Poor Skype Support

I have been an avid and keen supporter of Skype for the last few years. I enjoyed using their software and was always encouraging others to use Skype as a means of communications.
It was only until I had to actually contact someone at Skype Support that I realaised that they have almost a non-existant support system. Only when I started looking around that I started to see many others who were being completely ignored by Skype.
What I would like to do is make others aware of how bad Skype treats their customers with the aim of getting their management attention at the completely wrong way of the way they work with their customers. Those same people who helped make Skype who they are today.

The problem I had with Skype is that due to an error on their part, a subscription of mine was cancelled and was told to resubscribe.  I thought, OK that shouldn’t be a problem until I found out that part of the subscription is now extra and I have to pay for it.  Naturally I thought this must be a mistake, surely a company like Skype would not resort to these tactics. Well I go to their site looking for answers but I can’t find any. Finally I get to the place where I can actually submit a support request – great!

I manage to submit a request describing the problem and asking them to rectify it. I get excited when I get the automated message telling me that a Skype representative will get back to me within 24 hours but in case they are really busy 48 hours. This was on the 7th of April.

I waited 24 hours, I waited 48 hours, no reply. I sent a second support request, this time I didn’t even get an automated response.

Surely this can’t be happening, this is Skype we are talking about.
A bit of searching gets to the Skype forum where I find an area that talks about problems, lots of problems. It was an eye opener reading about all those people with problems with support.
I decided to post on there in the hope that someone could help.  That was on the 10th of May.

You can read the entire thread at http://forum.skype.com/index.php?showtopic=319901

During that time, someone tried to help, gave me some hope but then stopped responding. In the end I decided to request a refund, that was on the 2nd of May. On the 13th of May I finally got my money back.

Despite getting my money back, this attitude is not acceptable and Skype must be responsible for their actions and treat their customers decently.

If you have any similar experiences, please post them here and lets make as many as possible aware of this poor service.

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  1. Eric says:

    I am in the same boat as you were in!

    I had to change my method of payment because my credit card was stolen. I tried changing the card number on the account and Skype redirected me to make a new subscription. I didn’t know it at the time but I lost my three phone numbers and now I have to pay for the same phone numbers in the new subsctiption! I find this absolutely ridiculous! Why does Skype not allow someone to change their method of payment?

    It must be becuase Skype is trying to rip people off sooner or later! I was a big Skype supporter and everyday that I do not get an answer from customer support it is making me mad. My first three emails were met with customary answers that were found in the FAQ. I would not have emailed if it was in the FAQ section! They were also answered by three different people. My last email has not been answered and that was sent on May 9th! Where does it say in the original agreement that the method of payment cannot be changed in an existing subscription?

    If Skype cannot do anything about this I suggest we get everyone (which I imagine is a big number) that has been effected by these phantom policy. Power in numbers!

    Thanks for starting this post! I will spread the word because Skype cannot get away with this just because they think they are a big company!


  2. derek.in.scotland says:

    I have the same problem. Skype appears to operate a zero fault line. Make one simple mistake like a failed repayment cycle, and they cancel your account, and force you to renew on their new account conditions. There also appears to be “Help desk” ….. I use this term with laughing in my head as the “Help Desk” appears to just send out standard scripts which most of the time has nothing to do with the question you are asking. Here’s the link on the Skype forum, get a good cup of coffee as you will be amazed of the things Skype customers are having to put up with.


  3. Tim Hatu says:

    Thanks Eric and derek for supporting this initiative.

    As far as I am aware, a company cannot simply cancel a subscription because the credit card has expired. It is well known that credit cards expire and systems should be able to handle that. Besides, if we had been paying by a different method, our subscriptions wouldn’t have expired and would have kept the same features.
    This is totally unacceptable.

    So please continue spreading the word and asking others who had similar problems to post over here.

    In the meantime, I will continue monitoring the posts on the Skype Forums and elsewhere for that matter and provide updates here.

    If we could also raise the awareness of this problem to people employed at Skype, that would be great. I know this will be most difficult but people in Skype need to know how poor their customer support is.

    Thanks again

  4. Phil says:


    It is clear that Skype are not offering a solution to this problem. If it really is a technical issue that must be resolved, as they claim, that still doesn’t stop them allowing us to buy a new subscription and refunding us back in Skype credit the massive difference in cost compared with our old subscriptions.

    So, the best thing to do is fill in this VERY SIMPLE form at the EU Consumer Rights Bureau.


    download the pdf form on the right hand side of the above webpage, fill it in and submit it.

    You can also address your concerns to the Luxembourg consumer rights office, if your french or german is up to it, at


    Skype is bound by Luxembourgish law, and therefore also EU law.

    Please pass this message on to as many people as you can who are suffering under Skype’s scam, so we can make our feelings known.

  5. Tim Hatu says:

    Here are a list of related current threads on the Skype community forums. Make your opinion heard

    Protest against focing users to cancel their subscriptions:

    Changing Credit card for subscriptions

    Cancelled subscription

    Skype Unlimited Subscription Cancelled?
    (this shows how poor Skpe support is and how long it is taking for a resolution)

  6. hobond168 says:

    Hi, everyone, thanks for making this available. I have the same problem and is also waiting for Skype to respond. Ebay is planning a SKYPE IPO in 2010. So if enough users complain and make this problem known, hope Skype will improve.

  7. Phil says:

    I don’t have this particular Skype problem – yet (my problems with Skype stem from different issues). But, I have been a long time user of Ebay, Skype’s owner. Zero customer support is part of their business plan. Screwing customers over seems to be part of the communications industry culture – cell phone customer service, VOIP…..Nothing new here. Come on Google!

  8. To all of you who have had a bad experience with our support team, I apologise.

    If you have outstanding problems with your account, please drop me an email (peter.parkes@skype.net) and I’ll do my best to help out.

  9. Tim Hatu says:

    Dear Peter,

    Thank you for posting on this blog. The problem I am having (and many others as well) is the nearly non-existant support which causes so much frustration in addition to the initial problem of course. Perhaps you could send support a request and see for yourself how long it will take them to respond (that is if they do!)

    Peter, the specific problem I am having with Skype, is that the way they are trying to force me to move to a new subscription plan which would cost me twice what I used to pay for the same features just because a credit card date expiry. That is a completely unfair business practice and is not the way a supposedly reputable company deals with its customers.

    I will drop you an email (and I encourage everyone else to do so) describing the problem – very much as it is described here.

    I do hope to hear back from you

  10. Tim Hatu says:

    An update on this issue:
    I have sent an email to Peter and he did reply promptly by telling me that someone from Skype would be in touch. Another person from Skype did indeed respond and provided a detailed response (for a change). The response though didn’t look at the problem in detail. I replied back with all the details (again) and am awaiting a response.

    I will provide a full update once I hear back from the Skype representative

  11. David Sams says:

    Maybe someone can help. I have been trying for a refund now for 9 months!!!!!!!!!! I tried to open a Skype account. They took my money and the account never was opened. After about a month and several attempts to get it opened using Skype’s traditional, exceptional service that accomplished exactly nothing, I cancelled and asked for a refund. I have now given Skype my account info numerous times (20+!). Somehow they were able to extract the $$ in a nanosecond from my account, but 3/4 of a year has passed and they cannot either return it to the same identical account or send me a check. This is outrageous, a scam, and a basis for a class action lawsuit (actual damages, fees, punitive damages).

    IS SKYPE AT ALL LEGITIMATE? or a bunch of internet thieves??

  12. Tim Hatu says:

    David, I know exactly how you feel. 9 months is an extremely long time and this kind of service isn’t acceptable anywhere.

    I suggest you contact Peter Parkes (Skype Blogger) at his email which is listed above and describe the problem to him and I hope you get your issue resolved.

    However, none of us have to go through this long process to get proper answers from Skype. Please let me know how you go

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  14. Andrew says:

    Hey thanks for setting up this post. I found it on the Skype forum. http://forum.skype.com/index.php?showtopic=336041&st=40&start=40

    You can read my post there user name ‘I Need A Name’.

    Anyway they hit me yesterday. Claimed that my perfectly good credit card was expired and went ahead and cancelled my subscription. I sent an email to support and I included that email in the post on the Skype forum if your interested in seeing how they dealt with it.

    I wasn’t satisfied so I persisted till I got access to the live support chat. Have a read of the transcript below. Its a bit of a laugh but this is clearly a scam. My only concern is that I am not certain how the EU law works relating to contracts. In Australia where a contract contravenes legislation then that part of the contract is void. I fully intend to take this matter further as it is going to have serious consequences to my international marketing efforts.

    Long story short, my credit card was valid, had not been updated or altered, money was available and 3 days prior to my billing date somehow the system failed to charge the subscription fee to my card so my entire account was cancelled with no explanation. Its’ clear to me that Skype is losing money on the Unlimited World plan and wants out so they are running this scam to get out of it. Does anyone see a class action in play?

    So here’s a transcript of my chat. I’m leaving my skype name in there and I don’t care if it get spammed because chances are I won’t be using it ever again.

    Have a great day and I hope everyone gets some satisfaction but at the very least every single one of you should file your complaint to the the authorities that were supplied in the second or third post here.

    Copy Print Exit
    9:10:35 PM fght3hy says
    Initial Question/Comment: Cancelled or refused orders
    9:10:41 PM System says
    Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Support!
    9:10:41 PM System says
    Please hold for the next available Live Support Agent.
    9:11:36 PM System says
    We appreciate your patience. Please continue to hold for the next available representative.
    9:12:37 PM System says
    We apologize for the wait. Please continue to hold while we connect you to an agent. You should be connected soon.
    9:13:37 PM System says
    We are sorry for the delayed connection. One of our representatives will be with you soon.
    9:34:05 PM System says
    Sergei – Skype Support has joined this session!
    9:34:05 PM System says
    Connected with Sergei – Skype Support
    9:34:35 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Hello! As one of our most valued users, welcome to Skype Live Support! My name is Sergei. How may I help you?
    9:37:09 PM fght3hy says
    I have recieved a notice that my subscription has been cancelled due to my credit card being expired. My credit card has not expired. I notified support and was told that I will have to order a new subscription at an increased price and that I will have to purchase my existing online numbers at an increased
    price. I have replied to that email but I have not recieved a response. I need to know what on earth this is all about. This is not acceptable, and I will not tolerate such business practices
    9:37:31 PM fght3hy says
    and by the way. this has all taken place 3 days before the account was due to be billed.
    9:38:28 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    I can see why this is upsetting. I’d be happy to help you out with that.
    9:39:01 PM fght3hy says
    so how is this going to be rectified? I have spent considerable money advertising with these online numbers.
    9:39:09 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Please could you confirm your skype account is fght3hy?
    9:39:16 PM fght3hy says
    thats correct
    9:39:54 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Please allow me few minutes to verify the information.
    9:39:58 PM fght3hy says
    9:45:54 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Thank you for waiting!
    9:46:29 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    I’ve checked your account and I can see you’ve updated Credit Card details at 12th of May, is that correct?
    9:47:46 PM fght3hy says
    I can’t be certain of that, the Skype system will not allow me to view or alter any payment options and I have reviewed the forums and it would seem it is done that way by design so that people cannot update credit card details therefore forcing them into a renewed subscription at a higher price
    9:50:17 PM fght3hy says
    with all due respect though I don’t really see how that is relevant. Skype has attempted to charge my account 3 days early, has then claimed my credit card has expired and has then gone and cancelled my account without giving me an opportunity to resolve any issue that may or may not even exist
    9:50:22 PM fght3hy says
    that is the issue here
    9:50:46 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    That is correct. Though Skype is not allowing to change CC details without canceling service because of the legal and security reasons. Not because it’s trying to enforce new products purchasing.
    9:51:36 PM fght3hy says
    thats intersting…what exactly are the legal and security issues? It is common practice to update account details because as we all know credit cards expire and need to be updated
    9:51:55 PM fght3hy says
    beyond that there are no other legal issues involved under EU law that is
    9:52:24 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    skype is always reviewing the possibilities to change the system so it would be much more accessible in terms of payment met odes.
    9:52:46 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    that is correct, but in case of recurrent payments foe
    9:52:46 PM fght3hy says
    please also be aware that I have been working in the IT security industry for over a decade so I am fully aware of the legal and security issue involved in onlince credit facilities
    9:53:02 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    9:53:16 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    that’s good
    9:53:22 PM fght3hy says
    all I need is for my account to be reinstated
    9:53:38 PM fght3hy says
    there is nothing in the terms and conditioned that I agreed to that allows this practice
    9:54:03 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    so you must understand that in case of recurrent payments, when card details or card is changed a written confirmation from customer must be provided to continue with the payment
    9:54:58 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    as well Skype operates all over the worlds and have to adopt to wide law enforcement policies
    9:55:00 PM fght3hy says
    but the card details have not changed. furthermore Skype is the only company on the planet that has such a policy
    9:55:24 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    but that doesn’t mean your point is not valid
    9:56:25 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    well, that is how it is now
    9:57:18 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    I’m very well understand your concern about the matter. There are few options I can help you with though
    9:57:58 PM fght3hy says
    yes I understand that, though it doesn’t make it legal nor ethical. Just to reaffirm that my account was charged 3 days early, the charge apparently failed, no one can say confidently why, and then the account was cancelled and the reason given was that my card has expired. That is a completely false claim.
    9:58:55 PM fght3hy says
    now I am being told that I MUST purchase a new subscription and pay for my numbers to be reinstated because of a credit that wasn’t expired
    9:59:33 PM fght3hy says
    for all I know the payment processor was not working correctly and that could be why the charge failed but cancelling my account is far beyond any reasonable measure or course of action
    9:59:40 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Well, you’ve got the automated message. It’s not always possible to check all the cases manually. That’s why we are providing vouchers to cover the expenses in a situations like this.
    10:00:10 PM fght3hy says
    but how does the voucher help me?
    10:01:56 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    As of now the payment method is tied with the subscriptions purchase. Best way to avoid such situations is to made all purchases with SMODE or Skype Credits.
    That way as long as you have credits on your account none of the services will be cancelled. And even if Credits are out. Service will be suspended not cancelled and become active again when Credits are available.
    10:02:41 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    If payment method changes all services tied with him are cancelled.
    10:02:56 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Not the best way for sure. And we are working on changing it.
    10:03:09 PM fght3hy says
    still this doesn’t fix my problem
    10:03:26 PM fght3hy says
    I do appreciate the information but its of little consequence
    10:03:36 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    With the voucher you may get your Online number for free.
    10:03:46 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Yes. Let me explain the options we have now.
    10:03:50 PM fght3hy says
    and my subscription price?
    10:04:55 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    First of all Subscription is cancelled and can’t be reactivated. New Subscription should be purchased (there are more features in new subs comparing to old one).
    10:05:23 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Online numbers are not included in subs anymore, and have to be purchased separately
    10:05:25 PM fght3hy says
    I’m not intersted in a new subscription. skype had no right to cancel my existing subscription
    10:06:11 PM fght3hy says
    there is no such thing as can’t be reactivated. just because you won
    10:06:18 PM fght3hy says
    doesn’t mean you can’t
    10:06:25 PM fght3hy says
    they are two very different things
    10:06:28 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    14.3 Skype reserves the right to withdraw or change the subscriptions at any time. If Skype changes the Products included in Your subscription, Skype will send a notification by e-mail, stating the changes and their effective date. If You do not wish to accept these changes, You are entitled to terminate Your subscription, in writing or by e-mail to billing@skype.net, with effect from the date on which the changes are due to take effect.
    10:06:45 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    That is from Terms of Service available at web site
    10:07:22 PM fght3hy says
    yes I know. I was not made aware of any changes to any subscriptions as the terms say that I should be. Also I did not request that my subscription be terminated.
    10:07:30 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    If you was working in IT you have to understand there are limitations in program ms which sometimes can not be avoided easily
    10:07:34 PM fght3hy says
    so Skyoe has now twice breached its own contract
    10:08:04 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    It would be much easier to reactivate your old subscription than to provide you with the vouchers to cover the cost
    10:08:32 PM fght3hy says
    yes I agree so I would like you to reactivate my old subscription please
    10:08:53 PM fght3hy says
    especially considering that Skype is now in breach of contract
    10:08:56 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    due to system limitation that is not possible
    10:09:44 PM fght3hy says
    why is it not possible? its a simple query to the database to set the value of the account statuus from 0 to 1
    10:09:56 PM fght3hy says
    very simple task to perform
    10:10:12 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    10:10:51 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    That is the problem. The database tied with many others. Some of them are not even at Skype (payment providers)
    10:11:24 PM fght3hy says
    the payment providers are not part of the equation. The skype database is all that matters in this instance
    10:11:42 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Changing one parameter won’t change anything as all the other tables associated with the record do not exist anymore
    10:12:25 PM fght3hy says
    that is totally bogus, all records must remain in the database for business audting and taxation purposes
    10:12:55 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    well we can argue other the easines of implementing one feature for long, but the reality is I can not help you that way
    10:13:09 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    and they are, as historical records
    10:14:02 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    please understand I’m not trying to force you to purchase a new product or denying you from simple solution
    10:14:31 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    I’m trying to help you as much as I can with tools available
    10:14:57 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    but there are limitations on what I can do for you
    10:15:22 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Old subscriptions will be discontinued with the time
    10:15:29 PM fght3hy says
    If the historical records still exist then they can easily be reimported back into the database. But back to the issue at hand. There was no justification in cancelling my account 3 days before the payment was due. So you should either fix that or I will have no alternative other than to take legal action. If I am
    forced to do that then I will be claiming compensation for the quantifiable losses that I will incur which is in the tens of thousands of dollars.
    10:16:49 PM fght3hy says
    my account was not due for payment yet it was cancelled. I was then given a bogus reason for the cancellation. I was then informed that I will have to buy a whole new subscription because of your companies own errors and that it will now cost me more money and I will lose my 3 international numbers
    10:17:39 PM fght3hy says
    this is simply unacceptable and furthermore it is not legal under EU law. Totally deceptive business practices. Under Skypes own terms I shoudl have been notified of the changes to my account in writing and that did not happen either
    10:17:45 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Well why not to can cell old subscription (which is cancelled already) and purchase a new one with more benefits? And as I mentioned Skype will cover the cost of new subscription and Online numbers. So you wont loose any money on that transaction.
    10:17:50 PM fght3hy says
    so there is a breach of contract issue as well
    10:18:27 PM fght3hy says
    so skype will pay the difference in price for the next 10 years?
    10:18:33 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    If Skype changes the Products included in Your subscription, Skype will send a notification by e-mail, stating the changes and their effective date
    10:18:49 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    There is no changes in Product so no notification e-mail
    10:18:57 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    10:19:08 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    I can only offer one year subscription
    10:19:29 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    If You do not wish to accept these changes, You are entitled to terminate Your subscription, in writing or by e-mail to billing@skype.net, with effect from the date on which the changes are due to take effect.
    10:19:30 PM fght3hy says
    OK so here we are again. This is a forced upgrade to an alternate service that I had no intention of ever purchasing
    10:19:44 PM fght3hy says
    I did not wish to terminate my subscription
    10:19:55 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Well you seeing the situation quite differently.
    10:20:00 PM fght3hy says
    I simply want the subscription that I asked for and have been paying for
    10:20:15 PM fght3hy says
    no I am seeing the situation as it is and as it should be
    10:20:55 PM fght3hy says
    I purchased a particular service, under specific contract terms. Skype has now breached those terms and attempts to rectify it by offering me a more expensive service
    10:21:27 PM fght3hy says
    Skype cancelled my account with no reason for dong so and provided false information as justification for doing so.
    10:21:48 PM fght3hy says
    You are now telling me either to upgrade the service to a new subscription or to cancel
    10:24:58 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Yes. And the reason is – old subscriptions are not available anymore. They are not in the system as a product. Only new subscriptions available for purchase.
    Recurrent payment was valid until payment method is not changed. Changing the expiration date considered by the system as a payment method change.
    10:25:49 PM fght3hy says
    None of that applies to me. I didn’t change the payment type, nor was I notified of that change by email
    10:28:53 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    ´The Credit Card information has been changed
    10:29:02 PM fght3hy says
    No it wasn’t
    10:29:30 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    But I must agree these changes (new prices) are not communicated well enough
    10:29:49 PM fght3hy says
    and thats irelevant. the email I was sent claimed that the credit card was expired so the account was cancelled
    10:30:13 PM fght3hy says
    credit card information has been the same for some time
    10:30:36 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    my bad, let me check one more time
    10:30:44 PM fght3hy says
    in fact the system doesn’t allow for any changes to the credit card details so it would have been impossible to have changed it
    10:31:49 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    There some options with more features to be introduced soon
    10:32:22 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Please allow me few more minutes to check why exactly payment was refused
    10:32:38 PM fght3hy says
    stop trying to sell me on the new system I’m not interested in the new system
    10:35:34 PM fght3hy says
    I’ve just checked my bank account here are the transaction dates just to assure you that the payment details have been the same for the past 3 months
    10:36:18 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Eventually all Skype users will start using new Subscriptions. Theres no reason not to. And I’m not trying to sell you, I’m giving it for free.
    10:36:53 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Yes. I can see that problem occurs at 20.05
    10:36:54 PM fght3hy says
    25 May $14.95 AU Subscrition
    18 May $16.00 AU Skype Credit
    12 May $16.00 AU Skype Credit
    27 April $14.95 AU Subscription
    10:37:20 PM fght3hy says
    so as you can clearly see there has been no changes to my accoun
    10:38:41 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Sorry for confusion before. You are right on that. The problem happens on payment provider side, payment was not delivered and automated message has been sent to you.
    10:39:06 PM fght3hy says
    as I have stated several time, and by your own admission Skype was obligated to advise me of any changes to my account by email but has failed to do so.
    Skype has now cancelled my subscription and my 3 online numbers and now you want to offer me a higher priced subscription and supply me with 1 number and I’m expected to pay for each number on a monthly basis after that when I was originally getting those numbers as part of my subscription.
    10:39:33 PM fght3hy says
    ok so that is your problem not mine. so now I want ot fixed without costing me any more money
    10:39:47 PM fght3hy says
    I want the service that Skype is bound by contract to supply me
    10:40:14 PM fght3hy says
    that is unlimited world with 3 online numbers + voice mail for $14.95 AU
    10:40:23 PM fght3hy says
    thats what I bought and thats what I want
    10:40:29 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Inclusion of Online Numbers in a subscription was a promotional offer
    10:40:37 PM fght3hy says
    too bad I bought it
    10:40:39 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    and is not available anymore
    10:40:51 PM fght3hy says
    and skype is now obligated by contractual law to provide it
    10:41:33 PM fght3hy says
    failure to provide the product as it was sold to me is a breach of contract and I will sue for damages
    10:41:44 PM fght3hy says
    unless of course you can rectify the issue now
    10:41:54 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    I’m not in legal department and can’t comment on that, sorry.
    10:42:28 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    In that case I need to file a case to the other de apartment who’s dealing with escalations.
    10:42:40 PM fght3hy says
    then can you put me in touch with someone in the legal department please. I was not able to find any contact details on the skype website
    10:42:44 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    department, sorry
    10:44:19 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    there is none, you may use support portal to file any request to the legal or any other department. If option is not available in selection please select suggestions and put relevant name to subject line.
    10:45:23 PM fght3hy says
    that is unacceptable. you company by law must provide contact details for the business departments. failure to do so is unlawful. Customer MUST be able to contact the company directly
    10:45:58 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    All the information is available at http://www.skype.com
    10:46:02 PM fght3hy says
    As you are a support agent and this is a support conference you are obligated to provide that information.
    10:46:15 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    I’m not obliged to provide any more information than that
    10:46:29 PM fght3hy says
    There is no information on the Skype website on how to contact the company.
    10:46:48 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    And that is what I did – you may contact Skype through support portal.
    10:47:01 PM fght3hy says
    You just said that I should use the support portal to request the information. Thats exactly what I am here doing
    10:47:20 PM fght3hy says
    You do work in support right?
    10:47:44 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Yes. But I can not connect that chat to anyone else. So you have to use e-mail instead.
    10:47:51 PM fght3hy says
    So please kindly provide the information I am requesting so that I may comply with your instructions on contacting the proper departmebt
    10:48:06 PM fght3hy says
    Fair enough, and that email I need to use is?
    10:48:27 PM fght3hy says
    Or better still a direct phone number to the legal compliance department
    10:49:00 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    There is none. Please fill the form directly from support portal page and your inquiry will be sent to the system.
    10:49:13 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Really I’m not hiding anything from you.
    10:49:43 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    It’s a company policies and defined way to contact support.
    10:50:20 PM fght3hy says
    This is now comical. You stated that I need to use email to contact the proper department then you say there is no email to contact them on. You say I need to contact support to find the email to use to contact the correct department and you are in the support department but you can’t supply me with the proper information.
    10:50:26 PM fght3hy says
    Is this a circus?
    10:51:04 PM fght3hy says
    Hold on
    10:51:25 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    If you feel that your request might get lost please add “Chat Support Follow-Up: topic” in subject line and e-mail get to the special queue
    10:51:28 PM fght3hy says
    You said you could escalate the issue yourself a few minutes ago. What is now preventing you from simply doing that?
    10:51:40 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    which is processed within 24 hours
    10:52:00 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    I may do that for you, yes
    10:52:24 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    But I can’t describe the issue in full details I’m afraid
    10:52:24 PM fght3hy says
    The would you please go ahead and escalate the issue for me.
    10:53:00 PM fght3hy says
    Why not just supply a transcript of this conversation. It clearly covers all the issue I wish to raise
    10:53:43 PM fght3hy says
    You add the transcript to the notes section of the escalation report and click submit
    10:53:51 PM fght3hy says
    its pretty simple really
    10:55:26 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Let’s do the following I will initiate an e-mail through the system. You should receive it in 15-20 minutes. Review it and reply back. I will then forward your e-mail to other department with all the information included. Is that OK?
    10:55:40 PM fght3hy says
    Thats great.
    10:55:56 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    10:56:14 PM fght3hy says
    How long should I expect to wait before I recieve a reply?
    10:56:35 PM fght3hy says
    from the other department I mean
    10:57:31 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Not earlier than Monday mid day.
    10:58:08 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    The thing is solution is not that simple as changing line in a database, and it might take time.
    10:58:31 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    In case there are questions to legal department I can not even estimate
    10:59:06 PM fght3hy says
    Maybe you misunderstood. I asked how long I would expect to wait not how soon. I need my numbers back online and as it stands they will be offline in around 20 hours from now.
    10:59:10 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    And there are national holidays here at 23-24 of June
    10:59:33 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    So it might get delayed
    10:59:50 PM fght3hy says
    So I will be claiming loss of revenues against the company upon a failure to fulfill all contractual obligations within a reasonable time frame
    11:01:24 PM fght3hy says
    Well I’ll wait for you email, and I will contact my solicitor and the EU Consumer Rights Bureaau in the meantime.
    11:01:41 PM fght3hy says
    Thank you for you attempts at ansering my issues
    11:02:16 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    Please read terms of service before doing that, there might be more useful information
    11:02:39 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    11:02:42 PM fght3hy says
    I have already done that but thank you for the advice
    11:03:53 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    11:04:01 PM fght3hy says
    If there is nothing else you can offer me then I’ll wish you good day.
    11:04:21 PM Sergei – Skype Support says
    In that case we may stop the session and continue further via e-mail

  15. Tim Hatu says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for your post.
    I must admit that I haven’t been as agressive with Skype as you are but I fully agree and support your actions. I agree that Skype tactics are not acceptable and the way they treat customers is appalling.
    I suggest that you also take this matter up with Skype blogger (his post above includes his email address) and see what his response is.

    We need to send a clear message to Skype that this kind of treatment is not acceptable and won’t be tolerated

    Do let me know how your case goes

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