An update on Skype

I want to provide an update on my case with Skype.

I am still corresponding with a Skype contact provided to me by the Skype blogger (Peter) and the current status is that I have been offered a number of vouchers as compensation for the Skype error that caused me to lose some of the features of my unlimited world subscription however I continue getting the impression that the customer is always wrong unless he/she proves otherwise and that really isn’t acceptable.

I will provide full details including the correspondence on on this blog once this issue is closed.

A word of advice: If you are like me have a serious issue with Skype and you are not getting much of a response through Skype Support or the Skype Forums, try contacting the Skype blogger (Peter) – You can read his comment here as well as his contact details. Through Peter I was able to establish a reasonable level of communication with someone at Skype without the delaying tactics.

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