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January 2014
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January 2014 Formula 1 News Headlines
31 January: Petrov's DTM seat chances '60pc' - Wolff Comments
31 January: McLaren 'wing suspension' causing a stirComments
31 January: Newey 'back to the drawing board' amid Red Bull crisisComments
31 January: Ecclestone slams Jerez testing 'farce'Comments
31 January: Ecclestone rules out paying to avoid German jailComments
31 January: Marussia's day begins just as Red Bull's endsComments
31 January: Schumacher 'blinked' as doctors move to end comaComments
31 January: Brawn 'fishing', not preparing for McLaren top jobComments
31 January: Symonds has 'sympathy' for Lotus' troublesComments
31 January: Schumacher 'waking up process' has begun - managerComments
31 January: F1 row brewing over new nose designsComments
31 January: Still no sign of 2014 MarussiaComments
30 January: Brembo brakes made a billionaireComments
30 January: Grenoble doctor confirms Schumacher awakening reportsComments
30 January: FIA's Whiting says 'clever' Lotus nose is 'legal'Comments
30 January: McLaren 'wing' suspension raises eyebrows at JerezComments
30 January: Red Bull supplier Renault admits early 2014 'problem'Comments
30 January: Vettel leaves Jerez as Newey laments car design delayComments
30 January: Marussia on track for Thursday debutComments
30 January: Higher top speeds expected in 2014Comments
29 January: Ecclestone pushing for 'double points' in three racesComments
29 January: Manager denies doctors to end Schumacher comaComments
29 January: McLaren confirms Boullier as 'racing director'Comments
29 January: Vettel hopes for 'miracle' a month into Schumacher comaComments
29 January: Raikkonen's back 'ok' after F1 driving returnComments
29 January: 'Embarrassing' start to F1's brave new eraComments
29 January: New Red Bull passed crash tests mere days agoComments
28 January: Faltering start to first test of 2014Comments
28 January: Caterham launch delayed, three more new cars revealedComments
28 January: Haas still aiming for F1 despite Ecclestone warningComments
28 January: Webber predicts early retirement for VettelComments
28 January: 'Far too early' to predict title win - WolffComments
28 January: Anticipation high at Jerez as opening test beginsComments
28 January: FIA 'bombarded' by Lotus nose legality queriesComments
27 January: 2014 to be last season for F1 sponsor UBSComments
27 January: Todt still at Schumacher's bedsideComments
27 January: Grosjean future safe despite Boullier exitComments
27 January: Lotus in 'contact' with Whitmarsh - sourceComments
27 January: Williams was also option for JuncadellaComments
27 January: Sauber never considered quitting, team saleComments
26 January: Ecclestone could pay to avoid German jailComments
26 January: Ferrari unveils wide-nosed 2014 carComments
25 January: McLaren, Lotus fight over major sponsor - reportComments
25 January: Three 2014 cars on track on FridayComments
24 January: McLaren and Lotus reveal odd-nosed 2014 carsComments
24 January: McLaren rumours fire as Boullier leaves LotusComments
24 January: Astana-backed Juncadella is Force India reserveComments
24 January: Winter knee surgery for PerezComments
24 January: No date set for end of Schumacher coma - reportComments
24 January: Martini returning to F1 with Williams - reportComments
24 January: New Force India also has 'anteater' noseComments
24 January: Renault says Jerez absence a setback for LotusComments
24 January: Ecclestone thinks F1 entry for Haas 'unlikely'Comments
24 January: Sam Michael tipped to be new McLaren bossComments
24 January: FIA no longer mentioning 'cost cap'Comments
24 January: Mercedes happy about Ecclestone's lesser F1 roleComments
23 January: Petrov tests DTM carComments
23 January: McLaren, Honda deal with GP2 team confirmedComments
23 January: Williams reveals 'anteater' nose for 2014Comments
23 January: Sirotkin still Sauber test driverComments
23 January: Smedley won't be Massa's race engineer at WilliamsComments
23 January: Ericsson, Brack bringing millions to CaterhamComments
23 January: McLaren, Honda to work with top GP2 team - reportComments
23 January: Frijns considered for Caterham race seatComments
23 January: Tougher Pirellis means heavier cars in 2014Comments
23 January: Button says goodbye at father's funeralComments
23 January: Lotus only team to miss Jerez testComments
22 January: Force India gives sneak view of black 2014 carComments
22 January: New York judge dismisses Ecclestone caseComments
22 January: Jan Magnussen could quit racing to support sonComments
22 January: Di Resta admits Mercedes F1 role possibleComments
22 January: Van der Garde says he turned down CaterhamComments
22 January: Kobayashi racing for free in F1 return Comments
22 January: Hulkenberg hopes 2014 cars not too slowComments
22 January: Sirotkin's place at Sauber now in doubtComments
22 January: 'Role model' Zanardi returns to racingComments
22 January: McLaren 'in good shape' despite no title sponsorComments
22 January: 2014 McLaren passes all crash testsComments
21 January: Caterham announces new drivers for 'pivotal' yearComments
21 January: Di Resta back to DTM, linked with F1 reserve roleComments
21 January: Van der Garde becomes Sauber reserveComments
21 January: Quantum chief says Lotus buy-in deal not deadComments
21 January: Ferrari had fastest pitstops in 2013 - reportComments
21 January: Schumacher 'will not give up' - familyComments
21 January: Pic working with Craig Pollock, loses Caterham seatComments
21 January: Williams to run at Jerez, Toro Rosso passes crash testsComments
21 January: Grey livery and no Vodafone successor at McLarenComments
20 January: Sorensen set to follow Saxo Bank to LotusComments
20 January: 'F1 not always best option for Brazilians'Comments
20 January: Caterham set for Kobayashi-Ericsson in 2014 - reportComments
20 January: No orange for McLaren after Dennis returnComments
20 January: Dacia denies F1 reportsComments
20 January: Vettel 'not afraid' of Alonso head-to-headComments
20 January: Vettel yet to confirm fatherhoodComments
20 January: Todt believes friend Schumacher will recoverComments
20 January: Hungaroring needs money for upgrades - bossComments
20 January: Lauda causes stir with new cap sponsorComments
20 January: Ecclestone facing ten years in German prisonComments
20 January: GP2 champion's sponsor says F1 system 'sick'Comments
20 January: Report links Kolles entry with carmaker DaciaComments
20 January: Ruhan stepping up amid Lotus strugglesComments
20 January: McLaren not commenting on Brawn rumoursComments
18 January: Two teams make plans, McLaren yet to pass all FIA testsComments
18 January: Schumacher's condition no longer criticalComments
18 January: Ecclestone plays down F1 board exitComments
17 January: Kolles, Stefan also bidding for F1 in 2015Comments
17 January: Red Bull to launch at Jerez, Pirelli staying until 2016Comments
17 January: Nascar team owner aims for F1 in 2015Comments
17 January: Ecclestone steps down from F1 boardComments
17 January: Dennis returns, Whitmarsh future in doubtComments
16 January: F1 in talks with two potential new teams - EcclestoneComments
16 January: Ecclestone facing German trial, bids for NurburgringComments
16 January: Vettel's daughter born in Switzerland - reportComments
16 January: Ferrari to reveal 2014 car next weekComments
16 January: Lopez plays down Lotus collapse fearsComments
15 January: Vettel's number 5 not Schumacher tribute Comments
15 January: Frijns set for Friday role at Caterham - reportComments
14 January: Departing Valsecchi not paid by Lotus in 2013Comments
14 January: Schumacher wrote $1bn will in 2010 - reportComments
14 January: Ferrari not abandoning 'pullrod' layout for 2014Comments
14 January: Williams preparing 2014 car for Jerez debutComments
14 January: Button's father John dies at 70Comments
13 January: McLaren's 2013 flaws not fully understood - Paffett Comments
13 January: Schumacher's condition unchanged - reportComments
13 January: Disappointed Leimer 'deserves' F1 seatComments
13 January: 2014 cars to have 'anteater' noses - reportComments
13 January: Marussia, Lotus hit back at 2014 doubtsComments
11 January: Champion Vettel to race number 5 in F1 careerComments
10 January: Best driver Vettel put Berger to sleep in 2013Comments
10 January: FIA now ready to police fuel limits in 2014Comments
10 January: Kvyat says Toro Rosso to test at JerezComments
10 January: Rumours of secret Ferrari V6 test grow - reportComments
10 January: Irvine unlikely to serve six month jail sentenceComments
10 January: Law change paves road for India GP returnComments
10 January: Caterham not ruling out Kobayashi for F1 returnComments
09 January: Lotus not alone in missing first test - BoullierComments
09 January: Authorities to find Schumacher fall just an accidentComments
09 January: Force India to have unique chassis 'hump' - reportComments
09 January: Caterham to unveil 2014 car at JerezComments
09 January: Missing first test 'not good' for Lotus - SutilComments
08 January: Valsecchi admits Lotus exit likelyComments
08 January: 2014 a big chance for 'middle' teams - KvyatComments
08 January: McLaren reveals 2014 car launch dateComments
08 January: Footage proves Schumacher crash at low speedComments
07 January: Mercedes to reveal 2014 car at Jerez testComments
07 January: 'Relief' as Schumacher's condition improves - reportsComments
07 January: Lotus to miss first winter testComments
06 January: Lotus to replace reserve driver Valsecchi - reportComments
06 January: Ferrari on track for late January launchComments
06 January: Lauda says Mercedes on track for 2014 challengeComments
06 January: Schumacher injury saga enters second weekComments
04 January: Red Bull gets approval for 2014 Austria GPComments
03 January: Schumacher's coma could last 'weeks, months'Comments
03 January: Ecclestone backs Ferrari's 'fun' driver pairingComments
02 January: Ferrari to push Raikkonen into new simulatorComments
02 January: Reliability 'number 1 challenge' for 2014 - HornerComments
02 January: Brawn exit no loss to F1 - HamiltonComments
02 January: Schumacher updates only if something changes - managerComments
01 January: Manager reveals 'good news' about injured SchumacherComments

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