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April 2009
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April 2009 Formula 1 News Headlines
30 April: FIA raises budget cap figure to 40m
30 April: Spanish F1 venue hits back at swine flu panic
30 April: Ecclestone admits F1 needs a Beckham
30 April: Webber tells Schu to give bike racing a miss
30 April: Vettel waiting for Shanghai replica trophy
30 April: McLaren liars no longer with team - Mosley
30 April: Bernie wants to cut team income, subsidise circuits
30 April: F1 proceeding with budget capping - Mosley
29 April: FIA suspends McLaren race bans
29 April: Mallya does not fear Mercedes withdrawal
29 April: No KERS for Renault at next two races
29 April: Bernie likens F1 dispute to Jewish conflict
29 April: Bernie not sure if Alonso-Ferrari deal done
29 April: Red Bull hints at switch to Mercedes power
29 April: Teams rush to speed up diffuser development
29 April: No BMW 'option' on Vettel for 2011 - Horner
29 April: Report - GP but no spectators in Spain?
29 April: Reports of Donington's waning F1 hopes continue
29 April: Quitting F1 won't save Merc money - official
29 April: Price of Brawn backing rising - Fry
29 April: Senna film to begin shooting in May
28 April: Mercedes can expect 'fair' punishment - Ecclestone
28 April: Tost agrees Bourdais too 'negative'
28 April: Piquet needs support not pressure - father
28 April: Santander boss met with Ferrari in Bahrain
28 April: Swine flu threatens Spanish grand prix
28 April: Kubica renews criticism of stalling BMW team
28 April: Toyota, Red Bull, have no plans to use KERS
28 April: Teams race for Barcelona upgrades
28 April: Many teams clamour for budget-capped future
28 April: BMW, Mercedes, not backing KERS ban
28 April: Heat off Piquet after strong Bahrain drive
28 April: Now Bernie says F1 open to Silverstone return
27 April: BMW committed to F1 for now - Theissen
26 April: Smiles and scorched buttocks in Bahrain
26 April: Alonso nearly fainted after Bahrain GP
26 April: Whitmarsh to face FIA alone next Wednesday
26 April: Schu does not have key Ferrari role - boss
26 April: Hamilton admits he considered quitting F1
26 April: Button extends title lead with Bahrain win
26 April: Sandstorm risk remains for Bahrain GP
26 April: Lenient penalty for McLaren likely - press
26 April: CVC rejects offers to sell F1 - Ecclestone
26 April: Sunday news briefs from Bahrain
25 April: Branson in talks over bigger Brawn deal
25 April: Backers cautious amid McLaren scandals - Whitmarsh
25 April: Webber blames Force India for Sutil block
25 April: Toyotas not extremely light in Bahrain
25 April: Sutil drops three places for Webber block
25 April: Donington renovation in doubt over new dispute
25 April: Trulli admits brake concerns for race
25 April: Williams wants budget cap for 2010
25 April: Mercedes CEO admits F1 exit possible
25 April: Toyota locks out Bahrain front row
25 April: Renault keeps KERS in Bahrain
25 April: Glock's Toyota fast but broken in practice
25 April: Mercedes, Hamilton, push negative reports aside
25 April: 'What a guy' - Raikkonen slams Coulthard
25 April: FOTA not ready to discuss budget caps with Mosley
25 April: China reliability glitch fixed - Horner
24 April: Montezemolo en route to watch over Ferrari
24 April: Mosley also agrees to reduce 2009 license fees
24 April: Leak of Whitmarsh letter keeps lie-gate rolling
24 April: Silverstone's door still open to F1
24 April: A hot start to Friday's Bahrain action
24 April: Another diffuser tweak for McLaren in Bahrain
24 April: Mosley tempts big teams to join budget cap
24 April: Prince says Mosley now welcome in Bahrain
24 April: Ferrari hits back at Lauda 'spaghetti' jibe
24 April: Ecclestone could rescue British GP
23 April: BMW finally drops diffuser protest
23 April: Massa at least happy with safer future
23 April: Donington legal action threatens British GP
23 April: Seven cars to practice with KERS in Bahrain
23 April: Official F1 video games set for 2009
23 April: Piquet in race to keep Renault seat
23 April: 'Too late' now for F1 switch - Rossi
23 April: Only 6 drivers earn less than Vettel - report
23 April: Liuzzi hopeful of 2010 Force India cockpit
23 April: BMW's KERS not as good as Mercedes'
23 April: Berger says Alonso headed for Ferrari in 2010
23 April: Gascoyne eyes F1 return with Ferrari
23 April: Schu confirms talks over Ferrari future
23 April: No rain, but sandstorm risk for Bahrain GP
23 April: Merc official admits F1 project in doubt
23 April: Aston Martin, others, also eye cheaper F1
23 April: New diffuser for Force India in Bahrain
23 April: Lola considers 2010 F1 team entry
23 April: Mercedes' F1 engagement under review
23 April: Ecclestone's F1 cars on show in Bahrain
22 April: Gascoyne wants to oust Jordan from BBC
22 April: Red Bull confirm Monaco target for diffuser
22 April: Vettel 'not for sale' - Mateschitz
22 April: Bourdais 'too negative' says Alain Prost
22 April: No signage for Mercedes' customer teams
22 April: Merc eyes role as sole KERS supplier
22 April: Comments 'not criticism' of McLaren - Haug
22 April: Hamilton will 'never forget' Dennis' input
22 April: Ferrari needs Alonso not Raikkonen - Coulthard
21 April: Injured Schu pulls out of motorcycle race
21 April: Even McLaren not committed to KERS
21 April: Renault racing back to front in F1 - Briatore
21 April: Haug hopes Vettel to drive McLaren 'some day'
21 April: Brawn's Ray-Ban deal is 'cut-price' - report
21 April: Title favourites cautious after three races
21 April: Chaos creeps back into Ferrari culture - Lauda
21 April: No 'harmony' between Red Bull drivers - Marko
21 April: FIA backs Parr's 'illegal Ferrari' claims
20 April: BMW will not write off 2009 season - Theissen
20 April: McLaren boss says foes 'out to get us'
20 April: Toyota to shed up to 150 F1 staff
20 April: Vettel cut his finger on Shanghai podium
20 April: Webber backs Shanghai safety car start
20 April: Piquet's Renault to have diffuser in Bahrain
20 April: Ferrari aim to revive KERS for Bahrain
20 April: Senna confirms F1 remains goal for 2009
20 April: FOTA to discuss Brawn's 30m on May 6
20 April: Ferrari may write off 2009 season
20 April: Ecclestone thinks Vettel better than Hamilton
19 April: China plays wrong anthem to mark RBR win
19 April: Red Bull finish one-two in Chinese rain
19 April: Rain in Shanghai!
19 April: Red Bull faster than Brawn GP in China
19 April: Brawn plays down possible FOTA exit
19 April: F1's political intrigue turns to humour
19 April: Dennis exit will not appease FIA - Ecclestone
18 April: BMW's diffuser indecision 'a joke' - Michael
18 April: Title over for Ferrari, Raikkonen admits
18 April: Symonds disagrees with Briatore about Button
18 April: Vettel worried about driveshaft for China GP
18 April: Alonso has lightest car for China GP
18 April: Mosley not keen on standard-KERS idea
18 April: Senna says no to Mercedes DTM drive
18 April: Vettel scores Red Bull's first pole
18 April: Brawn still lacking spare car, parts
18 April: Hamilton 'coy' about McLaren future - reports
18 April: Briatore wants FOTA axe for Brawn
18 April: F1 to 'always' visit China - Ecclestone
18 April: Technical problems strike in Shanghai
17 April: KERS a dwindling "mess" in F1 - Webber
17 April: 'Angry' Briatore wanted me for 2009 - Button
17 April: F1 spat simmers after 'illegal' car claims
17 April: Hamilton car crash 'minor' - spokesperson
17 April: KERS loss hurts Ferrari pace - team
17 April: Bridgestone defends 'super soft' tyre call
17 April: Hamilton had car crash last Saturday
17 April: Grandee teams struggle in Shanghai
17 April: Races cancelled over Donington license loss
17 April: McLaren 'weakened' by losses - Whitmarsh
17 April: Barrichello scolds Briatore for comments
17 April: Third new sponsor for Brawn
17 April: Hamilton to fight for future McLaren titles
17 April: New pecking order leaves F1 without credibility
17 April: New diffuser boosts Hamilton in China
16 April: Whitmarsh defends Hamilton's media no-show
16 April: Whitmarsh offered to quit over 'lie-gate'
16 April: Figures admit row will test FOTA harmony
16 April: Drivers hit out at China tyre selection
16 April: Dennis steps down as McLaren CEO
16 April: Many talking points as F1 gears up in China
16 April: McLaren made 'joke' of FIA - Trulli
16 April: Massa feels prepared for Ferrari struggle
16 April: Showers possible for Chinese GP
16 April: Hartley still unable to be Red Bull reserve
16 April: Promoter puts brakes on Montreal rumours
16 April: Dennis to quit F1 over 'lie-gate' affair
16 April: Newey skips China to work on new diffuser
15 April: No quick fix to catch diffuser teams - rivals
15 April: Anti-diffuser teams accept FIA ruling
15 April: Klien, Wurz, to miss Spanish GP
15 April: Diffusers legal says FIA appeal court
15 April: Debut India GP will not be night race
15 April: Schu spokeswoman confirms Ferrari absence
15 April: Ecclestone 'rethinking' Montreal race
15 April: FIA set to announce diffuser verdict
15 April: Williams aims to sell KERS technology
14 April: Renault, Piquet deny negative comments
14 April: Renault ready to use new diffuser - lawyer
14 April: Renault to assess KERS benefit race-by-race
14 April: Piquet admits frustration with Renault role
14 April: More members add strength to GPDA
14 April: Williams to rethink practice strategy - Rosberg
14 April: Button, Branson in angry run-in - report
14 April: FIA requests BBC interview over 'lie-gate'
14 April: Ferrari to leave Baldisserri at factory
14 April: Briatore cuts own pay, not Piquet's
14 April: Cosworth return due to Max-Bernie 'deal' - report
14 April: Glock 'uneasy' as FIA settles diffuser saga
13 April: Sepang reconsiders F1 night racing
12 April: Stewart tells Brawn - don't sack Rubens for Lewis
12 April: Whiting says Hamilton apologised for lies
12 April: Ecclestone admits interest in Montreal, New York
12 April: No adjustable wing for Force India yet - Sutil
12 April: Sutil - racism causing Hamilton controversies?
12 April: License glitch 'not connected' to British GP
10 April: Hamilton to face FIA probe alone - report
09 April: FIA official crashes F1 Renault car
09 April: At 60, Niki Lauda to be father again
09 April: Coulthard thinks FIA will approve diffusers
09 April: TWG to address Williams car concerns
09 April: Quitting could destroy Hamilton - Stewart
09 April: Sepang wants twilight concept scrapped
09 April: Confirmed - Schu to skip next two F1 races
09 April: FIA should drop 'lie-gate' - Ralf Schumacher
09 April: FIA incompetence triggered 'lie-gate' - Stewart
09 April: Honda scuttled Super Aguri team sale
08 April: McLaren to be heard at diffuser appeal
08 April: Race bans possible for McLaren - Bernie
08 April: F1 doesn't need FIA or Bernie - Legault
08 April: Also Rosberg, Heidfeld, unwell in KL
08 April: Experts think 4pm Sepang start wiser
08 April: Trulli reveals Abruzzo earthquake 'shock'
08 April: KERS not to blame for teams' struggles
08 April: Put Schu on the pitwall, Lauda tells Ferrari
08 April: Alonso, Kubica fans' choice for Ferrari
08 April: 'Lie-gate' rolls on, Hamilton to Brawn?
08 April: Force India releases Liuzzi for A1 debut
07 April: McLaren summoned by FIA, sacks Dave Ryan
07 April: Schu may leave Ferrari at season's end - manager
07 April: Honda 'frustrated' after F1 exit - Brawn
07 April: GP needs 'more suitable' time - Sepang boss
07 April: Mercedes' F1 commitment back under cloud
06 April: Mosley visits 'outstanding' Algarve circuit
06 April: More Germans watch Sepang twilight race
06 April: Mosley reveals plans for FIA 'world engine'
06 April: Renault must analyse KERS use for China - Alonso
06 April: Only McLaren used Melbourne engines at Sepang
06 April: Hamilton 'not the first liar' in F1 - Ralf
06 April: Saturated Sepang was 'good show' - Ecclestone
06 April: Wurz adamant he is Brawn reserve driver
06 April: Schu involved in Kimi tyre blunder - press
06 April: Mosley cautiously happy with 2009 rules
06 April: F1 shake-up not just due to diffusers - Mosley
05 April: Axe likely for Malaysia 'twilight' concept
05 April: Webber not pointing fingers after Sepang deluge
05 April: Half points for Button as rain lashes Sepang
05 April: Sepang wet on Sunday!
05 April: Dennis not to blame for scandal - Ecclestone
05 April: Mosley gets involved in 'lie-gate' scandal
05 April: Damon Hill car business in trouble
05 April: Whitmarsh will not quit over 'lie-gate'
05 April: Sepang weather shows fury late Saturday
04 April: Theissen confirms BMW's diffuser protest
04 April: Ferrari reduce size of F1 team by 100
04 April: BMW to protest diffuser cars - report
04 April: Massa blames 'everybody' for Sepang mistake
04 April: Ferrari clanger leaves Button surprised with pole
04 April: Smoke but no fire for Brawn on Saturday
04 April: FIA 'recognises' Hamilton apology
03 April: Stewards fine Hamilton, reprimand Kubica
03 April: Brawn must buy KERS from McLaren
03 April: Alonso, Bernie, rub salt into McLaren's wounds
03 April: Alonso on antibiotics to tackle fever
03 April: 'Sorry' Hamilton says Dave Ryan told him to lie
03 April: Vettel grid penalty 'wrong' - Ecclestone
03 April: McLaren, Hamilton lied, Whitmarsh comes clean
03 April: Barrichello to drop five places down grid
03 April: Ferraris quick under Sepang's clouded skies
03 April: Whitmarsh confirms sporting director suspended
03 April: Another FIA penalty for Lewis Hamilton
03 April: McLaren sacks Dave Ryan over lying saga
03 April: Race bans possible for 'liar Lewis' - press
03 April: Kimi's cockpit alight in first Friday practice
03 April: Virgin agrees $30m Brawn sponsor deal - report
03 April: Spanish sponsor to leave Renault, F1
03 April: Malaysia wet and dark on Thursday
03 April: McLaren did mislead stewards, FIA insists
02 April: More diffuser protests likely at Sepang - Horner
02 April: Ralf to replace Lauda in Malaysia
02 April: 'Further action' against Hamilton possible - FIA
02 April: McLaren will not appeal Hamilton exclusion
02 April: Hamilton, McLaren 'deliberately misled' stewards
02 April: Hamilton excluded from Melbourne results
02 April: Body strips Donington of racing license
02 April: Alonso leaves Sepang track with ear infection
02 April: Kubica undecided over KERS at Sepang
02 April: Don't compare Brawn with Force India - Mallya
02 April: 2009 is Heidfeld's last chance in F1 - Stuck
02 April: Ecclestone to make 2009 debut in Malaysia
02 April: Hamilton, Alonso criticisms not justified - de la Rosa
02 April: Vettel believes Sepang penalty not fair
02 April: Buemi expects Toro Rosso to struggle in Malaysia
02 April: Sponsors dash to join Brawn livery
02 April: Favorites Brawn prepare for challenges
02 April: FIA summons Hamilton to new stewards inquiry
02 April: FIA may re-open Trulli investigation
01 April: Toyota drops Trulli podium appeal
01 April: Honda executives applaud Brawn success
01 April: Big teams confirm new diffusers in works
01 April: Williams aims to keep up with Brawn in Malaysia
01 April: Sepang slams Malaysia's waning F1 interest
01 April: Wet, dark Malaysian GP likely - forecast

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