A change of attitude or just more delays ?

I continue to actively monitor the Skype forums looking for customers who are having problems with Skype customer support and after replying to one of the posts I got a message for the “Skype” moderator on the forum that a “compensation program” for those affected by the cancellation of Skype subscriptions is underway. I thought to myself, this is interesting, are we finally going to get a fair response from Skype ?

I don’t yet know the answer to that. I do hope so but until I hear about the details I cannot really answer that question, besides, knowing that many Skype customers have been affected by this,  why didn’t Skype inform them in a proper way ? So in the meantime, we need to continue putting pressure on Skype to treat their customers fairly and respond promptly to their requests. And on that topic, I found another blog that describes Skype’s Customer Service is “Arguably the webs worst customer service

Here is the post where the “Skype” moderator mentions the Compensation Program

The latest post on the thread describing the problem I have with skype is here

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