backs Sauber over engine cost limitsComments
23 April: Ferrari won't rattle engine strategy - LaudaComments
22 April: Raikkonen considered quitting after 2014 - reportComments
22 April: Stevens deletes 'ugly' tweet about MerhiComments
22 April: Manager guarding Schumacher's privacyComments
22 April: Sauber denies testing new Ferrari engineComments
22 April: Rosberg admits he cannot hide bad moodsComments
22 April: Toro Rosso helping Red Bull to end Renault crisisComments
22 April: Hulkenberg not in talks with other teams yetComments
22 April: McLaren improvement to be 'gradual' - BoullierComments
21 April: Catching Ferrari 'difficult' - SmedleyComments
21 April: No rest for Manor's MerhiComments
21 April: Renault in 'very deep trough' - Jos VerstappenComments
21 April: McLaren 'on verge of points' now - AlonsoComments
21 April: Leberer plays down Raikkonen incidentComments
21 April: Ferrari set for engine power boost in BarcelonaComments
21 April: Arrivabene defends 'human being' VettelComments
21 April: Kvyat struggling with pressure - VilleneuveComments
21 April: Maldonado hits back at 'Crashtor' reputationComments
21 April: Qatar race now unlikely - EcclestoneComments
20 April: Vettel says Ferrari could be last F1 teamComments
20 April: Ferrari still not ready to sign Raikkonen extensionComments
20 April: Allison 'signature' helping Raikkonen - managerComments
20 April: Renault ready to spend to fix F1 crisis - HornerComments
19 April: Baku good 'replacement' for Monza - EcclestoneComments
19 April: All eyes on unconfirmed Ferrari, Mercedes seatsComments
19 April: Mattiacci to rebuild career in USComments
19 April: Alonso aiming for Q3 in BarcelonaComments
19 April: 'No more pain' as Bottas bounces backComments
19 April: Rosberg 'must turn around slump' - LaudaComments
19 April: F1 racing ahead for 2017 rule changesComments
18 April: Vettel escapes Bahrain grid penaltyComments
18 April: Red Bull 'unfair' to former drivers - AlguersuariComments
18 April: Senna-Berger is like Hamilton-Rosberg - BergerComments
18 April: Alonso happy with 'challenge of my life'Comments
18 April: Hamilton-to-Ferrari rumours fire in BahrainComments
18 April: Verstappen 'best I've ever seen' - PujolarComments
18 April: Chairman Ghosn approves F1 revival for RenaultComments
18 April: Mercedes bracing for Ferrari battle in BahrainComments
17 April: Alonso plays down Twitter insult sagaComments
17 April: Alonso, Vettel have 'number 1' status - HamiltonComments
17 April: Vettel would prefer day race in BahrainComments
17 April: Historic Monza must pay for F1 privilege - EcclestoneComments
17 April: Rosberg wishes he kept complaints quieterComments
17 April: Massa's glass is half full in 2015Comments
17 April: Ericsson happy to put Caterham in the pastComments
17 April: Manor drivers hope 2015 car can be ready soonComments
17 April: Raikkonen says Ferrari to decide on 2016 'option'Comments
17 April: Hamilton plays down post-China controversiesComments
17 April: Verstappen not for sale - MarkoComments
16 April: Mercedes denies blocking engine rule changesComments
16 April: Ecclestone approves 'human rights policy' for F1Comments
16 April: Ferrari set to shine in Bahrain heatComments
16 April: Alonso in top shape for years to come - trainerComments
16 April: Hulkenberg admits to 'hardest time' in F1 careerComments
16 April: Verstappen can be future world champion - TostComments
16 April: Drivers criticise Rosberg for Shanghai spatComments
16 April: Podium model plays down 'spraygate'Comments
15 April: Different dramas for Mercedes' driving duoComments
15 April: Stuck slams Ecclestone over German GP demiseComments
15 April: Raikkonen on track for 2016 Ferrari deal - reportsComments
15 April: Kolles blasts FIA over F1's 'massive problem'Comments
15 April: No quick fix for Renault piston fault - reportComments
15 April: Rosberg not planning more Hamilton talksComments
15 April: McLaren backs under-fire AlonsoComments
14 April: Bianchi signed Sauber contract at Suzuka - KollesComments
14 April: Only Button had new diffuser in China - reportComments
14 April: Hamilton reveals he is not Laureus winnerComments
14 April: Fiat hails 'inevitable' Ferrari reformComments
14 April: Sky presenter suspended for Alonso insultComments
14 April: Jorda preparing for Lotus test debutComments
14 April: No 'team orders' at Ferrari anymore - ArrivabeneComments
14 April: Horner plays down Red Bull quit threatComments
14 April: Sandstorm hits BahrainComments
14 April: Hamilton tells Rosberg to race himComments
13 April: Red Bull, McLaren brace for difficult BahrainComments
13 April: China GP demanding 'changes' in F1Comments
13 April: Founder says Sauber 'future' back on trackComments
13 April: Arrivabene backs 'sensitive Iceman' RaikkonenComments
13 April: Bianchi father furious at FIA investigationComments
13 April: Mercedes helped Williams catch Ferrari - reportComments
13 April: Alonso not cause of Ferrari slump - pressComments
13 April: Rosberg vows to 'move on' after Hamilton run-inComments
12 April: Rosberg accuses Hamilton of spoiling China GPComments
12 April: 'Bad' eye not reason for Rosberg moodComments
12 April: 'Short nose' finally coming in Spain - MarkoComments
12 April: Force India confirms 'B' car for Austria Comments
12 April: Women drivers 'more afraid' than men - VerstappenComments
12 April: Fifth engine rule not in place yet - WolffComments
12 April: F1 sparks causing issues in ShanghaiComments
12 April: Ferrari unhappy with Raikkonen qualifyingComments
12 April: Alonso under attack in ChinaComments
12 April: Ecclestone wants Mercedes power for entire gridComments
12 April: Manor could change livery for BarcelonaComments
11 April: F1 would thrive with '20 Mercedes engines' - LaudaComments
11 April: Red Bull eyes F1 television rights - rumourComments
11 April: Hamilton 'not worth $200 million' - RosbergComments
11 April: Quirky Chinese F1 enthusiasm spills overComments
11 April: Manor leaving 107pc headache behind - MerhiComments
11 April: McLaren-Honda ready to race away from Q1Comments
11 April: Lauda tells Rosberg to 'sort himself out'Comments
11 April: Williams slams Force India over wind tunnel jibeComments
11 April: Verstappen 'more Dutch than Belgian' - fatherComments
11 April: Ferrari plays down title hopesComments
10 April: Vettel doubted Ferrari seat offer - ArrivabeneComments
10 April: Toro Rosso car 'as good as Williams' - SainzComments
10 April: Rosberg 'up to date' with Hamilton contract talksComments
10 April: Hamilton questions F1's 'green' credentialsComments
10 April: Palmer at Lotus to 'finance team budget' - GrosjeanComments
10 April: Lotus-linked company 'in liquidation' - reportsComments
10 April: Mateschitz confirms Red Bull quit threatComments
10 April: Frustrated Perez braced for 2015 'pain'Comments
10 April: Stevens hoping to race in ChinaComments
10 April: Alonso to retire as McLaren-Honda driverComments
10 April: Red Bull switches brakes for ChinaComments
10 April: Williams working to cool 2015 carComments
10 April: Vettel can help Rosberg's title questComments
09 April: Cheerful Button sees 'great future'Comments
09 April: Rosberg denies need for 'number 2' roleComments
09 April: Manor gets '2015 programme' underway - BoothComments
09 April: Renault can catch up without rule changeComments
09 April: Ricciardo admits 'whole package' below parComments
09 April: FIA puts fuel flow spotlight on Ferrari, MercedesComments
09 April: China could leave Ferrari cold in Merc battleComments
09 April: Hamilton admits contract saga 'a pain'Comments
08 April: Manager wants calm for Mick Schumacher's debutComments
08 April: Ecclestone won't let Wolff 'kill' F1Comments
08 April: Vettel mechanic Handkammer leaves F1Comments
08 April: Force India planning 'B' car for mid-seasonComments
08 April: Lotus on pole for Renault buyout - reportComments
08 April: Australian GP boss survives cancerComments
08 April: Mercedes takes new front wing to China - reportComments
08 April: Ferrari sets sights on more 2015 winsComments
08 April: 100 journalists to cover Mick Schumacher testComments
08 April: Mosley warns F1 facing 'collapse'Comments
08 April: Honda 'still 100hp down' on rivals - reportComments
07 April: Toro Rosso happy with Renault progressComments
07 April: Merhi admits he could lose Manor seatComments
07 April: Spaniards defend Alonso after McLaren switchComments
07 April: Carmen Jorda backs all-female F1 proposalComments
07 April: Officials defend Alonso amid latest rumoursComments
07 April: Ferrari pushing on for Mercedes title battleComments
05 April: McLaren drivers 'happy with the car' - DennisComments
05 April: Van der Garde hopes Sauber saga 'changes F1'Comments
05 April: Rumour - Alonso over-medicated after crashComments
05 April: Mother insists Verstappen is BelgianComments
05 April: Merhi confident of China GP race seatComments
05 April: Both drivers attended pre-China meeting - LaudaComments
05 April: Pirelli wants F1 changes for 2017Comments
05 April: Vergne sees 'chance' for 2016 returnComments
05 April: Raikkonen invested in Nasr's careerComments
03 April: Renault expects Red Bull success 'sooner or later'Comments
02 April: Marko says Toro Rosso sale not likelyComments
02 April: Vettel, not Hamilton better for F1 - CapelliComments
02 April: Marko admits Red Bull has 'chassis' problemsComments
02 April: F1 trio play down Ferrari's Sepang formComments
02 April: Text from Schu house made Arrivabene cry - reportComments
02 April: Young driver rule for 2016 'sad' - MarkoComments
02 April: Manor's one-car Sepang race deliberate - reportComments
01 April: Female driver says F1 series for women 'good idea'Comments
01 April: Red Bull ends Renault row to focus on 2015 - MarkoComments
01 April: Monza set for F1 rescue talks in Monaco - CapelliComments
01 April: Sainz tips 'giant steps' for Alonso, McLarenComments
01 April: Alonso doubts Ferrari can beat Mercedes 'regularly'Comments
01 April: Raikkonen is on Vettel's pace - managerComments
01 April: Ferrari 'much faster' than Williams - BottasComments
01 April: Ferrari not missing Alonso - TrulliComments

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