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January 2009
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January 2009 Formula 1 News Headlines
30 January: Force India on track for March debut
30 January: Ferrari, McLaren, herald F1 unity
30 January: Webber wants long future with Red Bull
30 January: Schu admits test action unlikely in '09
30 January: Alonso attends funeral in Spain
30 January: F1 weight rules unfair - Rosberg
30 January: Ferrari modify illegal exhaust design
30 January: FIA may publish qualifying car weights
30 January: Monaco voted top sports venue
29 January: Ron Dennis to be in Melbourne
29 January: 'Don't panic', Prost tells F1
29 January: Green light turns red for French GP
29 January: Honda to seek UK taxpayer bailout
29 January: Rome trying to 'steal' GP - Monza
29 January: Concern over F1 diffuser designs
29 January: Ferrari tested unique KERS solution
28 January: Spa has 'no fear' of ING exit
28 January: BMW decides to join Bahrain test
28 January: Reports say problems with new Renault
28 January: Malaysia also agrees to 'twilight' race
28 January: New STR heads for February debut
28 January: FIA confirms safety car rule change
28 January: No 'free' Friday engine use in 2009
28 January: F1 to ensure KERS safety for marshals
28 January: Tyre gap to be bigger in 2009 - Whiting
28 January: Bourdais deal not done - manager
27 January: Honda plays down looming deadline
27 January: Rome grand prix 'possible' - city
27 January: F1 aces disagree over Friday mileage
27 January: Klien to contest Le Mans again
27 January: Dennis says no to Mosley's job
27 January: Howett explains Marmorini's F1 exit
27 January: GP2 follows F1 with cost cutting
27 January: Williams at odds over F1 theme park
27 January: French senate backs new F1 circuit project
26 January: ING to review F1 backing
26 January: Heidfeld says drivers must accept less money
26 January: Big teams could field three cars - Ecclestone
26 January: Bernie tempts teams with 'more freedom'
26 January: Raikkonen 13th in debut rally
25 January: RBS admits F1 backing under review
25 January: Reutemann for president
24 January: RB5 to be 'beautiful' car - Webber
24 January: F1 may have lost Williams team
24 January: Drivers unhappy about license price hike
23 January: McLaren loses long-time sponsor
23 January: Test ban leaves Asmer, di Grassi, out in cold
23 January: Halt in Portugal, progress at other tests
23 January: Bourdais to secure second Toro Rosso seat
23 January: New venues say F1 projects on track
23 January: F1 whispers doubt Renault future
23 January: Weather halts Algarve test
22 January: Donington rejects critical report
22 January: Ecclestone divorce to proceed
22 January: Alonso trains with cycling's Sastre
22 January: Ecclestone involved in Honda rescue process
22 January: Third team chief says new Ferrari illegal
22 January: Banker lines up Mosley's job - report
22 January: Ecclestone renews attack on Mosley, FIA
22 January: Better weather in Portugal, rain in Italy
21 January: Hamilton makes debut with no.1
21 January: New wings increase crash risk - Kubica
21 January: FOTA calm amid push for more revenue - Howett
21 January: Heidfeld to wear green helmet in 2009
21 January: Testing at three venues on Tuesday
21 January: Toyota may not race KERS at all in 2009
21 January: Weak season means 'no future' for Toyota
20 January: Two team chiefs believe 2009 Ferrari illegal
20 January: BMW reveals 2009 car at Valencia
20 January: Minardi worried about Toyota's F1 commitment
20 January: Budget caps in two years - Briatore
20 January: Alonso, Briatore, steer around Ferrari rumours
20 January: New Renault still yet to pass FIA crash tests
20 January: Alonso lost weight over winter period
20 January: Piquet hopes for fair Renault treatment
20 January: Renault, Williams, undecided over KERS
20 January: Williams bucks reports of financial strife
20 January: Honda exit could mean more income for teams
20 January: Honda spending led to F1 exit - chiefs
20 January: 2009 testing loophole for 'young drivers'
20 January: Renault committed to F1 for now
20 January: Rain affects F1 testing in Europe
19 January: Alonso to race new helmet livery
19 January: New Ferrari 'illegal' - report
19 January: UK watchdog slams Donington upgrade
19 January: Webber sets firm date for cockpit return
19 January: New Renault, Williams cars revealed
19 January: Setback no problem to Donington's F1 plans
19 January: Hamilton in dark over Dennis' decision
19 January: New Toyota makes debut in Portugal
19 January: Kovalainen to relax more in 2009
19 January: Lauda wants F1 drivers to double up
19 January: Three F1 racers in ski marathon
19 January: Tweaked colours, new sponsor for Renault
18 January: Mosley pushing for F1 budget caps
18 January: Bernie predicts Vettel-Ferrari union
18 January: Credit Suisse confirms BMW-Sauber exit
18 January: Bernie insists no 20 car grid promise
18 January: New McLaren makes track debut
17 January: Time running out for Honda-Merc deal
17 January: Raikkonen rests up with throat complaint
17 January: Fry denies conflict of interest
17 January: Montezemolo joins Ecclestone in Italy
17 January: McLaren keeps same sponsors for 2009
17 January: Hulkenberg to debut new Williams
16 January: Dennis to step down as team boss
16 January: New McLaren to debut on Saturday
16 January: Ferrari duo dismiss Alonso rumours
16 January: Two new F1 deals in works - Ecclestone
16 January: Ferrari lose Italian drinks sponsor
16 January: Buemi to stay in tax-free Bahrain
16 January: Vettel F1 champ soon - Ecclestone
16 January: Ecclestone still pushing 'medals' for 2009
16 January: UK gov to probe Fry's team sale role
16 January: Ecclestone wears red at Ferrari event
15 January: Ecclestone fuels Alonso-Ferrari rumours
15 January: Race win crucial to Toyota's F1 future
15 January: Luca Marmorini leaves Toyota
15 January: Higher number a 'mistake' - Massa
15 January: Changes on way for Singapore layout
15 January: Toyota reveals 2009 car online
15 January: Schu surveys earthquake damage in Costa Rica
15 January: Fight over F1 revenue no closer to ceasefire
15 January: Nose changes to take longer in 2009
15 January: New car tests more crucial than usual
15 January: Colour green to feature on 2009 Force India
15 January: No engineer rift in Raikkonen's garage
15 January: Boss leaves Ferrari door open to Alonso
14 January: Ferrari scolds BMW for KERS stance
14 January: Work on Donington revamp begins
14 January: Raikkonen 'lives on another planet' - boss
14 January: Teams to use 'mini-KERS' at some races?
14 January: Davidson wants Friday third cars back in F1
14 January: Ferrari analyse 'difficult' F60 debut
14 January: Mercedes says Honda engine deal possible
14 January: Broken leg 'no excuse' for 2009 - Webber
14 January: F1's TV audience grew in 2008
14 January: Long-life engine rules different in 2009
13 January: Sacked employee retracts Dennis slurs
13 January: BMW's 2009 strategy 'smart' - Webber
13 January: Also US doors close for Bourdais
13 January: No F1 staff cuts yet says Ferrari
13 January: Silverstone wins MotoGP race from Donington
13 January: Schu still has Ferrari role to play
13 January: Ferrari approves of Kimi's rally outing
13 January: Ferrari still undecided after KERS track debut
13 January: 2009 entry reserved for Honda F1 team
13 January: Dennis says racism slur 'ridiculous'
12 January: Ferrari engines for Honda now unlikely
12 January: Massa does first laps in new F60
12 January: Ferrari reveals new 'F60' in Italy
12 January: Honda exit scuppered F1 talks - Davidson
12 January: New McLaren, BMW cars 'on schedule'
12 January: Red Bull scrapped own KERS project
12 January: Late RBR debut not a mistake - Coulthard
11 January: Early March launch for new Force India
10 January: Buemi signed F1 contract last month
10 January: Ferrari switch roll-out to Mugello
10 January: 2009 Renault fails crash tests
10 January: Dennis among Donington sceptics
10 January: FOTA turns attention to F1 'show'
10 January: Toro Rosso confirms Buemi for 2009
09 January: De la Rosa says he 'deserved' race seat
09 January: KERS-snub by some F1 teams possible - report
09 January: STR sets no driver decision deadline
09 January: De la Rosa hails new Spanish test track
09 January: Council says yes to Donington GP upgrade
09 January: Teams agree to more cost-cutting measures
09 January: Nick Fry in frame for Honda buyout
08 January: F1's Finnish champs enter rally
08 January: Villeneuve in talks for Supercar seat
08 January: FOTA meets at Heathrow hotel
08 January: Portimao to host first major test of 2009
08 January: Mosley letter reveals push for more cost cuts
07 January: Brundle steps down as driver manager
07 January: September deadline for Donington
07 January: Ferrari to test KERS in Peugeot sportscar?
07 January: Donington GP hopeful of council green light
07 January: Ferrari confirms Honda engine offer
07 January: Survey says McLaren most popular team
07 January: Brawn confirms Ferrari engine talks
07 January: Kubica tops Polish sports poll
06 January: Verstappen avoids jail over wife assault
06 January: Ferrari to bring back pit 'traffic lights'
06 January: Alonso's manager plays down Kenyan incident
06 January: Schumacher-Honda F1 link denied
06 January: Glock says post-Brazil storm 'hardest moment'
06 January: Kubica starts own kart team
06 January: McLaren boss racist says sacked employee
06 January: Ferrari to debut next week, Red Bull in Feb.
05 January: Webber still eyes February return
05 January: Alonso unhurt in Kenyan plane incident
05 January: Schu admits he thought about F1 return
05 January: Vettel eyes future with Ferrari
05 January: Buemi's Toro Rosso debut now assured
05 January: Kawasaki to withdraw from MotoGP
05 January: Coulthard bowed out as high Scottish earner
05 January: Stewart critical of Ecclestone's rule
04 January: Local council backs Donington GP
04 January: F1 crisis 'home made' says Berger
02 January: Title loss would have hurt Hamilton - Schu
02 January: F1 medals 'interesting' says runner-up Massa
02 January: Alonso said no to 2009 Ferrari switch - report
02 January: Bernie welcomes Schu's Superbike snub
02 January: Ralf may bow out of motor racing
01 January: Crisis can't dent F1 - Ecclestone

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