Enough damaging Formula One

The deadlines have past and the crisis is now heading to the courts. Formula One is in the headlines for the wrong reasons and the sponsors and the fans have had enough.

Max Mosley continues to treat everyone with no respect or regard – almost as they don’t exist – just to proceed with his agenda.

When FOTA requested an extension to the deadline so an agreement can be reached, Max refused – in the hope that FOTA would split – and was adamant that the deadline stands and an agreement can be reached after the fact (i.e on his terms!). When FOTA remained united and announced its intention to setup a new series, Max responded by delaying the announcement of the entry list for 2010 and proceeding with legal action against FOTA.

Max can’t find reason to delay in search for agreement but he can find reason to delay if he wants to go to court.  Why Mr. President ?

Max is calling some in FOTA as “loonies”, thinking that by throwing insults, he can achieve a result. Why Mr. President ?

Max claims that Formula One will die without new blood. What about the FIA Max ? No need for new blood there ?

Max keeps referring to ‘elements’ within FOTA in the hope to splitting it. This hasn’t worked before and given that the 2 teams currently leading the championship are non-manufacturer teams, FOTA won’t split

Max keeps singling out Ferrari and portrays them as the only team objecting to the changes. Why Mr. President are 7 other teams united with Ferrari if they are happy with your proposals ? What obligation do the other teams have to Ferrari ? None. Their obligation is to Formula One and they can see that it isn’t steered in the right direction.

Many fans at the British Grand Prix weekend are protesting against the actions of the FIA and are displaying Maxout banners on the track. Unfortunately you won’t see those on the coverage feed on TV. I will look for shots of those and display them.

Wouldn’t it be great if a few of the drivers can show a Maxout banner before the race or better still on the podium.

We need to use all the means possible to send a clear message to all the concerned parties (the FIA, FOM, the sponsors, the media) that the  fans have had enough and a solution must be found. Even if Max can control the FIA and World Motor Sport Council, it is the fans who make the sport and if the fans say that Max should go, then he should. This will ensure that a split won’t happen and that Formula One remains the pinnacle of motorsport.

Max decided to step down in 2004 only to change his mind. He vowed not to seek re-election this year yet he is now saying “What you can’t do is walk away from an organisation in the middle of a crisis”. Max, did anyone tell you that you are the root of this crisis.

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