What is the deal with Cosworth ?

One must question the FIA’s motives and the way it governs.

When reading the letter from the FIA to the FOTA teams it was surprising to read that “Cosworth have neither the time nor the resources to retune (their engines) for 2010”. Oh really! So why are they allowed to supply engines then ? Why is the FIA allowing two different engine rules for 2010 when they insisted on engine homologation ? Why the extra costs when the aim is to cut costs ?

As for governance, in a letter to the FOTA teams back in December 2008, the FIA stated “We have completed the tendering process and are now in exclusive negotiations with Cosworth together with Xtrac and Ricardo Transmissions (XR) to supply a complete Formula One power train starting in 2010. The engine will be a current Formula One engine while the transmission will be state-of-the-art Formula One …”

The letter says that the engine will be a current Formula One engine. Is a 2006 spec Cosworth a current Formula One engine ?

Formula 1 already has 5 engine suppliers (Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Renault and Toyota) and a 6th supplier (Honda) has engines that comply with the current rules. So why then is the FIA bringing in a supplier that is unable to provide engines that comply with the 2010 regulations ?

Is the FIA willing to go that far just so as to have an engine supplier outside of FOTA. Is this the way a regulatory body governs ?

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