Alternatives to Skype

Given the complete lack of support to customers from Skype and their bad and unacceptable business practices against their own customers, I am trying out a number of other alternatives.

I will list below the ones I know and may have tried and would like additions and comments from you too. If Skype treats us that poorly and doesn’t listen to us then we move.

Yahoo Messenger – Offers a call in number for $2.50 a month (

Globe7 –¬†Integrated VOIP solution¬†(

Telbo – Offers subscriptions similar to Skype but cheaper (

Tpad – Offers a variety of VOIP solutions (

A number of VOIP sites (all from the same company), have different pricing arrangements, some countries are really cheap or free (for a set period of time when you charge). Call quality isn’t the best. SMS is very cheap too.,,

This is a start and I will add/remove as necessary. Once again, your contributions are welcome

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